Airtel Payments Bank, Airtel Payments Branch, Haryana’s IFSC code

The Airtel Payments Bank, Airtel Payments Branch, Gurgoan, Haryana, IFSC, and MICR codes are listed here. Obtain the most recent address and phone number of the Airtel Payments Bank and Airtel Payments Branch as well.

IFSC code

AIRP0000001 Copy
IFSC: AIRP0000001
Code of Branch: The final six characters of the IFSC code, 000001
Branch: Airtel Payments Branch
City: Gurgoan
District: Gurgoan
State: Haryana
Address: Airtel Center, Plat No-16, Udyog Vihar, Phase-4, Gurgoan
Phone No: +911244222222


Every bank and each of its branches are given an IFSC code by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). The RBI website, bank account passbooks, and bank-issued check leaves are frequent places to locate a bank’s IFSC number. A legitimate IFSC is necessary for any type of bank fund transfer. There are three different ways to transfer money: NEFT, RTGS, and IMPS.

How do I find an IFSC code?

  1. The corresponding bank’s check leaf and bank passbook contain the IFSC code.
  2. . You can get a list of banks and their IFSC codes for each branch by visiting the Reserve Bank of India website.
  3. The official website of a bank may also provide the IFSC code of that specific bank.

How to Find Airtel Payments Bank IFSC Code

Airtel Payments Bank IFSC Code Lookup Online

One of the most convenient ways to find the IFSC code for Bank for Airtel Payments branches is through online platforms. Various websites and financial portals offer IFSC code lookup tools where users can search for the desired branch by entering relevant details such as the bank name, state, and branch location.

Airtel Thanks App

Customers can also find the IFSC code for the Bank for Airtel Payments branches using the Airtel Thanks app. By accessing the banking section of the app, users can navigate to the branch locator feature, which provides detailed information about branch locations, including IFSC codes.

Customer Service Assistance

For those who prefer personalized assistance, Bank for Airtel Payments offers customer service support to help users find the IFSC code for specific branches. Customers can reach out to the bank’s helpline or visit a nearby branch for assistance from bank representatives.

Use of IFSC Code

The IFSC Code Format

Bank Code0Branch Code
The first four characters of the 11-character IFSC alphanumeric code stand for the bank’s name, while the final six characters designate the bank’s branch. Typically, the fifth character is 0 (zero), which is saved for possible future use. The IFSC is formatted as follows:

How to find the MICR code

  1. A bank passbook and a check leaf both have the MICR code.
  2. Additionally, the website of that particular bank has the MICR code.


In essence, the Airtel Payments Bank IFSC code is a key component of the banking infrastructure, facilitating secure and efficient electronic fund transfers. By understanding its significance and knowing how to find the IFSC code for specific branches, customers can navigate the digital banking landscape with confidence and convenience.

FAQs for the Gurgoan, Haryana, Airtel Payments Branch, and Airtel Payments Bank

  1. What is the Payments Bank’s Airtel Payments Branch’s IFSC code?
    AIRP0000001 is the IFSC code for AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK’s Airtel Payments Branch.
  2. What address is connected to AIRP0000001? SBIN0070130 is linked to AIRTEL CENTRE, PLAT NO-16, UDYOG VIHAR, PHASE-4, and GURGOAN.
  3. Which district is under AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK’s jurisdiction?
    Gurgoan is the district that is covered by AIRTEL PAYMENTS BANK.

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