Magnitude 6.0 earthquakes hit near Vancouver Island

A series of earthquakes struck off the coast of Vancouver Island at present some quakes as powerful as magnitude six thanks for joining us i am Jessica Janet Castro and i am Angela Poe Russell the shaking used to be a reminder of how active the region can be in the value of emergency preparedness came 5 still and spoke with an earthquake informed and joins us with Morton hi guys this is the cluster of earthquakes from prior at present all of that shaking within hours of 1 an extra out at sea off the coast of Vancouver Island about 630 miles from Seattle now there were no studies of damage and there used to be no tsunami hazard the U.S. Geological Survey says it can be not going any person even felt the quakes considering they were out within the Pacific Pacific Ocean a magnitude six quake though is strong and if it had been near a city it would rationale injury to structures and roads folks would undoubtedly believe that I spoke with the director of the Pacific Northwest seismic network who says quakes off the coast of Vancouver Island are beautiful fashioned here is what it way for us right here in Washington good it is all part of the equal plate tectonic system this doesn’t supply us any unique reason of undue harm any more than the typical probability that we would haven’t heard the quake in our neighborhood it is no longer a signal that it can be building as much as anything bigger that is not the science that we comprehend for how these earthquakes work the quakes are a good reminder to assemble an emergency preparedness package for your dwelling if you textual content kit to 206 four 4 eight 4 five four five will exhibit you what you have got to do to place one collectively

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