Group 2 PSA Earthquakes

We’re gonna start with GPS. Who can inform me. (Oh, oh oh!) Shakira, don’t get too, shooken up about this.Come show us on the board Wait! The bottom is shaking. Alarm! Groceries proper now?? I’m in the middle ofa quake! Mr.Quaker, what even is an earthquake? An earthquake is sudden movement of the earth’scrust caused through the release of stress collected along geologic faults or by volcanic undertaking Did we handle that well? I have no idea, i am so flustered correct now,i do not know where is Professor Quaker? Ya be aware of, ladies, it wasn’t too unhealthy however for next time there are some matters todo to make it rather less shaken When within during an earthquake do not panic.Keep within unless the shaking resides keep away from glass and windows. Drop quilt hold on and don’t use elevators Be riskless! When ya consider the shakin’, don’t be faking! Be ready and dependable.

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