DJI Stories – Live Broadcast From a Volcano

so again the video you guys are seeing is something that really no one has been able to do live here being able to get inside a volcanic eruption my name is Eric Chang and I'm director of aerial imaging at DJI I am Fernand wolf and I am one of the aerial cinematographers on the Iceland project we were really excited to go back to the whole run volcano eruption in Iceland this time with ABC's Good Morning America we had a crew from ABC come out live broadcast and crew with satellite dish we took the trek out into the remote central area on the glacier we had to take another ride to a farm which took like four to five hours and another ride from the farm to the volcano we really didn't know how the inspire 1 units would perform in such harsh conditions I mean we were in the cold for many hours oftentimes the inspires were just sitting on the ground being snowed on with 30-knot winds blowing over them one of the really compelling milestones we accomplished on this trip was live-streaming the inspire ones camera feed to the entire world despite the extreme hazards and intense weather it was incredibly easy to plug in the inspire one to Good Morning America satellite feed and broadcast the footage in real time to millions of viewers I think this is a great technology that allows people to go to places they would never go to this technology sets a new standard for live on location field reporting one that will take home viewers to places they could never have imagined Noren is happening right here oh my gosh you can see it look at this we're just getting inside that crater when I first flew into that volcano just felt like a sci-fi video game the lava flowing and all the steam and the the very futuristic looking inspire in front of my inspire I felt like I'm in a sci-fi game or sci-fi six million people watching the feed live and we were able to fly not one but two inspire units into the volcano I would say that the trip was a great success it was again an ultimate field test for us to use the gear in a really practical way flying into volcano

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