Choosing your Major at Mines: Geophysics

[Music] a lot of different ways to describe geophysics some people think of it as geo and physics of the application of physics to geology and and that's part of it do your physics is kind of what it sounds like it's geology and physics so what we do mostly is look for anomalies or contrasts in physical properties underneath the subsurface and we kind of tie that in with geological interpretations I think one of the most popular analogies to describe geophysics to those who aren't familiar with it is the medical imaging analogy an MRI of the earth in other words seeing the unseen looking beneath the surface seeing things beneath the surface that we can't see from above actually did try out a lot of different majors before I chose geophysics but I was really interested in geophysics because it's a very broad subject so we're a hybrid discipline made up of a variety of different subjects and we try to prepare the students kind of deeply and broadly with a foundation that will enable them enable them throughout their career to go in a variety of different directions you can do seismology oil and gas exploration you can find water sources you can work with volcanoes so they're great thing about geophysics is it's this great blend of geology mathematics physics and computer sciences so if a student has a curiosity in all of those and doesn't want to just focus on one then geophysics is a great place to start so I think for geophysics you really need to like math you need – like physics and earth science you don't necessarily need to be good at it but you need to be ready to learn and ready to work really hard you really have to be in tune with the mathematical side of your brain it's a lot of equations a lot of I'm not just the equation it's not just applying equations you have to understand how to apply the equations you have to understand what it means in real life normally a geophysicist is part of a team and it's a team that consists of a geophysicist and a geologist and a geochemist maybe a petroleum engineer or drilling engineer we're always working with other disciplines and providing what we're expert at to fit in to what other people bring to the table in order to solve the important problems so after graduation I'm excited for more school I guess I'm excited to move from like an undergraduate position where I'm learning everything from experts to being an expert you asked me when I was a freshman you asked me what was my plan I was like oh I'm in Colorado to get my a geophysics degree and go home to work in the oil industry sophomore year was okay I'm here to get my undergrad degree then I'll do my masters then I'll go home junior year and up till now like I am NOT leaving Colorado I'm not ready to leave mines at all and so I hope to stay here to do my master's degree I think the most important thing that I've learned at mines is to value the education that we're getting here because it's a very unique experience and not a lot of people are able to have that kind of an experience and get this kind of an education and it's really special you

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