Inside A Volcano: Explorer Travels To The World’s Most Extreme Environments

you in December 2014 and January 2015 adventurer Sam Kozma undertook a deadly expedition to explore one of the world's most active volcanoes on Ambrym island in Vanuatu in the South Pacific throughout the hangar we just sunk up with our chopper pilots Ben and Andy we're making our way to Ambrym which is about two hour flight away we're going to try to get an aerial assessment of what the lava lakes are looking like so we can try to figure out the best way to approach it and get in thirty-three-year-old Sam quit his job at a software company to pursue his dream of exploring the world's most extreme natural phenomena and he was lucky enough to be sponsored by a smartphone accessory company he was joined by an experienced support team including the videographer drone pilot volcanic Explorer and astrobiologist we're just we're here it looks like logs lifted a little bit there's no rain just have a light drizzle of anything get started the aim of the expedition was to survey a volcanic crater with cutting-edge technology including a drone mounted camera and the footage captured was mesmerizing using photography software salmon the crew were able to create the first virtual environment of a real volcano enabling volcanologists around the world to undertake virtual field research for the very first time yo that's 1,200 feet that's the vertical height of the Empire State Building further down you want so badly to take your mask off but it's just impossible you take one breath of that superheated gas and that's the end the team also wanted to collect lava samples to understand how life could exist in extreme environments on our planet and beyond and the only way to do that was down Sam descended a heroin 1,200 feet to get closer to the crater edge of the wobbling right now Oh cameras gonna shut off to hell but to reach the molten lava he had to put on a custom-built industrial proximity heat suit so he could withstand the temperatures which exceeded 1000 degrees Fahrenheit from only 10 meters away so I took my iPhone out to take a photo while I was down there and I held it up for about five seconds until a little error message showed that said flash is disabled the iPhone needs to cool down before you can use the flash so apparently iPhones aren't lava proof it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and Sam has since raised money to help the nation rebuild after the devastating cyclone of March 2015 we couldn't have had more spectacular weather it was absolutely blue skies down there there's a little fear of rain at one point but we got as close as we could to the lava just had an amazing day of climbing this is what it's all about incredible experience all around you

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