EARTHQUAKES IN KIDDYZUZAA LAND! 🏰 Kiddyzuzaa Land: Episode 9 🏰 Malice’s Giant Satellite Dish

(twinkling)(bouncing) – [Girl Voiceover] Kiddyzuzaa! La la la la la Doo doo doo doo doo doo doo Dee dee dee deedoo la la la la (heavy rumbling)(Isabella whimpers) (Isabella sighs) (Isabella screams) – What used to be that? – A waste of goodafternoon tea, that is what. – in no way mind that. What was once all that shaking? It felt like an earthquake! – Earthquake? – Or a volcano! – Volcano? – Or… I don’t know sincerely. – perhaps it was once whatever pleasant, like, um, someonemaking a smoothie. (deep rumbling)(Isabella and Olivia whimper) you’re correct, that’sno smoothie maker. – we want an trained’s opinion. Isabella, to Lilliana’s. – So this shaking,what was it like? – Like an earthquakeor a volcano! – Or a smoothie maker.- Hmm. Good it couldn’t be a volcano. Mount Zuzaa hasn’terupted in years, and there’s notbeen an earthquake in Kiddyzuzaa Land for a long time. No, the one thing capable of creating vibrationsthat big is Esme. – [Olivia and Isabella] Esme?! – yes. Have you ever heard thatprincess snore? (quality track) (loud night breathing)(splashing) (princesses scream) (splashing) (disenchanted tune) (Esme laughs) – Yep, is sensible. – [Everyone] most likely Esme. (man on tv screaming) (video game pinging) – Huh? – hiya, Esme. – hello guys, dangerous timing. Been struggling with theDemon shock Egg for approximately 24 hours straight! Haven’t even stopped for food. – that is not like you, Esme. Need to be a significant combat. – i know, correct? – Wait, you meanyou haven’t slept? – Nope. – Then what was that shaking? (involved song) – I felt that. Got here from Malice’s tower.She’s mostly as much as something, as per traditional. (suspenseful track) – what’s that factor? – i’m not definite. I’ve certainly not obvious technologylike that earlier than. (curious song) – [Esme] Oh, the satellite. I am lovely sure that is simply so she can get theZuzaa sporting activities television channel. I might have it myself,but you recognize, sign’s prettybad within the forest. It’s all the timber, you see. – what is it, Lilliana? – that is no ZuzaaSports satellite. (heavy rumbling)(every body screams) (malicious track) Guys, this is unhealthy. – What do you mean, Lilliana? – do not you see? That satellite is a large laser. Malice is attempting todestroy Kiddyzuzaa Land, and next time,she might succeed. – good, there’s simplest onething for it, princesses. – Have a cup of tea andhope she alterations her intellect? – Nope.We’re going to have tosave Kiddyzuzaa Land. – [Esme] Guys, it can be justa Zuzaa physical games satellite tv for pc. (questioning music) – k, princesses, so everyone knows the plan, proper? – will we go overit another time? – absolutely. Step one, sneak into the tower. Step two, seize the controllerby any manner indispensable, as a result saving Kiddyzuzaa Land. – that is rather a lot simplerthan I recall. – ready, princesses? – able! (sneaky track) (Malice laughs) (princesses gasp) (Malice laughs) – Malice, stop correct there! (Malice gasps and screams) – Uh-oh.( tune) (heavy rumbling) (princesses whimper) (vacuum whirring) – [Princesses] Huh? – It worked! Finally it labored! It labored itworked it worked – Wait, is thata vacuum cleaner? – Yuh-huh. Cleans my room withoutme lifting a finger. (Isabella gasps) Jealous? – good, sure. However wait, that’s what you’vebeen doing this whole time, seeking to get yourvacuum cleaner to work? – Yeah. What did you suppose I was once doing? – however what about thatmassive satellite tv for pc on the aspect of your tower? – Oh that? It can be so I canwatch Zuzaa sporting events. – Knew it! Ha ha! – You guys want to stickaround and watch a recreation? (unsure tune) – Uh… – Mm… – Woohoo, yeah! (excited music) (laptop beeping and whirring) (elated track) – There. I can’t wait toshow the princesses! (sneaky tune) Princesses, guesswhat I just invented? – Oh, what’s it? (splashing)(Isabella screams) (every body however Isabella laughs) – I just made myself a– – Behold my latest invention, the cloning machine! (annoyed song) – but good day, that is my– – Wow, that’s so cool.- Whoa, exquisite! – I can not think it! (excited tune) (uncertain song) (princesses gasp) – where did you getthe concept, Malice? – good, I just thoughtone of me is best, so a couple of mes wouldbe quite great. – So Malice, why don’tyou exhibit us the way it works? – Oh, uh, certain. So that you just dothis and press that after which… (troubling track) (computer beeping) (Malice gasps) (desktop whirring) (Malice cries out) Clone Malice, there’slaundry to do.- sure, Malice, proper away. (beaming track) – Wow, Malice, you are a genius! – Whoa! – i ponder if we getto clone chocolate. (annoyed track) (splashing)(Esme laughing) (uneasy music) – hiya, down in front! – Malice, how would you? You stole my invention. – I did not doanything of the style. (downtrodden track) – I’ve received to have the option toprove that it was my invention. Aha! (determined tune) Princesses, I developed thecloning desktop, no longer Malice. – definite you did, Lilliana. That’s why there may be alot of Malice clones and no Lilliana clones.- I notion you would say that. (questioning music) this may increasingly take us back in time so you can see for yourselfthat Malice stole it. – All correct! – Let’s go! – Yeah! – but why no longer juststay here and have enjoyable? (excited track) (involved tune) (computing device whirring) (victorious song) (suspicious tune) (rubber skidding) (laptop whirring) (malicious song) – Aha! See, she stole my invention.- a further Malice? Wow, I didn’t eventurn it on but. (troubled track) – Malice, I believe as punishment, you should do mywashing up for every week. – Ugh, pleasant. I suppose it is now not that dangerous. (mischievous track) – Lilliana, please, no. Simply, ugh, come on! (defeated song) – Uh… – Mm. – Uh… (ominous tune) Ee! (Esme screams) (wild song) used to be that supposed to occur? – No! It was once meant to turn itinto a scrumptious apple pie! – [Lilliana] Apple pie you say? – [Olivia] Lilliana! – At your carrier. – Lilliana, we reallyneed your aid. I attempted to use my wand to turn the apple right into a pie, but it surely thoroughly malfunctioned. – You are not looking for magicto make apple pie. – I do. – Nonsense. Wait here. I’ll construct you a machine so that it will make the bestapple pie you could have ever tasted! – correct. Well, Esme, thatmeans it’s all the way down to us to get to the backside of this.(bounding music) – well, it’s a prettybig apple, Olivia, however i’ll do my first-class. – now not the apple, Esme. We have acquired to get to the bottom of why my magic is not working. – right, of course. Whoa! (trembling music) (crashing) – Ugh, come on, Esme. To the palace! (determined track) there is bought to besomething in here! Let’s have a look at. The starting place ofchocolate fountains? No. Cheese string conception? No. The Malice Palace Paradigm? No. – hold on, Olivia, appear at this! – "What to do if yourmagic wand stops working." that is ultimate! "To get your wand’smagical powers back, "you need to pay avisit to Mr. Zuzaa." – Who’s Mr. Zuzaa? – The source of all of the magic in Kiddyzuzaa Land, apparently. He lives at thetop of Mount Zuzaa. – Mount Zuzaa, howdo we get there? – "First, you ought to crossthe excellent Zuzaan Gorge." (treacherous song) Oh.(twinkling tune) That was handy. "subsequent, you need to climb to thetop of the Mighty Zuzaan Oak." (ominous song) (vigorous music) "appreciate the view andthen climb back off once more." Wait, what? Oh, that is actuallypretty stunning. – hello seem, there may be Lilliana! (completely happy song) – correct, one applepie computer developing. (tools whirring and buzzing) – "subsequent, easily followthe indicators to Mount Zuzaa." (cheerful tune) this way! (hopeful song) (defeated song) – Ugh, do we ought to? I had a relatively tremendous lunch. – Come on, Esme. It is not going to take us lengthy. – Ugh! Okay, this higher be worth it. – Esme, seem! – [Esme and Olivia] Mr. Zuzaa! – right. It is I, Mr. Zuzaa, the supply of all themagic in Kiddyzuzaa Land. – Mr. Zuzaa, thankgoodness we observed you. I particularly want your help. My magic wand hasstopped working. – Say no more, Olivia. Say no extra. – are not you gonna repair my wand? – No. I simply desired youto discontinue talking.- Oh. – Goodbye. – You imply we got here all theway up here for nothing? – dangle on. – sure. What, wait? What are you doing? Get away from there. – Isabella? – Wait, this isn’tIsabella, it is a robot. (metallic clinks) hang on. Lilliana! Lilliana, how would you? Wait, grasp on. (steel clinks) it is a robotic as good. (thwarted song) right, I suppose thisis the final one. Timothy. (squishy squeaking) This one’s definitelynot a robotic. – I feel anybody’s ledus on a wild goose chase.(ill will music) – Mwa ha ha, thoseprincesses are so gullible. While they are awaylooking for Mr. Zuzaa, I’ve got all thetime on this planet to lay a few of my new trapsaround their pungent historic palace. Let’s see, prank quantity one within the Malice Palace Paradigm. (heavy rumbling) What on the earth is… Uh-oh. (dramatic song) (Malice screams) – And, achieved.(positive music) simply need an appleto test it with now. (heavy quaking) Huh? (Malice screaming) (crashing) (machine clicking and pumping) (Malice crying out) (laptop dings) (animated tune) – what’s going on right here? – Ah, Olivia, just in time. One delicious apple pie. (at a loss for words track) (Malice screams) – you recognize what? I’m simply no longer hungry. – converse for your self! (excited tune) (Malice screams) (exciting track) (machine beeping) (Lilliana laughs) (mysterious music) – Ah. Isabella, it’s okay. You are not gonna get splashedby the fountain, you know. – which you can not ever betoo cautious, Olivia. Chocolate stains, you understand. – actually, I’ve sunbathedhere one million occasions, and i have by no means been splashedby the chocolate fountain.It simply does not occur. (splashing) – You were saying? – What did that? (surprised track) (Olivia and Isabella scream) – it is long past to the forest. What was once that factor? – I have no suggestion, but i know anybody who will. – Oh, can we have to? – If there is someweird wooded area creature coming into the palacegardens, Isabella, I need to be aware of what it is. Now come on. – Oh, exceptional, but if I get mucky, i am sending you thedry cleansing invoice. – Come on, Isabella! – Ew. So gross. (high-quality music) – Esme! – Ugh, Esme. – It wasn’t me! What, huh? Oh, hiya guys. What brings you here? – we want your help. How a lot do you know aboutthe animals of the wooded area? – Oh, I believe i will be able to help. Did it appear like this? – what’s that? – Zuzaan stink bats.They’re beautiful cool. – Ugh. – i don’t consider it was once oneof them. It wasn’t flying. It was once bouncing. – Hmm. A fledunk? Hmm, then was it Willard the sloth? – No! – Guys. – there is nothingelse it would be? – [Isabella] Guys. – now not that i know of. – [Isabella] Guys! (each person gasps) – that’s it! – quick, snatch it! (escaping music) (princesses cry out) – Come on, let’s get after it! – What are these for? – you can see.(Esme shouts) (Olivia shouts) (Isabella shouts) (Esme laughs)(thuds) – Aha! (swish song) (Isabella screams) (Olivia cries out) (bodies thud) – correct, the thingwent this manner. It has to be aroundhere someplace. – ok, let’s splitup and in finding it. Wands on the capable, princesses. Hmm. Hmm. (questioning tune) – Oh! Huh? (Esme grunts)(splashing) (laughs) Oops! Just my shadow. (disenchanted song) – Hmm. Hmm. Ah, time for a ruin I feel. (peaceable music) (Isabella gasps) whats up, you. You lovely little thing. (energetic track) (laughs) you love raspberries? (ominous tune) (Esme and Olivia cry out) – Esme! You to find something? – No, you? – Nothing. Have you ever noticeable Isabella? (afflicted track) – Isabella? (bouncy track) that is it! – Esme, you scared it off. – quickly, princesses, after it! (decided track) (full of life track) – Woo. – A destroy, at last. – the place did it go? (puzzled music) – hiya, is that adoor within the rock? – fast, let’s examine ifwe can get it open! (Esme and Olivia grunting) (uncertain music) (positive song) – [Princesses] All right! – where are we? (Olivia gasps) – Who’s that? (machine beeping) Malice? – the place? – Wait, Lilliana? – Oh! (laughs) howdy, princesses.Welcome to my new lab. (surprised music) – Oh there you might be. – I see you may have metone of my regabbits. – Regabbits? These are not actual. – they’re now, due to my CreatureCreator 3000. Effectively situation oneanimal on one end and an extra one on the other, and increase, you have acompletely new animal. – Ah! – And earlier than you ask, Esme, we can’t are trying it on you. It’s early days, you see. There are nonetheless a number of system faults. – Lilliana, whatkind of system defects? – Oh, it simply makes a fewmore models of the creature than you wish to have.- just a few extra? – (laughs) Yeah, don’tworry about them. They will be fine as long as youclose the door on the best way in. – [Everyone but Lilliana] Uh… (rumbling)(princesses screaming) – Whoa! (Esme laughs) (cheerful tune).

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