The Lapworth Museum of Geology

welcome to the Lapras Museum of geology here at the University of Birmingham and what a fantastic and transformational year this has been for the museum given its grade ii listed status historical analysis of this fantastic building was really important the space was originally occupied in the Edwardian period and then during the First World War it became an ambulance station it was only the 1920 that it became the home to the network museum the last Werth has one of the UK's most scientifically important geological collections were ported a million objects we've used these unique collections in order to tell the fascinating story of the evolution of the planet and of life markets actually much of the scheme is simply about undoing many of the insensitive changes and modifications that have been made over the previous hundred years fantastically today is some of the original features and covered amazing details have been hidden for many many years we now have fantastic visitor facilities and for the very first time we have a new template commissioned space and an inspiring education room the Education room has been incredibly popular particularly with school groups we've been able to welcome over a thousand school pupils since October 2016 we've also been able to plan a series of family fun events which have been really really popular so the challenge that iris set was to bring it to life and make it unlike anything that Blom you've seen before we worked with paleontologists and geologists to really understand how these animals would have interacted with how Birmingham was in the past and I think that's a really really really special thing because you won't get that anywhere else so having reopened again in June it's been absolutely fantastic feedback has been superb visitor numbers have doubled and museum is now buzzing with families with children school parties adults young people all mixing with our students and staff here at the University I came here as a kid and it was things to see but it wasn't very attractive coming here now it's it's amazing I had probably more positive feedback on this and any other projects I've been involved with because it's such on something particularly important whether you're sort of 94 and you're a mature academic or your age 4 and you just love scary dinosaurs it feels like you've discovered a hidden gem it's great to see the viewer really interact and love what they're seeing in front of them I think it's really good I can't quite believe as chasers to us today it's fantastic a little bit [Music] you [Music] you

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