What if the World Ended?

In our life, it is undeniable that there is a fear of launching an atomic bomb Nice to meet you, the moment you let me quickly remove this … you must protect yourself from harmful rays I am Jake, do you remember me? We were together in a "video" Can you survive? Radioactive dust, do not worry, I will put a link below And here I am talking to YouTube, as if the Internet is still there, but at least We survived the radioactive dust … to live in this … you know what is happening outside Right? Do not worry I will explain to you. They say war is hell, but it does not mean that After hell is better than him. I need a can opener. Do you have one? Let's look for one Now, we know the effects of radioactive dust, but let's consider It is not difficult to imagine compared to what we have been through From a nuclear war between two major countries (an imaginative scenario for the video), a hundred nuclear warheads were dropped …

Less than 1% of what is currently 20 million people were killed immediately … the number may seem large, however Compared to the population, the proportion of 20 million dead is 0.3% of the total number But something worse happened, worse than bombs, it's nuclear dust What is left of 99% of humanity and what we suffer now Nuclear winter The nuclear winter is a modern term, formulated 34 years ago At the beginning of the eighties, a group of scientists met, which are Turku, Ton, Ariekman, Pollack and Siegen. They wrote a scientific paper entitled "The Results of Nuclear War on the Global Atmosphere" And they discovered that war would be devastating, and its consequences would be More destructive Imagine whole cities burning, hundreds of thousands of buildings, factories, gardens, and forests on fire The smoke from the fires will be heated by the sun's rays, to rise to The upper atmosphere, smoke particles will cover the Earth. I hope to lift your spirits with something Unfortunately, all this soot will block out sunlight The sky will be dark everywhere and for a long time.

This is just the beginning Of course, this research has had observational results for weather changes, because it is the way The only one to actually try it is to simulate a nuclear winter You know what will happen if that happens .. But there are historical events It helped us to imagine what would happen, and one of them happened 140 million miles from here In 1971, the Mariner 9 shuttle, the first to orbit the planet Mars To discover that the planet was completely covered with cosmic dust Scientists said that dust rose to the upper atmosphere, and then exposed to solar radiation and stayed on top The effect of this dust on the lower surface temperature of Mars for … Dozens of degrees But this happened very far away, and in a different atmosphere from Earth This is why it is difficult to imagine temperatures dropping significantly because of such simple Dust that blocks sunlight.

But we don't really have to imagine that Because it happened 200 years ago Tempura volcano erupted in 1815 in Indonesia. That eruption blocking sunlight And lower the planet's temperature to half a degree for a year. Half a degree may be little But its impact was significant, see 1816 "A Year Without Summer" or "Ten thousand German women froze to death." Frost was happening in England every month. He spoiled the crops This was in the summer. The price of grain rose, and farmers sold their livestock Because they could not feed her, and mass migrations began To Central South America, to escape the effects of this climate change. In Europe, the stock market collapsed And the famines started to spread Using this information, scientists were able to infer what would happen But this study was during the Cold War, when the risk of a nuclear war was high Remember when I asked you to imagine an attack with a hundred nuclear warheads Now more likely to happen "intended in this imaginary video" In 2009 scientists used reports from the Hiroshima attack To estimate the effects of a hundred nuclear warheads attack.

It is a small estimate But its devastating effect will be global, and it all starts with these small particles At least "5 kilograms = one billion grams," at least 11 billion pounds of smoke Resulting from combustion within two days. These little particles of smoke It will rise to the upper atmosphere, and the sun will warm it up. These particles will remain at altitude of about 31 miles up to reach the upper atmosphere for 49 days The soot will cover the surface of the planet, To block the sunlight and darken the sky Unfortunately, rain will not occur and the air from these particles will not be washed away Speaking of precipitation, precipitation will decrease 10% globally Due to the lack of sunlight, reduced evaporation and its effect on the water cycle Taking from what we learned from Mars dust and the Tamboura volcano.

Blocked sunlight The planet's temperature will keep 1.25 degrees. Cold and sunlight It will negatively affect agriculture. Animal death and agricultural crops. Another damaging thing is the harmful ultraviolet rays The surface of the Earth will be cool, but all the black smoke in the upper atmosphere It will absorb sunlight so that the Earth's surface warms more than 50 degrees Celsius Because of the heat, nitrogen oxide will rise up and destroy the ozone layer. After 17 months, the weight layer will decrease For this UV rays are not only damaging to plants as well It is harmful to us. I haven't worn all these clothes for fun It will only take 6 minutes for my skin to burn if I leave without protection Due to exposure to radiation. That is why I need a can opener … not because of my skin's burning But because there are no agricultural crops.

There are no fresh foods, just canned There is enough grain for two months to feed the population. Then a billion people will die of hunger One billion. 13% of the living population will … end This reminds me of the poem Poem T. S. Galliot. The (surface) hollow man is how the world will end Not with a blast, but with grumbling After ten years, the dust will disappear and soot will drop from the atmosphere And the temperatures start to rise. And the rest of the survivors … from the end of the world They will have no hope or something else can be said A place where we stand is not ruin, but a place for a beautiful start Waiting to start again from this ash we create beautiful things Ruins are not evidence of our failure, but are lessons to be learned So we will follow up not only because we want this but because we are praised for that Quote from "Carl Siegen" Our awareness of things is beginning to evolve And correcting our view of the Earth as a living being and the realization that this being’s struggle with itself results in destruction One of our greatest discoveries in space is knowledge The Earth is a planet unlike any other.

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