Nicktoons: Battle for Volcano Island All Cutscenes & Highlights (PS2, Gamecube)

it is time oh he has broken the circle
the heroes will be lost not lost get scattered and not all of them look hey
this doesn't look like Bikini Bottom spongebob where are we far from home
ghost boy I have summoned you here for a purpose who our ancient enemy the magu
has escaped from his prison and six vengeance he has created a terrible
who's that corrupts everything it touches agents of our people say that
you the chosen ones can save us aah how we save you you will know
absorbent yellow one we'll know but first you must find all
of your friends United you will try them hooha please stop now follow me and I
will take you to a safe place where you can camp Patrick what are you doing here
jumping sportsbook jumpy okay we're the chosen ones and we're on a mission to
save the world okay thanks guys hey what's going on
long story pal I'll tell you once this guy shows us where to camp so we're
hanging out with a sponge a starfish and crab yeah we're the chosen ones right
here is your new home chosen ones see that whom it is a shrine to the powers
for good the prophecies say that the night girl and the whiny cephalopod will
be covered by sand you sign them quickly while you're there but for stuff we can
use to build a kid raps and as he sells on reserve I have
to find another one to power up the suit again Sam Danny I'm so glad you're here
where did you find the piece I was helping your mom make some adjustments
to it when boom I'm on this weird Island being attacked by sand monsters we got
to find some whiny guy and save the world again
come on I've heard a weird noise on the far side of the lagoon we should check
it out that sounds like it was it'd be great rescued by Sponge Bob the
prophecies say that the three-headed boy will be found with the exiled Krabs go
quickly your friend may be in great danger and while you're there look for
something to eat I'm starving makes it we be suitable
we are grabby we are being is fun he's nicer enjoy it and bear music well keep
playing we stop forgetting that you look Hemme dinner we better give him a hand
looks like those crabs won't let him go I found this in the crab sport a Jimmy
Neutron communicator that's great maybe Jimmy can help us out sorry
batteries not included that's how they get you Timmy that's how
they get you don't worry with all this junk falling from the skies maybe we can
still find one you're right spongebob come on let's get out of here chosen
ones please help us what wrong little crab a monster is
attacking our village only you can help us do what we can show us the way the
great Kambei right back to life if destroying or it's a huge sand monster wearing a big
wooden shell Oh No the wise old crab is in danger
to the rescue yo we're on an island in another dimension fighting a monster
that's going to destroy the universe that would explain the strange readings
I've been getting mud your monster is using a rip in time and space to steal
energy from all our wool and keep it for himself if this goes on much longer our
home will be destroyed if he's getting so powerful how can we stop him
extending Tucker the plans for a device that I just invented the neutron warp
simple it will recover the energy this monster has been stealing and close the
RIP in time and space my quantum reality forecasting algorithms indicate that the
parts you'll need are scattered among the stuff that's falling on the island
so all you have to do is find them and build a highly complex and dangerous
piece of equipment any questions good now find those parts one of the heroes
remains to be found the deep sea squirrel the legends say you will find
her among the jeweled trees so quickly before the enemy gets to her first that
smells like you guys I think there's a rib zipper
component nearby look it's behind a crystal wall lumber long it isn't so
what's going on let me tell her well it all started when I was trying it to jump
me actually we were summoned here to defeat
an evil monster and save the universe he looks a being busy chosen ones the
queen of the moment' tribe has been kidnapped by the Florian's and their Mad
King they've taken her to their whose mine please rescue her bugs better give up keep going to crush
you soul don't you see sergeant you have been affected by the Maltese booze you
must resist or we are oh dude I shut up so you'll be one of us a loyal servant
of the mod what us there she is and it looks like she's running out of
time let's move whoa whoa oh okay the chosen ones and the legends are true
I should have believed Shelley all alone Shelley right there's an aqueous pool my
future not far away we need that for the work tipper
look it's over there wow it's beautiful dude it's an espresso machine that's
what I said the king has built a dam to stop the
river flowing through the Florian's village now they can only drink the un's
which makes them slaves to the mongooses environmental apocalypse how can we stop
them if you can distract the king long enough my commandos can destroy the dam
the river will flow again and the Florian's will be free y'all want our
help we need you daddy thank you when you are ready come and talk to me chosen
ones we are ready to leave my command Oh bugs we'll carry you King Gorge stop this madness release the
water and save your people huh this so-called chosen watch my master the
almighty model who rules from the volcano commands that all become one
with the ooze some mint no way we're ending this now not far in you first we are in your debt chosen ones thanks
to you our people will have peace once more please
you must stop the magu he is the cause of all this evil perhaps this will help
you this is the last new hickey we need to finish the red sticker and we'll show
that Wagyu who is missing with all we have to do now is set up the rip Supra
Jimmy says we should take it as close to the RIP as we can get it and by we I
need you guys and by close I mean the top of the volcano oh man
gotta find a way to the top this seems to be a cave network inside the volcano okay talking all clear to the top you
guys can come on up you got all of the monsters right well most of them I guess you're do I choose oh that's fresh I do
that yay if you guys can lure that monster into the rift we could seal it
up at the same time how do we get up there look at all that flying rubble if
we get it jumping we can ride it all the way up we're jumping spongebob or
jumping okay split into three teams sandy Sam Timmy and Patrick you go that
way and wait for the magu to get close Tucker you stay here at the switch
Squidward spongebob you're with me me yes you Squidward I never plan now bats
it covered Squidward you gotta stop this
longer than you people I do
all your own stop us now this is okay guys
I'm activating the portal now Johnny go home you see him solvent yellow one you
saved us all exactly as foretold in legend Wow it's
like you knew what was gonna happen all along can you tell me what I'm thinking
right now no farewell chosen ones and thank you you are truly heroes huh
partner and goodbye Shelley I'm glad me to help can't
believe they don't leave with their chosen ones

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