ShakeAlert: An earthquake warning from your cellphone

(low rumbling) (moves to loud rumbling) (rumbling demise out) – once there was once a bull named bill who felt a exact thrill and chill each time he saw a china keep. The teacups made his heart flip flop. He could not help however to cry and pout but every store sign read, bulls keep out. – [Voiceover] Earthquake.Duck, cover and maintain on. – youngsters, there may be an earthquake. – [Voiceover] robust shaking expected. – Duck, cover and keep. – [Voiceover] Earthquake.Duck, quilt and preserve on. Powerful shaking expected. Earthquake. Duck, duvet and preserve on. (earth rumbling) (dishes smashing) (objects thudding) (rumbling softening) (exhaling) – [Woman] Are we competent? – [Children] yes we’re competent. – [Woman] Are we able? – [Children] sure we’re capable..

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