Evidence of Evolution 1- Macroevolution

– hi darlings. We’re right here to conclude ourconversation about evolution. Honestly this is the thirdof our lectures on evolution. However as I mentioned earlier than I believewe’re now not going to stop talking about evolutionfor the leisure of the semester when you consider that what’s comingnext is biodiversity and we are not able to particularly appreciatebiodiversity without needing– with out watching at it by means of anevolutionary lens. So today our task is to seem at some ofthe evidence for evolution. And far of the proof– I mean there is actuallya significant quantity of evidence of macroevolutionaryprocesses at work. I believe the mostcompelling things to seem are macroevolutionaryprocesses at work. So we’ll outthis lecture with a reminder of what macroevolution isand then some mechanisms. Like how can we gofrom one populace to two populations madeup of different species? Like what’s that processthat will get us there? After which as we gothrough speciation over like massivequantities of time, what can we come to be with? What’s the evidence that we are able to see that this actuallytook position? Let’s remind ourselvesspeciation.Don’t forget my meadowlarks? These absolutely are two differentspecies of birds as opposed to our ants. These were the identical species of ants which means that that talkingabout species really turns into ratherchallenging and complex. But we can lookat our cladograms that we have– where we now have been mappingevolutionary relationships and we can see momentsof speciation, moments where– nowplease maintain in mind that this cladogramis representing like thousands and millionsand billions of years. So I have no idea what the exacttime is for this little– I imply these don’t lookat that distinctive do they. But they are extraordinary species and at some factor within the pastsome number of years in the past, there was once a speciation event.What used to be that?How did that happen? That’s macroevolution and that’swhat we’ll speak about. So we’ve obtained a couple of pieces the place we’re going to lookat the mechanism of speciation after which we’re going to startlooking at the evidence that speciation has taken placein the earlier. All correct. So the first thing we must talk about iswhat begins speciation? Like how would– why did the drosophiladentissima decide to turn out to be a– like what happenedto department dentissima off from melanogaster? Why did that happen? Why did this speciationevent take position?.

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