1. What is Geology?

[Music] Hello and welcome! This mini series is going to focus on basic
concepts of geology and it's intended to help anyone in their studies of rocks and minerals. Before we take a deep dive into all things
rocks, we need to learn what geology actually is. Geology is concerned with the Earth, the stuff
it’s made out of, and how it changes over time. It’s an extremely important field in everything
from developing sustainable forms of energy to understanding natural disasters. Coal mining and ore and petroleum extraction
are among the economic applications of geology, while more environmental applications would
be waste management, soil analysis, and even the study of plate tectonics.

It’s a broad field with many branches and
applications, but before we get into anything too specific, it’s important to have a strong
hold on the basics. To start off this series, we’re going to
learn about the properties of minerals, their groups, and their real-world applications. Then, we’ll learn about the three types
of rocks and the theory behind their classification. Finally, we’ll explore the history of rocks,
the composition and layers of the earth, and other more complex concepts. The knowledge learned in each episode will
build off but be independent of the others, so to get the full experience if you don’t
have any background it would be best to start from the start. My goal is to make these videos short, informative,
and to-the-point while still interesting. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments
and I’ll answer them to the best of my abilities or direct you to other free resources that
could help.

If you have any topic suggestions, corrections,
or ideas on how I can better this series, please share because I’m hoping to make
this the best resource it can be! Please like and subscribe to this channel
for more, and rock on!.

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