Giọng ải giọng ai | tập 2 full hd: Trịnh Thăng Bình khiến Trấn Thành “há hốc mồm” vì sốc

Ladies and Gentlemen, the truth occasionally is invisible to the naked eyes. Our eyes… are always bright. But… they… can… not… see… what others can. Above all, every fact… behind those eyes… will be revealed in Hidden Voices. Welcome to Hidden Voices! [Hidden Voices] Ladies and Gentlemen, as what I've just said… You said who? – Liar!
– What's wrong? – Liar!
– What happened? Tell us. Whose voice was that? – Whose voice?
– Your hidden voice. As I've just lip synced, we should better not believe
in what we see or what we hear. Because everything is not what it seems sometimes. And you'll experience everything in Hidden Voices. Now it is my real voice. The show is sponsored by OPPO Camera Phone F1S – Selfie Expert. Let's greet our 2 teams. The first one is Truong Giang and Oc Thanh Van. The second team includes Thu Trang and Tran Thanh.

We'll meet our 2 guests right now. They are singer Yen Trang and singer/composer Trinh Thang Binh. Your outfit colors have clearly indicated
which team you should go to, right? What do you think, Trang? I think I would go to the team with
a deeper and more luxurious shade. – Deep and luxurious?
– What do you mean, Trang? She means we are cheap! I have a question, Binh. – Wait! I have something to ask him.
– What? He would go to your team anyway. How is your ex – Yen Nhi, Binh? Let me ask Trang. How is Nhi doing? She's doing great. – How about your ex – Mai Ho?
– Mai Ho? You're wrong. He chats with Mai Ho everyday. How come? – Right? He texts and chats with her daily.
– Sure, that's normal. Which team will you choose, Binh? Just drop it! Think again! Bless my soul! He thought he is
Miss Universe Vietnam – Pham Huong or what?! Oh my god! How dare he asked me to think again? Gosh! Okay, let Yen Trang decide! We are the same age. Let's join my team. No one reveals their age on TV.
You are older than your age, ok? Tran Thanh and Thang Binh don't seem
to get along with each other.

So I would join in Tran Thanh's team to beat Trinh Thang Binh together. Please! You're off-base! So Thang Binh will be Thanh Van and Truong Giang's teammate. Come on. Let me tell you. Your name is also the name of a place in Quang Nam,
my girlfriend's hometown. It fits me well! – Oh my god!
– Nonsense! When it comes to playing games, you have to fight until you win.
"Thang" means moving up all the way.

But when it goes along with "Binh", which means ordinary,
clearly they can not be the winners. Please stay tuned to the last round… because you are able to join in guessing
hidden voices with our 2 teams. And you've got a chance to win an OPPO Camera Phone F1S… worth 5,990 million VND from our sponsor. Let's start the first round called "Transformation"! We're gonna meet 7 mysterious singers.

Their poses are very familiar with us, like real professional singers. We won't hear any word from them. In each introduction video, there is only one sound
we can hear at the end. It's very quick and very short so that you have to notice carefully. You'll guess who sings well or awfully based on the sounds you hear. Here they are! He is the first hidden voice. His uniform reveals that he is a Construction Engineer. Due to working with bricks and rocks frequently… – Throwing rocks?
– he's already used to all the thrown bricks in showbiz. Let's watch a brief video about him. Take a look, guys! A young construction engineer.

Keep off! Don't come closer! Move over! Look at me instead! Disgusting! Have you ever seen such a handsome engineer? That's why I wanna know if he got a nose job. – Nonsense! You're the one to get a nose job.
– You thought everyone is like you? His appearance on the stage is different
from his image in the video. He looks skinnier than he appeared in the video. How odd! Does the screen make him fatter? – My turn starts after that team stops, right?
– You can say whenever you want. Sure you can. – Why don't you guys say anything?
– I'm not in the mood yet.

– Binh! Move down please!
– Get down! If you wanna say, please go ahead. – I can't see clearly.
– Skip it! – Because it's so far from my seat.
– OMG! We strongly insist the production crew
inviting people with good eyesight. – Because I'm short sighted.
– Come closer! – Unbelievable!
– Binh, stop! Stay away! Look at me instead! You're not allowed to come close to players. I think he can sing. With such a nice appearance, it's hard to imagine…
It's just my gut feeling that he may sing well. I don't agree! If his look is just ordinary, I have nothing to say. But he is so extraordinarily handsome that the host
keeps preventing us from looking at him up to 8 times. So, he may be a trap that the editors create to trick us.
Good look doesn't mean good voice.

I'm very sure it's a trap!
His voice must be extremely terrible! Wrong! The show may already get us figured, that we would say
he looks good so his voice is bad but… – sometimes what you see is what you get.
– I can't agree with you! Look at me, I'm handsome and I sing well, right? A real construction engineer would never wear those ankle boots. You thought the production crew has no idea
what kind of shoes that construction engineers should wear? – It's a trap.
– The clothes were prepared for them but not the shoes.

They are shoes with insoles inside. He cares a lot about grooming. I said from the start that he is definitely not an engineer. About his voice, I'm sure it must be amazing.
Why? Because he is handsome! – Beauty makes the world go round.
– Stop looking! – Gee, he is my younger brother.
– Stay away! – I know him.
– Back to your seat! Now let's move to the second mysterious singer.

He is a delivery man. He delivers and sings anywhere anytime.
Here is his brief introduction video. A shipper needs a clarion voice. His face shows that he sings awesomely. How about a face with bad singing skills? How is my face, Binh? Disaster! I have no idea about your face. – You have to know because you said you can.
– You simply cannot sing! Your face shows that you are not able to sing. – You're wrong! I've sung so many times.
– Oh really!? Excellently! If you are actually a delivery man,
as I see from afar, your skin is… – Too fair and smooth, right?
– Yes, a little bit. – Correct!
– He delivers skin whitening products. – It's because of lighting, he is actually quite dark.
– Which part of his body is dark? – Skin!
– Truong Giang may have already seen his dark parts. – Exactly!
– Only Giang can see. I think I hear the word "sing" from his video. – So his mouth shape…
– Wow! You can figure out the word without hearing? Thank you! Let's move on to the third one.

What is his job? He is a Cinema Ticket Collector. That's why he sings very well. – Irrelevant!
– Does it make sense? Thanks to watching as well as listening to original sound tracks frequently. Here is a brief video about him. – This face is surely a good singer.
– Yes, his voice sounds nice. I suppose he's a real ticket collector. If it was an arrangement, they wouldn't remember to
prepare a walkie-talkie for him. This is his real uniform with his own device. It's very easy for the crew to go to the cinema and
tell a real ticket collector to take off his uniform. Just take a whole set! Easy as pie! – I don't know why the story seems so weird through your words.
– Yeah. – No matter what his job really is, he can still sing well.
– That's right! Being fake doesn't mean his voice is awful.

Which ear of yours hear that I stated he sings badly? – We're discussing about his voice not his job.
– I'm talking about it now. – Continue to talk about him.
– Okay. Yen Trang, please! Go on, please! What Tran Thanh has said is pretty right… because the way he collected tickets… shows that if he was faking it,
he couldn't maintain such a polite behavior. He looks like an experienced one.
It doesn't seem like he was acting. – I think the other team has mistaken something.
– Please, this is not a "Career Orientation" program.

– In my opinion, he is exactly a ticket collector.
– Ridiculous! – I've only just started.
– Okay, go ahead! – Thank you, Thu Trang!
– I lost my turn. So sorry! We're wrong! I know it would lead nowhere
if I let you guys continue talking. Let's move on to the fourth mysterious singer. She works in Artificial Flowers Business. Therefore, she always sings the song "999 roses". How relevant it is! Let's watch her brief introduction! Hey, I know! – What?
– You know her? – No, I know at a glance.
– What is it? Like what I've said about the previous two: She can sing! Can sing? That won't do!
This is about whether she sing well or not! – I'm sure she sings really well!
– I agree.

100% sure! Not a true flower maker, but a good singer! No! She could be both a flower maker and a good singer! Not! This girl is not a flower maker. For you see, when making artificial flowers,
the fabric petals are injected with silicone before being glued together… – Silicone injection is a part of making the flowers?
– The silicone, the plastic! – It's glue, a kind of silicone glue!
– Yeah, a glue. – Not silicone!
– Yes! Injected then glued together… And you need to let glue dry a bit
before you start gluing other petals on. Plus, you have to hold the pedicel while doing it,
not the petals like what we've seen in the clip. Isn't making flowers supposed to be an elegant job? All that injection and silicone you said
make it sound scary! There's one thing that I noticed.

In the clip, the person making the flowers doesn't have long fingernails. But in the scene where she's singing,
the fingernails are much longer. It's just that she didn't have her nail care when she made the flowers. But she did before singing. But my guess is that she's a good singer. Thank you. Now, we will move on to mysterious singer number 5. Though his pose is somewhat
more comfortable than other contestants,… he is a person with a high inner enthusiasm –
a proactive cheerleader on stage! Let's see his introduction clip. – Oh my goodness!
– Might as well pass up this guy! I have the feeling that this guy doesn't own a good voice! This guy here,… he's not the one that stirs up the atmosphere! He's a thrilled audience
who gets stirred up by a cheerleader. He is one of the audiences sitting over there. Now, considering dentistry aspect,… So you're a dentist now? Amalgam-filling or porcelain implant, doctor? I see that he is wearing braces. During orthodontia, based on the division
of human health period age 25-30,…

– textbook, page 7, item 12 has mentioned…
– Yen Trang, would you please? What is your opinion, Trang? So, considering dentistry aspect,… my sister, Yen Nhi, used to undergo the same treatment,… – You can't sing well during this time. Right, Trang?
– No, you can still sing. – See!
– No! You get a lisp, but you can still sing! What about you, Binh? – I'm still thinking…
– Alright, continue thinking then! – So… I'm not gonna have my turn to talk?
– No, I'm waiting for you to finish thinking. I'm thinking about not revealing my thought on this guy. – And I'm still thinking right now!
– Oh, come on! Truong Giang, could you please
do something about that family member of yours? – I'm still thinking that…
– Don't think, just talk! perhaps I've already forgotten
my previous conclusion on player 1, 2 , 3, 4… – yet now we're on player 5…
– Seriously!? – This is getting really tiresome now!
– I say we should start from the beginning again. Even Tran Thanh is bowing down to you! Alright, moving on to mysterious singer number 6.

Have a look!
Now, isn't that an impressive and edgy outfit? This one is a fashion designer. Let's have a look at his introduction clip. – No way he is a fashion designer with that kind of look!
– Really? Then what is a fashion designer supposed to look like? – How about his face, eyes, nose…?
– I'd say he looks more like… – an acoustic singer, a guitarist or some type of artist..
– So you're saying he's a good singer. I don't know yet! This guy, he could be a person with a strong passion,
but he's definitely not a good singer! With my humble knowledge in fashion,… I'd say the outfit he's wearing is a fashion disaster. I think it's not him but another powerful hand that made this outfit.

With such an ambiguous background,
I'm unconvinced that you are a fashion designer. Thus, my doubt is on your voice as well! Up next is the last mysterious singer – number 7. Such a young man, isn't he?
Yet, he is a restaurant owner. His small private restaurant, to be precise. His notion is: "Cooking is an art,
so a cook is an artist, and a singer as well." This is his introduction clip. That's all we can hear from the clip. Base on that single sound we've heard in the clip,… I can say he's a good singer. Regarding the musical aspect,… the sound we've heard from player number 7
has pretty much the same frequency as… the sonic wave of Thu Trang's singing voice! – So as for this guy,…
– Oh, my head! he'll be in the same league as Thu Trang.

So I'm still right when I say he's a good singer
even if he is not because for me, I am a good singer. – But… isn't he also a cook?
– Yeah. If we take his job and the rules of sanitation in cooking
into consideration, the possibility of him being a singer is unlikely. – He can't cook and sing at the same time because it'll be…
– But he can sing after he's done cooking, no? – He can sing in an AC room.
– There's something you need to understand here. – Those clips that we watched can give false information!
– Yes, fake! It's possible that player number 7 here is not a cook at all. – Not just possible! It's certain that he's not!
– Yeah. Not a cook, not owning a restaurant, but might be a good singer! Now, the members of each team
please take 1 minutes to discuss with each other. Once you finished, please tell me your choice of
one player who you think is bad at singing. No.5 No.6 – You pick first!
– No.5 We have to wait for them to ask us.

God! Time's up! Team Truong Giang, what is your choice? Number 5!
Team Truong Giang has declared player number 5 is bad at singing. What about team Tran Thanh? We're giving our guest the final say in this round. – Should she can't make up her mind, we'll assist her.
– She doesn't even know what to say. Of course she does! We discussed with each other earlier. – We did the discussion!
– What is your choice? Binh is such a wise guy, isn't he?
Too bad, he doesn't know manner! – Tell us your choice, Trang.
– Well…

After the discussion with
Tran Thanh and Thu Trang, aside from number 5,… – I think it's player number 6.
– Number 6! – Thanh and Trang, do you agree with her?
– Nope! I say he can sing well. Honestly, I do want player number 6 to stay a bit longer. He is such a mysterious man! So… how about we call this an experiment? – Just pick whoever without worrying that we might be wrong.
– Like using scrap paper! Thu Trang, tell him your choice! Don't hesitate! Luck will be on our side! – My choice is player number 3.
– Alright! So, Team Tran Thanh – Number 3 and Team Truong Giang – Number 5.

Which team has made the right choice?
Let's find out in the live performance of our players, right now! First up, mysterious singer number 5! "Pretend to love you"! Guess we know it now! I have the feeling that this guy is not a good singer! I can't see any sign that he can control the crowd. I am sure that player number 5 is a bad singer. He's bad at singing! I'm sure of it! – You did well, lad!
– Oh, I think you should join our team. Your singing is as good as mine, so you should join my team. – Oh my, he's trembling!
– He is very nervous! – You're feeling okay?
– Are your legs being numb? Yea, my legs have gone numb. – I see! That has affected your voice.
– Give him a massage, Thanh. There we go! Not anyone can receive a massage
from Tran Thanh and Thu Trang like this, you know.

– Feeling better now?
– Yes, thank you. – What's your name?
– I'm Nguyen Quang Vu. – How old are you?
– I'm 24. – and I'm studying tourism.
– Oh my, his voice is still shaking. Watching you sing makes me really worry, you know!
I thought you're gonna faint. Watching you, everybody no longer cared if you're a bad singer or not, but worried for you instead. I just wanted to give you a hug after you finished the song. – Are you studying tourism? What's your major?
– My major is also Tourism. – A tour guide?
– Yes. Then why so timid? It's because I was kneeling for so long that
I've got blood overflow to my brain which made me nervous. – Kneeling for so long that blood overflowed to brain!
– To that extend!? Did the production crew ask you to make that pose or was it your idea? The other players already did standing poses,
so I thought I would do a different one to stand out.

– You said you've got blood overflow to your brain, right?
– Yes. But how can you live if blood doesn't flow to your brain? Why trying to stand out?
Just stand and pose like the others. – See? Everyone else looks super comfortable in their poses.
– You should have chosen a better pose, like this. Right! – A creative and stand-out pose, no?
– Your legs will get numb faster in that pose, Binh! Thank you for coming here with us today.
A round of applause for him, everyone! And with that, team Truong Giang's
choice is the correct one.

Congratulation! Team Tran Thanh choose player number 3 – the box office attendant. You think that he's a bad singer. Let's find out if that's true or not
through this live performance of his. He'll sing "The hair of my love one" This will be a good one. It'll be "The hair of my love one" for sure. – Yep! He's a good one!
– You can tell just by his gesture. – He'll sing a bolero!
– His gesture tells me he's a good singer. Plus, his outfit is pretty elegant, like a pro-singer. – Even if that was fake,…
– Don't care! he still could be a good singer. When did I ever say that he's a bad singer? The way he hangs his hand-held transceiver
shows that his working outfit is real. There's always a limit to the way you imitate something,
but that was way too professional to be called imitation.

– What a surprise!
– Thank you. You are a little nervous, aren't you? – He's nervous, all right.
– It would have been even better if you hadn't been nervous. I could even hear his voice shaking as he sang. That's what we call "the emotional phenomenon in music." – I've always known you are a good singer.
– What? But because I believe in and respect my teammate's choice. You're seriously pointing finger at me now? Fine, whatever. Mr. Thanh is such a pro that when the player was
already half-way through the song, he turned to his friend and questioned:… He's a good one? He's so confused to the point
he can't even tell between good and bad. I'd like to request the program to invite serious guests. Wearing a blinding-bright red t-shirt, saying anything of your liking
and trying to distort the image of the main player. I feels so hurt right now! I don't! Beside, this is something really easy to recognize. Just notice his breath during the first, second or third note
and you'll know right away if he's a good singer or not.

Show me! Even the way he breathes sounds good! Yes, his breath tells me he just ate
noodle with fermented fish paste. Alright! What's your name? I'm Nguyen Van Tam. Nguyen Van Tam, right! What's your job, and age? I'm 28, and I'm a hairdresser. – A hairdresser!
– Not a box office attendant? Tell him where you got
the hand-held transceiver that we saw in the clip. – I borrowed it from the real box office attendant.
– See? – Truong Giang was right.
– I told you he just borrowed it and put it on.

Do you like singing?
Or do you often sing for your family and friends? I love singing, and sometimes I go and perform on the street. So… is it one of your jobs or
it is something you do out of your interest? My main job is as a hairdresser, but I also have a passion
for singing and I want everyone to hear my voice. So, I do sometimes perform on the street.

– Like… in a pub?
– When selling taffy. Have you ever thought of participating in a music competition? I have! It's just that I need to arrange
my time schedule properly before I can participate in one. Where's your home town? I'm from Quang Ngai Province Tam, my eyes were closed
as I listened to your voice. Your voice might not be as stellar
as other Bolero singers… but as I listened, I found it very calm and for that,
you have my full support in pursuing your passion. Don't let the fact that
you're singing in the street or on stage bother you. Be proud that you're a hairdresser
who possesses a voice that can surpass many singers. Thank you very much!
– Thank you, Trinh Thang Binh! Thank you for being here today! The crowd has been drowned for a moment
in your song and story Thank you! It seems that Tran Thanh, Thu Trang, Yen Trang
have chosen incorrectly in the 1st round Let's move to the 2nd round – Ultimate Lip-Syncing! Round 2: Ultimate Lip-Syncing Stick around with us for the 3rd round
where studio audiences can join in and vote with our 2 teams…

And stand a chance to win Oppo's professional selfie smart phone F1s
worth 5.990.000 VND In this round, our 5 remaining players will lip-sync a song
from a famous artist of their choice So we can observe the way they perform
and their facial expressions… to determine who is a good singer and who isn't We'll come to the performance from
our mysterious singer no.1 Thank you very much! He's definitely not an electrician I haven't seen an electrician who is this handsome with dyed hair
and an arrogant smile like him – I'm telling you…
– I don't believe he is a construction engineer! fixing electricity like this,
surely would get you electrocuted! He's too handsome to be an construction engineer! An electrician would often
climb the power poles like this… if they move like him
they'll surely get zapped Maybe electric shocks did that to him! Hey, Sunshine!
– Sunshine? I'm calling him! You're calling him Sunshine!?
– Yeah I know exactly who you are! You're a person who can dance! Is that so!? Exactly! I don't know if Sunshine can sing or not…

But he definitely can't lip-sync Don't be too sure, Van! Remember this is a game of deceiving
They might be faking it! If he can dance
then he is good with beats… he was just not doing the lip-sync Maybe he forgot the lyric No, I think he can't dance neither! Just simply that he has had
a lot of practice before this He was counting his steps… Wait, does dancing or lip-syncing
has anything to do with how he sings? – Yes, of course!
– Definitely! Sure they do, there are some artists
that can sing very well but can't incorporate dancing I agree with you,
because they might be ballad singers…

And are not used to dancing This guy could be a ballad singer Both opinions have their own reasons to be correct So let's stop debating and
move on to our mysterious singer no.2 Thank you! This guys has an odd style, right?
It's like he just doesn't care… and does whatever he wants What do you think, Binh? This guy… This guy right here… definitely is some kind of singer So you're saying that he's a singer? Then he can sing very well – I have a feeling that he's a young actor
– An innocence one! I can see he's lacking confidence
when dancing and lip-syncing It's like he just wants to get over with it – What was his occupation?
– He doesn't seem to have the charisma of a singer What's his job again? He's a shipper – He's definitely not a shipper!
– His skin is too white to be one! First of all, there's a high chance he's using whitening cream Too white! Maybe he's a cosmetic salesman – Secondly, ler me tell you…
– Great, listen to baby Binh! If you pay close attention you will notice that…

People who can sing well often have a charming mouth… Look at mine! Forget it!
I thought you were about to say something interesting Turning out you were just complementing yourself Nhi (Binh's girlfriend)!
Is Binh charming or not!? I guess not! The way the lights hit this guy when he's on stage
makes his mouth look so pretty Like a mouth of a singer! If the lights hit him… then his mouth will be crooked! I think he's.. a good singer I think he was afraid he would perform too professionally
and that we would notice him So he intentionally put on a bad act If he wanted to advance to the next round
then he has to do his best for us not choosing him! No, that stuff is too mainstream! He's succeeded in getting us to argue over him And now, to stop all of the argument,
let's move to our mysterious singer no.4 Why do you keep applauding, Binh? She amazed you? – I told you from the beginning
– Told me what? – She's good!
– She's what? Good? Not so loud, others will hear you! It's like he was born just yesterday
and doesn't have any single idea about human world He just wouldn't understand I've made up my mind
on whether she can sing or not – Can you share with us then?
– I'll keep it for myself – Then keep it forever, if you will!
– Sure! I think she puts on an act that she's a bad singer…

And chose a genre that's different
from her familiar one She at least must be an above average singer Mysterious singer no.6!
You're next! Such a difficult case! Why's that? By the look, it seem like he can't sing And he missed some words
when lip-syncing Bolero singers often have unique style
and it's shown when they sing Or… he could have a voice which doesn't quite
match his handsome look. However, I still have a feeling that this guy is not so serious The problem lies in the fact this guy could be an actor He might not be a good singer,
but he can act In regard to his mouth movement
and how he lip-synced… like myself, although I'm a bad singer
but I'm a terrific lip-sync singer Ladies and gentlemen, if you notice when he was standing here,
he didn't put down his microphone what does that mean? That this song is not his,
and he was trying too hard to sing the song – He was worried that he couldn't put the mic on in time.
– Exactly! So he kept it this way from the beginning.

I can assure you that
he can't sing! Calm down, Van! Sit down!
We still have other chances to watch him perform. No need to stress-out Let's move to our mysterious singer no.7 Wonderful!
You've done a great job! Don't say anything! When I saw his picture on the screen
I was sure he's not Vietnamese He's a Korean for sure My second thought is that
if he's a Korean with a good voice… he wouldn't be standing there!
Right? – I disagree!
– He's a handsome Korean It's normal!
It's harder to be famous in Korea than in Vietnam – So he wants to be famous here?
– Not that! – Maybe he's an exchange student
– Or came here to work Most importantly, he's a Laotian! He may have a passion for Korean music
and can sing Korean songs, you know! The last guy was difficult,
but this guy has taken it to a next level of difficulty! No more question.
It's time for discussion! One minute for discussion begins! Focus, time's running out! Point out a person
who you think is not a good singer I think it's no.6! Time's up! Truong Giang's team, let me hear your decision.

Van thinks it's no.1, and Binh thinks it's no.6 And your final decision is… I think no.6 is likely to be a bad singer So your final decision is… No.6! Tran Thanh's team? Our team has chosen… Mr. Whitening Cream Shipper Player no.2! So according to your decisions, player no.6 and no.2
are the bad singers Let's get ready for the performance of mysterious singer no.6 Andy! – Andy!
– Andy Lau? Andy Lau! My idol! – A song from Andy Lau!
– He's my idol! He has the voice that doesn't quite match his appearance. He might be an actor not a singer,
but he can act He looks like
the type of person who sings acoustic… or plays instrument, or some kind or arts I assure you that he can't sing! Oh gosh, where are you from? We should have picked number 6. He's so handsome, Giang. Not until the chorus part that I could realize what song it was. I thought I have never heard of this song in my life.

– I love this song very much, Mr Nghia.
– I know, right? When he sang "sky high", I felt like "sky falls". Now we've realized that the look isn't
always relatable to the voice. Could you explain why you are so handsome but
your voice is too troublesome? What's your name? Where do you live?
How old are you? Sorry for interruption. When you were singing,
Mr. Nghia was standing next to me. He said "Oh my god! So handsome!". "He can take any roles in movies from a nice guy
to an evil one. So handsome". But when you started singing, he was speechless. My name is Ly Quyen Thanh. I'm 27 year old. What's your job? I'm working in Generali insurance company.

I bet he's got lots of insurance contracts signed with this
handsome face. It looks trustworthy. It seems whoever named Thanh is handsome. Except for you, Tran Thanh. You could do any job except for singing. Do you have a girlfriend? Yes, I do. Have you ever dared to sing to her? Yes, I have. Just be confident. If she really loves you,
she'll love your voice as well. Thank you. You might not sing beautifully but
you're confident performing here. That's great enough. Please give him an applause. Thank you for coming. See you. Now let's continue with Tran Thanh team's choice.

It's number 2. Let's watch! His choice of song is nice. He must be a professional singer. I'm sure. He doesn't have a singer's temperament. People who can sing usually have charming mouths. This mouth will be distorted if getting hit, not charming at all. He's shy. He might not sing well. Now he's singing hip hop. Those 3 people, remember your choice!
He sings this beautifully. Excuse me. What's your name? – My name is Duc.
– Duc! You should have stayed until the last round of the show.

– You must remember. It's because of Tran Thanh.
– You sing so well. – Remember it! It's because of Tran Thanh.
– That's right. Because of Tran Thanh. Remember it until your death. Remember it! How can Tran Thanh destroy such a talent and eliminate him so early? This charming mouth is meant for singing. I told you. His mouth when singing was like this. That mouth belongs to a singer. I told you that. So disappointed. I can't understand at all. Mr. Trinh! What? Sit down! The thing is… Mr. Huynh, please. In regards to… No more regard now. – Stop it already.
– No more regard, please. You keep giving wrong answers. No more regard, please. You who did wrong has no right to speak. Right. Only winners are number 1. Yeah! I knew you could sing at first sight. – Oh my god! Oh my god!
– Why did you choose him then? How can you say that now? Why did I choose you? Why? Because we have to make the third round dramatic.

There's no need to. If you… It's the producers' job. That's right. If all 3 contestants in the last round can sing beautifully,
what would we do then? How can we choose? What? How can you know there're only good voices left? – How can you know?
– Stay away, Giang. Let's listen to him. – You're wrong.
– See? You're wrong. Wrong people are never right. I was wrong but I chose you already. I'm just kidding. I was a little bit confused. It's half-half actually. I was not sure 100% about you. In the introduction video, did you sing the word "sing"? That word is "was". Wrong! This team has been wrong from the start until now. Keep silence. It's the second mistake already. – The more you say, the worse it gets.
– Worse and worse. Duc, tell us about your job. I'm now a student and… Selling whitening cream? Which university? No, my skin is fair because I'm from the North. His skin is fair and very smooth. You're an amateur singer right? – I sing at some acoustic coffee shops.
– See? See? – Do you hear that?
– No.

Let him continue. Move on. I sing at some acoustic coffee shops
but my priority is studying. Which school are you in? Military University of Culture and Art. – Oh my…
– Do you hear that? See? Yes, for a while. Okay – He has realized his mistake.
– I forgive you. Don't criticize him anymore. Thank you. You have something else to say, Tran Thanh? Thank you and sorry on behalf of my two friends. Can you give me a hug? – Okay. Go ahead.
– Yes! – You want to make up for your mistake?
– Would you accept the apology from Yen Trang, Tran Thanh and me? It's alright, except for Tran Thanh. Ohhhh! – Why you're excluding me?
– Give Yen Trang and me a hug. I don't know why he excluded Thanh.

I made the wrong choice by choosing Tran Thanh's team. No more explanation for your wrong choice. Ouch. I'm coughing now. Go back to your seat. Thank you for coming. Please give him an applause. Just leave. Don't give Tran Thanh any chance. Thanh, not every mistake can be fixed. Tran Thanh has just destroyed a talent. Tran Thanh has just destroyed a talent. I've got only one thing to say. What? Let's proceed to the 3rd round now. That's why I tell you to go back
to your seat and we'll move on. Ladies and Gentlemen, the 2nd dramatic round has just finished. Let's discover the 3rd round named "Revealing". In this round, the two teams and audiences are to
find out who can sing well. Audiences can vote and receive an attracting gift from the show. Which is a selfie expert – camera phone OPPO F1s
from our main sponsor worth 5,990,000 VND.

Text GAGA_Hidden voice Code and send to 7339. In this crucial round, each team has 30 seconds to
make a quick interview with the contestants. And you can hear their voices
to guess who would be a nice singer. This round is about finding a good voice. Tran Thanh team, please. You guys can ask them first. 30 seconds, start now. – Anyone, right?
– Yes! – I want to ask the girl.
– Hurry up! – Hurry up.

Only 30 seconds.
– Which is Ho Quynh Huong's most famous song? The most famous song of Ho Quynh Huong is "Anh". Which type of music are you singing? Your favorite one. My favorite music type is bolero. Number 3 guy. Can you sing? Do you sing well? Okay What is your job? What do you do? Time's up. Truong Giang team, please. Number 1 guy. How old are you? I'm 24 years old. The girl in the middle, how old are you? Answer! – How can we hear your voice if you don't answer?
– Speak up. – How old are you?
– What's wrong with her? She's shy.

– Forget it. Time's up.
– Annyeonghaseyo! Annyeonghaseyo! Annyeonghaseyo! Huh? Annyeonghaseyo Annyeonghaseyo. Huh? Time's up. Didn't reply a word. With the experience of the four hosts, they can
help our guests make the right choice. You have 1 minute to discuss among yourself. Start! If both teams choose the same person, that person
holds a right to choose which team to join. Done! Truong Giang team, please. What? How come you've stopped discussing
without having the answer? Because we're not ready. The philosopher, please. – In this case, I let you speak first.
– Let me tell you.

We'll choose first to take the priority. – Which number?
– We trust Tran Thanh this time. We choose… the one with opposite gender. – The girl.
– Number 4 This girl is number 4. If we choose the girl again,
she has to choose which team to join. That's right. So, we choose… the luminous guy! You chose number 1. Thank you. The chosen people can go to backstage and
prepare for your performance. This guy, please come here. Let's watch and listen to his performance. We're gonna know if he can't sing
like you guys thought…

So you didn't choose him. The performance of mysterious singer number 7 starts now. He can sing, I think. In the introduction video, his sound persuades me that he can sing. In relation to musical aspect, his sound waves
are very close to those of Thu Trang. If he can't sing but I thought he could, it's still reasonable.
Because I always think that I sing well. He can speak Vietnamese.

He can speak Vietnamese. Everyone is wrong. I'm the only one to guess it right. – Do you see it? I was right. Do you agree?
– Ok, I agree. – You can't convince your member. Go back!
– Back to your seat! I was right, but my team members didn't trust me. It's Japanese. You see? I want to ask him slowly, so that he can understand. What's your name? Where are you from? My name's Hong Suk Ho. I'm from Korea. – How old are you?
– I'm 28 years old.

– What do you do?
– I do business in Vietnam. – How long?
– 1 year. – You…
– Only 1 year. – What's your business?
– I sell Korean snow ice-cream. Do you know Hari Won, a Korean female singer in Vietnam? – I know. He's the boyfriend of…
– Boyfriend? Hari Won is Tran Thanh's boyfriend. – How long have you learnt Vietnamese?
– 3 years. He's only been staying here for 1 year,
so he must have learnt Vietnamese before.

How long did you practice the song "Sau Tat Ca"? Around 3 months. You're the first foreign player in this gameshow
and brought many surprises to us. Give him a big applause please. Thank you. – I hope your business will go well.
– Thank you. And now let's meet the singer chosen by Tran Thanh's team. It is… Number 4. And she will have a duet with Yen Trang. I think she is trying to show that she doesn't sing well.
And it's not her kind of music too. I'm sure she sings well. I've had my own decision that she sings well or not. A round of applause please! We have a duo here. Give her a big hand please.
A great performance of Waiting For You. A very good performance. How do you feel after singing with her? I've known that she can sing because… Her gesture. The way she moves her hand and mouth. Although she tried to hide her voice,
her habits exposed her capability. Thank you. You can back to your seat.

Now, Ngoc Huyen This girl… How old are you? I'm 23 years old. Are you a flower maker? No, I'm not. I have my own business. What's your business? – It's electronic.
– Electronic. Do you perform somewhere? I sometimes sing with friends for fun. Just for fun. Thank you for coming today. Goodbye. And now is team Truong Giang's choice.

Number 1.
A tall and handsome boy. He waves back, he must sing well. Maybe he is deceiving us with his appearance.
I think he sings very badly. He's good looking, so I guess he sings well. I'm sure he has a beautiful voice as he is handsome. – Very good, Binh.
– He rescued me. He forgot the lyrics. Congratulate Trinh Thang Binh, you finished the song. – I think you will miss him forever.
– Is this the new version? Now I learn how an experienced singer handle things. Always keep up the beat and balance the tone
however badly his partner sang. No, he forgot the lyrics. – Just sometimes.
– This is a new version, the original one is different. – The sentence "Miss you much" is appropriate here.
– You sang and performed very well. – Very good.
– The part when you hit the high note. It is called the baby's cry. – Only in maternity hospital can you find one like it.
– The music weakened its impact. – Show your real voice.
– Sing without music. – I'll beatbox for you.
– Any song is ok. – Any song.
– A love song is better.

– I will sing "Tinh yeu hoa gio".
– Don't let your voice fly with the wind. Sing the chorus. I will focus on your voice. Ambulance! Thank you! – Introduce yourself please.
– My name's Chau Minh Chi. I'm an actor. A good voice is not important.
You only need to sing well if it's your profession. With that handsome face, you just need to focus on your acting.
Then you will be famous and rich. Plus you have a very attractive smile. – Right?
– Yes. Just be an actor, not a singer. – Singing regularly is better than singing well.
– Thanks for attending the show. And you've made Truong Giang's team lost. So team Truong Giang had the wrong choice in this round. And the winner is Yen Trang. Congratulate the philosopher. You'll get no prize. – 2 teams and Ngoc Huyen please come on stage.
– I just chose the wrong team. My bad choice of team. I'm not wrong. So Ngoc Huyen and Chau Minh Chi are two singers
that were chosen for the final round. Each of them will receive 10.000.000 VND.

And for our guests, Yen Trang will
receive the total prize of 50.000.000 VND. Binh, I don't know what to say to you.
A big round of applause for him then. Welcome to Hidden Voices! Maybe I join Tran Thanh's team. – Because this side of my face is more beautiful.
-OMG ! Understand? With me, one just needs to be handsome. It's contradictory. So why did you marry Tien Luat? Everybody lies.

I'm sure that this person sings well. Thanks for joining us today. Hidden Voices is sponsored by Oppo Camera Phone F1S. The show airs every Saturday at 7:00 PM on HTV7.
Goodbye and see you again..

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