So there used to be an earthquake leave out Laura is most likely unwell so we’re out at a live escape and the purpose is to interrupt out as a bunch so we’ve got all of my household which can be right here so there was an earthquake at our condominium relatively yeah it right here like here it happened just barely failed to you suppose it yeah me neither i am so frustrated on social media all of our friends are like going loopy about this earthquake our buddies 4 houses down evacuated their residence due to the fact of it all people’s like we aroused from sleep and there used to be an earthquake I failed to feel it at all we had been wide awake all the children have been wide awake and i did not consider anything I used to be raw so used to our condo being utter chaos that we didn’t understand what is come what may or maybe like the ripple effect of the earthquake like they felt it powerful and we did not so Paul query have you ever ever been in an earthquake so our family that lives here in Kansas metropolis and Michelle felt the earthquake and like her drawer drawers have been shaking and our cousin Luke used to be it appears within the bathroom and he simply saw just like the bathe shaking or felt the shower shaking he used to be like there may be a monster in the toilet and he like going for walks out anyway i like that story see they have got good earthquake studies earthquake story could be very boring we did not construct yeah and that is why we don’t think earthquakes yeah that was once occurring when the earthquake occurred we had no concept mmm are you ok so apparently there was a 5 point something earthquake in Oklahoma city which is around Oklahoma city and Tulsa couple hours from right here honey said they got here metropolis metro area felt it at like a 3 anything magnitude how do your fingers not spoil within the earthquake well I believe it used to be slightly earthquake the one who we felt so it simply shook folks’s houses it failed to damage anybody’s residences here what time was the earth is it seems that around seven o’clock this morning relatively for definite i do not cheer use Cheerios bouncing around on your milk no no discontinue showed up broke why for the reason that there was once a earthquake and earthquakes are what breaks do they smash stuff on the grounds that it shakes the bottom how does it shake the ground good there’s some controversy about that anyway it’s quite intriguing it appears hi there whats up cubby can i walk for a second i am an earthquake ease thing show us how you are an earthquake you are an earthquake caleb now we have our own personal earthquake we’ve got a residing earthquake that in no way stops we like him you tired howdy what are you doing what are you doing okie-dokie good the kids are super excited uncle Troy is back on the town so Troy did you consider the earthquake this morning I sincerely did yeah I was it felt so much like a cruise ship you recognize I looked like the engine used to be beginning after which it began to sway it was loopy how do pass over this Christine right by way of the plan i’m at right here at present golfing with my brothers Travis is really putting for Eagle i like how Travis putts like a miniature golfer in different information leave out Laura is without doubt sick how are you feeling sweetheart stated she has a tight fever rather then that no symptoms except for her she’s most likely no longer feeling herself omit Elise has been taking good care of her this morning she just brought her the pillow and the blanket and it can be simply been like form of taking good care of her huh oh excellent i am comfortable you’re feeling better [Music] sure we do the whole Germans up against these things there may be the back sweet yeah do some landscaping they’re hiring you k seem at that that is how you get out of the rough humans correct there the truck is more unsafe than men and women give it credit trouble in our ebook yeah here’s this type of pleasant sister she loves frozen so oh yeah she does do you love that book Laura thank you see we simply play for fun you comprehend it’s not concerning the competition between us or brothers at all Blake’s out with us in these days too [Music] in these days danger free up i’m loving your hair thanks [Music] determine it out the auto in front of us is from Hawaii so that they needed to have a ship carry that factor over no experience they often drove i really like when you are enjoying just like the registration number plate game and also you never in finding Hawaii like that is fantastic i’m relatively grateful Laura awoke from her nap feeling a lot better her fever has come down rather a bit and you know she’s comfortable simply laying on the couch we felt comfortable leaving her with the babysitter which is good considering the fact that we had tremendous plans tonight we had tickets to head to this extremely good date night time with Jeremy’s brothers will inform you about inside of ok so we’re out at a mild break out room they have a couple of these in Kansas city they have specific rooms that have distinct topics and the goal is to interrupt out as a group so we now have all of my family which might be right here so it’s like a are living experience recreation entertainment factor where you going and all of the clues are there and you’re seeking to like earlier than the time runs out Ellucian alas we are not able to take the digital camera in considering that we cannot supply away any clues if people want to do it but we are going to inform you all about it i’m excited this is like a ideal match for this group yep we did pick the room at the perfect level concern so i’m just a little bit apprehensive about that hopefully we will crush it okay you’ve got finished that before yeah we’re going in here see Michelle’s new haircut no all right so we escaped it took us fifty four minutes however it used to be quite a bit well that was exquisite it used to be so much fun and we did must ask for two tips but we discovered so much of it on our own and the room simplest has a four percent success rate so we were particularly excited to finish it and in fifty four minutes like we got out just in time and there is numerous fun referred to as to assess on Laura and she or he’s doing exceptional so we’re headed out to dinner now every excellent date night ends browsing we bought some just right food or some great stuff day after today morning okay that is it we’re watching tuition soccer our group is down by using one point it can be the last play of the game we’re going for the area purpose [Applause] when the camp used to be good J apartment [Music] I turn into a queen

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