Elite: Dangerous Brain Trees and Farming Materials

Hi everyone, Ricardo and welcome back to the elite dangerous beyond now reboot and reboot this is where i have rebooted the game again the steam account and we visited some of the old sites looking for materials and i especially this is brain trees now i did do the livestream from hip 5 5 5 3 4 system and I are heading to Planet 7 with the coordinates of minus seventeen points nine and minus a 47.53 now which you can see is a massive injector crater now This type of stroke spreads massive amounts of content all over the body that's right and effective here You will find things like brain trees and with brain trees not only will you marvel at the spectacular which is brain brain trees right but you also get all these materials iron sulfur nickel chromium carbon manganese phosphorus germanium molly-molly pearl innum maybe tin and TechNet 'I know people are coming slip me in the comments to get it wrong because I've had a great deal of instruction on what recently so went down they are not on, you will see one wonder what elite dangerous can offer you and here are the trees in all theirs Honor and splendor, they do not actually do anything they rumble about a little they radiate a bit of noise and we look forward to it in a moment but they allow you to gather some materials and the materials I have mentioned the most rare materials now that there is some sound to the brain trees and it can't be described as a bit like rhubarb growing you've ever heard so we stay quiet and we are going to play it yeah so it's like a little popping and crackling and that kind of thing yes Amy people have described this as being a bit like listening to a reverb I never listened to Rhubarb even I went on YouTube and found some clever ones Dicky had been there and had recorded Rhubarb growing fascinating anyway eff dev has been looking to go and include a sound like rhubarb break in game so this was the first site on planet 7 with these coordinates when in there all these materials came back in the old SRV back to the ship and a The result of this I then found out that there was another planet in the system it had also got troops well you can't just go to one and not go to Second right, you have to walk two of them so I trembled got back in the ship and then went to another planet actually planet theta so here I am on planet 8 on the following coordinating thirty two points eight one / – twenty-six points six four but here but still you will find some slightly different materials, you have iron sulfur nickel chromium carbon manganese phosphacadmium Vanna Adium tin technetium and zirconium so there is a few luckily miss the one I could never really pronounce but still there you go this very dark side this time is not as well illuminated as the other side even if you know as crowded materials as the other site was as it is worth going down there and making a bit of a mine now mining is simply done which I have already mentioned before and cinema or streams just to shoot These growths now pulling away from the trees are generally four types of growth you have the cordyceps growth you are going to get g1 materials you have poly porous growth, which has You classify two and three class materials you have massive day under grade 3 and class four seed pods but the fallen secretion they are grade five materials and you know we will put All that in the comments anyway now bring trees is generally found on planets between 200 and 500 K in temperature and I said just outside the ejecta craters now ejecta craters that you were seen in the beginning of the video got these huge lines sprouting from showing there that the effect or whatever on them now with these trees you will not be Could log off the log again and cash in right they drop materials though Only those materials that appear on detailed surface scanning of whatever planet they are at once harvested materials do not show again on the lock right but they make recycling for a short period of time we mean between you know six six to 14 days then they can respawn so you can't just park yourself and expect a Log off the log again the next day and then all these things I mean if you wanted to sit there and do nothing for a few weeks and then just keep going in and mine with materials well It's all up to you, you know, it's all done by scooping it up with cargo scoop and we all know what we do with it because we've all done ours fair share of mining and if you have not what have you done so accurately there you brain trees are amazing a little mysterious you could say alien brain trees of course you haven't seen them anywhere what is sound they make who knows, but if you haven't, then click on the sound of rhubarb is growing on YouTube all together and I think I'll put a link to it in the comments section so I've been Ricardo this has been brain trees hip five five five three four system on planet seven and planet eight materials having to go engineering with everyone then get you over there if you are nearby own some materials and have fun and marvel at plays that are the games of the elites dangerous please, thanks for watching I've been to Ricardo hit, which like and subscribe button if your enemy dies look for the message icon and I will see you soon

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