Volcano of Violence (Ep. 2 Part 2) | Escape from the Bloodkeep

(upbeat jingle) (ominous dramatic jingle) – We're gonna bring out the box of doom. (ominous dramatic music)
(laughing) For extremely significant rolls, we bring out the Box of Doom. This is where the rolls that really make or break things happen. There's a very slim chance
that this will happen, but if it happens, it will completely change
the tide of this battle. So let's go ahead, you can
bring the Box over there. – What does it do? – The Box of Doom? Oh no it actually has the deity intervene.

– In some way shape or
form that the DM decided. – Yes. – Here we go, let's see. So you have your percentile dice. – 14 or fewer.
– 14 or fewer is what you're looking for. – On the dice. Okay, come on baby. Come on bone daddy! Yes, 48, sir. (laughter and applause) – So you raise your hands aloft. – Please help me deity who I've worshiped for hundreds of years! I am in a fickle pickle! (laughs) – You go photo negative
and you hear in your ear. (growling) This is cog-moth. I'm not hear right now, but if you leave your name
and the true name of your soul I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks. Maggie, do I just stop, or, what do I do? – No, dad, just let me come in the room. – I'm having a hard time.
– Okay, just you push this. – Okay. (beep) (laughter) Wonderful. And then you snap out of it.

(laughter) – It was so weird, I wasn't even allowed to
leave a message it said to, and then it just cut off. – Yeah so as it goes
(beep) and then you may speak whatever you wish to cog-moth. – Uh, hey bone daddy,
whenever you're ready, I have (laughs) so many decisions to make. Everyone's in a fight right now. Kind of really the end, okay, see you later, peace out,
I love you very much bye.

– Dad, be here for once, bye! (laughter) – Wonderful, thank you so much. So that's your action. – That's my action, and
I want to cast sanctuary. I'm going to do one two three
four five of my friends, or six on my husband. I'm gonna roll a die
for it to see who I do. Okay, yeah you're 30 feet away,
so you now have sanctuary. And if anyone tries to attack you they have to make a wisdom saving throw.

– Ooh it's all tingly. (laughter) – If you attack or cast
a spell, it'll go away. But for now, you are sanctuaried. – Wonderful, very cool, Lilith
is sanctuaried, that's great. Moving on.
(laughs) – There's so many moving parts. – I know.
– That's great. – Hell yeah. At the end of Efink's turn. – What now Brennan? – 45 eagles outside.
– Are we gonna die? (laughter) The Philadelphia Eagles. – Wonderful, cool. You see that Kassara the Beige looks past the screaming
lava mog and says, it might be time to start
wrapping up here everybody, this monster is extremely bad.

(laughter) She looks at the anvil, raises her staff. – I want an attack of opportunity
on that anvil. (laughs) – And space and time
cleave in a rift of mist. The anvil falls through it. Anybody watching it may make
an arcana check if they want. – Might as well. – 10.
– 19. – Ooh, 26.
– I'm not even gonna bother. – 26, she has cast a
banishment spell on this anvil. You know with a 26 it is gone immediately, but is not gone forever immediately. She's got to hold onto that for a minute for it to be well and fully
sent into the nightmare lands past the edge of the world
where she is sending it to.

– Right. – Yoink. That's the end of your turn. That's going to be, that was Efink. Sokbharr and Jeremy. – Cool. I would like to suggest
to the lava monster that he might want to take
his little crab claws and grab on to Kassara the Beige and just dunk her fully in the lava. (laughter) – Like a fucking Oreo. – You're looking at that. One thing I will say, let me actually see
something here really quick. Oh, sorry. Little elf. – Get him, Brennan. – This thing–
– Yeah! So the lava monster is stationary
and cannot reach Kassara. – Ah, damn. – So yeah, Kassara is not
in reach of the lava mog, partially because the part
you're seeing of the lava mog is about 20% of its body mass. – Yeah, no, I just thought those limbs
were longer than that. Damn, that was my plan for that turn. – (gasps) I rolled my wisdom
saving throw, if that's okay. At the end of my turn? Natural 20!
– Cool, yep yep yep. – I am going to, I'll ride Jeremy 40 feet. Goddammit. Five, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30,
35, that's about 40 there. – And Jeremy can also
take a move and a dash, if he wants to use his whole turn.

So he could get you
even closer if you want. – At a certain point
I'm going to just like run into these
motherfuckers though, right? – [Brennan] Yeah, exactly. – All right, well, maybe I do it anyway. (Amy laughs)
And then yeah, sure, we'll dash with Jeremy. Five, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35. – Hell yeah, I've got you here. – Cool. And then 40 is I guess there, I'm sort of like next to him I think.

And then what I want to do
is I want to conjure animals I think basically behind this big stretch, but in a place where they can, I want to get them behind these guys and as close to Kassara as
I can so that they can like. – The range on conjure animals is 60 feet. – Yeah, I'm mainly just trying to, I just kind of want to
break her concentration, for banishment, is that? – Correct.
– Cool. – Yeah just try to do damage and see if she loses her concentration. – Cool. – How many beefy boys you summoning? – I'm gonna summon, if
we're just looking for, let's do four wargs, why not? – Four wargs!
– You riding Jeremy, you put your hand to the
side of your snout and go.

(howls) And you see rocks scrambling,
and you hear them up above, like you know sort of wild wargs that travel around the rim
of the scary volcano. (growls) Down, down, right over here,
these nasty goblin boys. Go ahead and roll initiative for them. – Okay cool. Boop-boop-a-doop. (die rolling)
Five. – No worries. But that probably means they go after you, which means they go sooner. – [Mike] Hooray. – Awesome. – I'm going to actually
bonus action healing spirit, I'm on top of Jeremy, so I'm gonna healing spirit
right on top of me and Jeremy. So this will summon let's say
some sort of spectral toad that's all slimy and will heal
things that is in it's space. That is second level, so that
will be anything that space can restore one die six hit points, so that is both me and Jeremy.

So we'll go ahead and do that. That will be a two for
me and three for Jeremy. So I'm at 93 and Jeremey is at 16. He's really low down there. And that was my action,
that was my bonus action. Jeremy can't take his reaction
'cause I didn't attack, I think that's everything,
everything I do. (laughter) The defense rests. I guess and I will suggest to the lava mog that maybe he wants to lift this guy and gently just tilt everyone
on there into the lava. – Because you're giving
a complex instruction, I'm gonna need an animal handling check. – Okay.
(laughter) – I'll go ahead and set
the difficulty at this, we're gonna say a 15 or higher gets you something like what you asked for, and we'll call a 25 or higher
exactly what you asked for. – Cool, I basically just don't want the bridge to be totally gone, I just want to knock them off. Cool. I'm rolling, that is a 19 plus eight. (cheering) – So you do some crazy, you're
like fuckin' reptile gills, like (mutters), and the lava
mog perfectly understands you.

And you can feel it like gain a point of intelligence from
being in your presence. Like oh, I am safe now,
the beast lord is here. And turns around to face
these two high elves and the true king of Teriath. (laughter) Insane.
– That is amazing. – What a roll, cool. Speaking of the high kind of Teriath, he is going to rush over here, and you see he goes,
(mutters) god dang it, you gotta stop, I'm the king of Teriath.

– Okay buddy, I will. – Let me know which raid is yers, as a ranger I know how to make a lean-to. – Yeah, I made a good
job sticking to the sea. (laughter) – He's gonna take some swings at you. (Amy laughs)
Here we go. – Wow. It was a phase, it was a phase. (Brennan laughs) – He deals 54 points of damage to you, as he takes, he goes. (groans)
(sword unsheathing) My dad in law, he made this sword. It was berkin, but now it's workin' again. (laughter) – It was berkin? – And he just lashes out
this crazy primal swing, scores you for 54 points of damage. And he looks like a grimy, he fights like a dirty
fightin' kinda dude. – How much damage from that strike? – That was three attacks that hit that dealt a total of 54.
– Oh, okay. – Oh, he's still got it.
– And did those two not fall into the lava? – The lava mog hasn't moved
yet, I've suggested that.

Maybe it wants to do that, but it hasn't done it's thing yet. – Got it, it's not its turn. – And Markus that's gonna be you. – All right so I just took those hits, I'm down to 13 hit points. – Whoa! Oh shit, okay. – You haven't seen my tricks! (laughter)
I actually go for the eagle to try to and mount it. (laughter)
(cheering) – Cool, I'm gonna ask you to
make an opposed athletics, opposed acrobatics roll. – And you roll at advantage,
'cause it's strength, right? Oh no, it's acrobatics. – Actually you can roll
with advantage if you want, I'll let you do athletics or acrobatics. But I'll tell you what you have to beat. – [Ify] Acrobatics. – Go ahead and roll
whatever you want to roll. (laughs)
– But just remember if you do athletics that it's at advantage. – Okay, I'll just do
acrobatics 'cause it's safer. (die rolls) – No! – I rolled an eight. – Well let me tell you
what this eagle rolled, is a natural one. (laughter)
(cheering) So you like square up to do some kind of cool thing with him and he's like, bring it, corsair, come on.

And you leap up, grab this eagle, and right in the soft thing,
because his beak is hard, but it meets flesh, and you like get your hand behind the back of its beak and deep in
it's flesh, and it goes, (eagle screech)
Ow ow ow, stop, stop stop stop stop stop! And you are fully up on this boy. That's just your movement.
(laughs) Truly insane. – Well now what? – [Amy] Well now Ify's riding an eagle. (laughter) – [Ify] Now I'm on the bird. – Incredible, yes, here we go.
(applause) – I love it!
– You're a bird boy. – [Ify] Everything is silly. (laughter) – Everything is so silly.
– It's like surfing. – Okay, all right Ify. You've jumped on an eagle. (laughter)
So what happens next? – All right so now that was just plan one. I did have a whole plan for this eagle. – I definitely have a plan. – If I were to animal handling this eagle, will it fly for me? – This eagle is a sentient being. I'll let you make a persuasion check.

– Oh, okay, then I'm gonna
definitely do a persuasion check. I didn't know it was sentient. I'm like, look man, I'm
about to make a ton of money. (laughter)
I don't know what eagles like, but I can get whatever
you like and then some. And you know, look, sexy eagle ladies. I'm sure that, I don't know the
mating rituals of your kind, but I'm gonna give you whatever you want.

Just help me beat these fools. – Promising sexy eagle ladies? (laughter) – Sex sells.
– I set the DC in my head for this persuasion check. You go ahead and roll
this persuasion check. Let me know what you get. – Oh! – 16. – 16. – I could've rolled anything
and it would have been amazing! (laughs)
And I rolled a two, so it's 16, I have plus 14. – I feel you. (laughs) – So you see the eagle
looks at you and says, oh, sexy eagle ladies, huh? Okay, well, let's talk dude.

(screeches) And flies you out over
the vast sea of lava, swivels you down to one
of his claws and is like, so like, what kinda cash we talkin'? Can I see something in writing? – [Maggie] (gasps) A contract. (Brennan laughs) – So at this time, let's keep this going. I'm gonna pull out my hearing stone to call my boys back on the Siren. – Cool, you hear like, Right sir, it's old
Pickering here on the Siren. We're about halfway to Killintor. – All right, yeah yeah, Pickering. How 'bout you first say how much cash we're gonna make from this job, and then see how much we can
cut in our eagle friend here? – Oh, maybe about two and a
half million pieces of gold, the largest mercenary transaction that's ever been in the world of Elda. And let's see we're getting about 25 artifacts in the bargain, a number of arcane canon, there's a number of suits of
armor, fine masterwork blades.

So the eagle goes, (sniffs) I want a gold nest. (laughter) – Pickering can we get our
friend here a gold nest? – (laughs) I don't know what
that is, but yes, we can! – All right, just tell
my mans here on the line, and he'll get you your gold nest. – Insane.
– Wow! – Instead of wanting like
a gold house I guess? – Incredible. That's your turn, cutting a deal with an
eagle out over the lava. (laughter and applause) – I can't believe how
complicated everything is. (laughter) – Cool, incredible. It's the eagle's turn. This eagle departs from you, flies right of your head Kraz-Thun. And if someone will pass me Drova, you see that Galfast tosses
Drova up to the eagle, and the eagle carries Drova away. – No!
– Leaving just you and Galfast.
– Oh, fuck that. – Oh no, that's Galfast,
go ahead and give me. – I thought the one
who had fallen over was clearly the one who was passed out.

– So you watch and he goes
like, you see that Galfast says, be well Miss Loudfoot! I'll see you back at
Rutlin in short order. I just got some business to take care of. And the eagle flies away. Those are the eagles, that's
going to be your wargs, and then the lava mog. – Great. I would like the wargs to move, it'll probably have to
be movement and a dash. Can they dash? – [Brennan] A warg's speed
is 50, they can dash. – I would like them to if at all possible I'd love for them to be able
to attack Kassara the Beige. If they can't get that
far I'd like for them to get as close as they possibly can. – 70 foot, they can close with Kassara. But they have to use a dash to get there.

– Right. I think that is fine. I think like probably lining
them up there, fencing her in. I'm kind of okay with that. Maybe like one hanging back in case she does something fucking crazy. (Brennan laughs) – [Matt] Good call, good call indeed. – Actually, maybe two hanging back. – [Brennan] Two hanging back? – Yeah, I think that makes sense. And they're just going to be poised, ready to push her into the lava. – You want them to attempt to push her in, or attempt to damage her? – Well she's got wings, right? – [Brennan] Yeah. – Will the pushing her
affect her concentration? – Probably not, probably damage
will affect concentration. – Wargs can't grapple, can they? – They can. Grappling doesn't affect
spellcasting altogether that much.

– Got it. But they couldn't like
basically like suicide drop, like grapple and just fall into the lava? – They are loyal to you. – Kill them.
– If you want them to try to make the suicide play, you can totally do that. – Or can they eat her wings? (laughs)
– Bite onto the wings and fly off? – Regardless, it takes
their turns getting to them. (dramatic music)
And now what we're going to do is we're going to. (rolls dice) – [Maggie] Lava mog! – Now what's going to happen
is I'm going to move its claw. And I'm gonna lift this. I don't know if lifting this
will do anything to Stalker. To Percival. If it does, he's in a
tremendous amount of trouble. Let's see. (laughter and cheering) Insane. Well, so here's what's gonna happen. But you see that the lava mog does delicately put it back down.

These two are fucking toast,
(Matt laughs) there's no reason to roll for it. And I'm going to make
a Box of Doom roll now. – Oh my gosh.
– Oh! – Will we have to kill
a very important NPC? – Here's the deal. Percival has got a plus two dex save. – Oh, that's not good. – That's not very good at all. (laughter) I'm gonna set the DC at an even 17, for him to catch onto the rock. If he rolls a 15 or higher, he will be clinging to a spar of rock. If he rolls a 14 or lower,
he's gonna hit that lava. He looks at you Efink and you see he goes, listen, I know you don't
like to live on dirt, but you could live with me in
the big house in Killintor. We could be happy there. – That sounds lovely but foreboding. – Naw, the only thing that's
foreboding is mah heart.

– You're what, one more time? – Mah heart, mah heart. Come on, be my girl, be mah wife. (screams) And he is flung through the air and is about to hit the lava, gets snapped by one of
the yellow tentacles, and sucked into the maw of the lava mog.
(cheering) You see that Kassara says,
future king of Teriath, the heir to throne of Kalintor! And you see that Talmere goes,
this too has come to pass. And I don't react. – Nothing? – I also am pregnant. (laughter) That is a dirty lie, but I do say it. – Truly insane. – Wow. – What is happening? – You get closure the
way most of us never do. – That's true. – Oh that's true, who needs divorce papers
when death is involved? – Yes, the heir to Teriath has been swallowed by a lava monster. (laughs) And that is fuckin' wild. You see that Galfast looks up and says, it's all right miss the Beige! Wouldn't it make more sense to have some sort of democracy
or somethin' like that? We have elected majors in
Rucklind and it's a much more egalitarian way of runnin' your society.

(laughs) It's going to now go back
to the top of the order. The high elves who haven't
even gotten to attack. All these guys are fuckin' dead. – Well I'm in a great position, really. (laughter) – These guys are going to take, one is going to take a swing at Jeremy. – No, he's so weak!
– Misses. – Yes. – Another one's gonna take
a swing at you Sokbharr.

Hits you one time for five and then 13 points of damage from
one of the high elves. Gah, and slashes you with a weapon. – I'm down to 80 HP. – That's going to be Lilith. – So, first of all, as my bonus action, I'd like the web to
whip out at Lord Xanax. (laughs) – Talmere? Lord Xanax. Talmere the Calm. Wonderful, so he's got to
make a strength saving throw. – A dexterity. – Oh a dexterity saving
throw, gotcha, cool cool cool. Well let's make a dexterity
saving throw for our buddy here. He does not have a good dexterity save, his dexterity save is three,
he just rolls 15 or higher. Okay.
(laughter) – What is happening? – What is happening,
truly what is happening. Truly, actually, what is happening. So I'm gonna get out
the Box of Doom again.

Here's the deal. Talmere the Calm does have a
feature called indomitable, which means that he may reroll a saving throw if he don't like it. That being said, he's still gotta roll a
15 or higher to succeed. So we're gonna get out
the Box of Doom again. – Doom heavy battle. – I'm just gonna call
this battle, yes, closure. (laughter)
So many things. – Okay, so he's got to
roll a 15 or higher. Here's the first roll. 10. He's going to reroll. – [Mike] Oh my gosh. (laughter) – It's like it's a mountain of doom.

(laughter) – But it's not, it's a scary volcano. – Scary volcano! – We can't stress that
enough, legally speaking. – Very very scary volcano. (laughs) – Talmere looks at you and says, daughter now that your scruffy husband has been eaten by this big– – It's a lava mog? – A what?
– It's a lava mog! – Quiet, you turtle. – Okay.
(laughter) Okay. – You're more than a turtle! – Oh, thanks, it's fine. – You see he looks and says, it is time for you to
return to Kar'blethwin, and to return to, oh no. – I love you and I just
wanted to make your proud! – And he bam, hits, drops. He hits the fuckin' lava. Because you've just fuckin'
axed two of the hugest NPCs, I'm gonna actually roll
damage to make sure that these guys actually are like dying.

– For both of them, yeah? – For both of them, so
we're gonna roll damage. This is going to be the most damage dice I've ever rolled maybe playing D&D. (laughs) This is going to be 18 die 10. – Oh my lord. – Let's go ahead and see how much damage each of these boys takes. Do I have? – Do you need some die 10s?
– I want to hear that dice drop. – I haven't needed dice in. – Die 10s here if you need it. – Die 10s here, we need it. Yeah let me go ahead and grab it. – Oh actually I have a ton of die 10s.

– Oh right, vampire over here. There you go, exactly. Oh my God, all right. – [Erika] We enough? – Woo, look at all them die 10s! All right, so that's going to
be one two three four five. Six seven, eight. – [Maggie] What spell did you use? – I just, you know, it's
grasping vine, or grasping web. – It is a spell that
is totally reasonable. It is not an overpowered
spell, it just pulls somebody. – It just yanks! – [Brennan] This particular circumstance? – Yeah, the topography here. (laughs) Really really conditional.
– Really really funny. – Okay. Each of them is going to
take 13 and then 18 is 31, 40, 48, 56, 76. 87, 91, 94, 103. Each of them takes 112 damage each. 112 damage each. – Oh no. – Leeland, how you doin'? (laughs) – Don't worry, I'm going to finish off this halfling and then
take out the king himself! (laughter) I didn't fuckin' see
what happened behind me. – Nobody tell him! – There's too many elves! I'm gonna take them all out! As soon as I finish this fucking halfling. – Nobody tell him, nobody tell him. (laughter) – Leeland, are you sure you're
not over extended over there? – Don't worry Marcus, I'll
come help you in just a second! – It feels like all you
have to do is press down, and you hit something important.

– Incredible. Yes you see Telmere hit the lava and go, I hate this mountain. (explosion) And he is gone.
(cheering) But you can feel Stalker in
the gullet of the lava mog, kinda going like, dang,
ding dang, lava bear. – Don't you hurt her!
(laughter) Don't you dare hurt her! – Everyone go ahead and
take your dice back. Oh, you pass that around.
– That's amazing. – Insane.
– Did you get them all? – Hell yeah. Lilith that's your bonus action. (laughter) – I'd like to take my turn now. – [Amy] That is wild. (laughs) – I love Dungeons and Dragons. – This is so silly. This right here is very, everything that's going on behind you. – Where is Ify? (laughter) – Incredible. – I haven't moved the entire time. I'm so scared! – [Brennan] Amazing. – Oh there's a little
bucket, give that to Leeland. (laughter) – You're looking for something that wouldn't pass a torch
through it, get a bucket. – So yeah Lilith, what's your turn? – So Lilith concentrates
very hard and the webs go.

(sucking noise) Instead she reaches her
arms out and the gravity in a 50 foot radius that just catches all of the elves reverses, and they start falling
towards the ceiling. (laughs) – Incredible. – And they have to make a dexterity, if there's something they can grab onto, they can try and make dexterity saves. – Wait if there's something they can grasp onto?
– Yes, yes. – Stalactite. – [Brennan] Hold on a second. – There was one dude wrapped in chains. – Yeah you see this
one guy over here goes. (screams) And you're holding a balloon
elf in your right hand. (laughter) – Can you put him on a
little platform above? – Insane! – That's amazing.
– That's so funny. All right so they make
dexterity saving throw or they're flung up to the ceiling. Does it mention what the results of being flung up to the ceiling? – It's a range of 100 feet. If they hit something in the meantime they hit it as if they've been falling. If not they hover up there.

– Gotcha, okay.
– Cool! – What is that called?
– Until she reverses gravity. Then they fall 100 feet. – Then they fall 100 feet. – Incredible, okay.
– What is happening? – Wonderful. So these three all. (shouts) Just fuckin', yeah all
three of these fuckin' guys. I'm gonna go ahead and put them, they're way higher than this, but we'll put them over
here just so we know what the fuck is going on with them. The other two guys, now does it say if they
make their dexterity save, that they are immune to the effect? – The gravity is still reversed. – Yeah they're not immune to the effect, they're just holding on to something. – Gotcha, okay, insane. So these guys are all
flying up into the air. The other two guys, this
guy grabs onto that ladder, and you see the other guy
grabs onto the first guy. Like. (shouting) Terandriel, please, hold tight my brother! And then your guy is up
in the chain as a balloon. – I have two hammers! (laughter) – Straight up Kratosing
the elf in a chain.

(laughter) – Insane.
– That's so good. – Doink doink doink doink
doink doink doink doink. – So awesome, Lilith, you reverse gravity. Do you want to take your movement? – Oh, I think I'm all right here. I'm just gonna hang out here. – You see as you do that the lava mog turns over to you and goes like. (groans) – Oh, go on.

(laughter) – You guys see, okay. Galfast is gonna swing
at you with the pan. – Go for it. – Incredible.
– Look out Leeland! – Please! (laughs) – I've seriously got this. – Be careful! – Focus on your own shit! – She's got cookware. – Oh my God! Galfast misses twice. Goes. (clanging) But you feel yourself being like, my God, a pan is not a good weapon!
– No, at all! – And it's just moving lightning fast. Clang clang clang clang. But that's Galfast's turn. That's gonna be Leeland, that's your turn. – All right. – Leeland, Leeland! – [Group] Leeland, Leelend, Leeland! – Very well, tiny one. Your friend is safe for now. We'll hunt him down to
the ends of this planet. And you will fall here today! After which I'll look over
my shoulder and see that everyone is just gone and
be like, what the fuck? When did.

(groans) I'm just gonna go ahead
and take two strikes. (laughter) – [Brennan] Incredible. – That is gonna be a 25 to hit. – 25 hits. – And that will be, ooh, 25 damage. – Ooh, okay. – And the last one is 15 to hit. – 15 does not hit. So, clang, clang! Galfast looks up at you and says, my but you are a good fighter sir, and there's no doubt about that! – Could you just be like
slightly more invested in this aggressive
exchange of deathly blows? I want you to fear me! – Well I want you to be my friend, and there's no doubt
about that either, sir. – I really hate everything about you. (laughter) Your species, I will wipe out everything in Rutlind when I'm done with you. – Well if you come to Rutlind
tryin' to wipe us all out, you better be ready for a
big ol' pic-a-nic dinner, because we'll be takin'
you out and talkin' some sense into that old noggin' of you! (clanking) – Which in that moment, in that moment, seeing that frying pan, knowing
the pain that it's caused, and as simple as that conversation was, there is a moment of deep
dread in Leeland's face as he begins to imagine an
entire rolling countryside of fucking (laughing) Galfasts.

– She smiles, winks, and
we move on from there, as you still have your duel
on the bridge over the lava. – (laughing) These tiny and cheerful people haunt your dreams! – There's a deep set scar on my undead soul from this day forward. – Awesome. Kassara is going to go. – No! – Bum bum bum, okay.
(die rolls) – No. (laughs) – And I know what she's gonna do. – She looks at all of your wargs and goes, (dramatic music)
Sohkbarr the bard lord. There is a world where
you would ally with us to protect the wild places of nature.

Does that not entice you at all? – You don't like my wild things. – Well I mean, look at them. – What do you, what, that is so rude! That is so rude!
(laughter) – She turns around and says, creatures, be gone from this place.
– No. (explosion) – And casts dispel magic. (whooshing)
– Nothing I can do about that? – There is absolutely nothing
you can do about that, which fuckin' blows.
– All three? Okay. – She's dispelling the magical effect.

– All right.
– Which is a big ol' bummer. And after that she takes off. – No!
– And starts to fly up, out of the caldera. – What can I do? – There you go. But yes, she begins to fly up and away. As your wargs (whoosh) are dismissed, that is Kassara's turn,
that's gonna be Maggie. – Okay, I had two thoughts. One, I wanted to use my hammer and my elf balloon to kill these two people. (laughs) Or I wanted to ask, and this is crazy, how feasible can I, can this monster help me to like, I want to jump and attack her. Can I ride her tentacles
to jump and attack this? – Okay, here's how we're gonna do this.

The lava mog can't communicate with you. But all of its claws are clacking
and spinning and whirling. You're pretty athletic. If you wanted to use its moving claws as surfaces from which to leap, I would allow that. You have to make an athletics check. I'm gonna say it is once again a DC, this is gonna be a DC 25 athletics check. – At advantage. – If she misses does she fall in the lava? – Very possibly. – Interesting. Doesn't seem worth it.
– I will say that if you get below a 15
that you fall in the lava, otherwise you just end
up on another platform. – Okay, (hums) what do
we think I should do? – Yes do it! – Yes, go for it!
– This is fine, you're fine! – Oh wait what, you said that too quick. – I haven't healed anything
yet, but I can. (laughs) – I think you gotta go for it.

– Okay, I'll go for it. I am also pregnant. – This is a crazy question
too, just to throw out there. The elf balloon that she's holding. – Does it function as a second hammer? – I was gonna ask does it
function as a lift device? – Yeah, helium. – If you leave the leave the elf there you can't possible fall in the lava, because you would be suspended by the reverse gravity.
– Yes! I have the gravity spell!
– As long as she's in the 50 foot radius, it's a gravity spell. – Which is around here?
– Yeah like all of this. – All around there. – So part of it you could almost. – You could Winnie the Pooh. – I'm gonna Winnie the Pooh her! – Okay I'm gonna lower the DC down to 20. (laughter) If you use the bizarre
gravity realm there, I will lower the DC down to 20.

– Okay, so my move is then
not to travel on this, it's to Winnie the Pooh. – Rather you are going
to use a combination of jumping off of claws and
a gravity dimensional shift to jump up to try to hit
this flying angel wizard. D&D.
(laughter) Let's go ahead, and
you're gonna roll twice, you have advantage, you're
trying to beat a 20. (die rolls)
– 18. – You've already beaten it,
you've already beaten it. (laughter)
Roll to see if you crit! Roll to see if you crit, if you want.

(die rolls)
– 13. – Cool. So, how far can you move?
– Yes! – You leap, how many, I don't
have enough flying guys! Insane, okay. Maggie, I'm gonna need you
(laughing) to now make, so here's the thing, I'm gonna look at your
jump calculator real quick. – And is this from my locket,
that kind of jump thing? – Yeah, 'cause you're
making this insane leap. Oh God, you're running, okay. Your running high jump,
yeah this is insane. (laughter) – And I said I was six
feet tall yesterday. – Yeah your running high jump is like 30 feet off the ground already. So you guys watch, Maggie, you've like been running on this thing, you've got this elf in
a chain, he balloons up, you guys see Maggie kicks off the ramp, swings all the way around
up here with the elf kind of bubbling on top
of the gravity thing like. (shouting in dismay) Almost like being pulled back down. You swing around, clip off the stone, bam off of a high raised claw,
and soar through the air.

So there is a moment in which you are. – Well that's true because she would be technically weightless as
passes through the gravity. – [Erika] Weightless as she goes through. – Yeah!
– Yeah, absolutely, right? So you're totally weightless
on the first part of your jump, so there's no reason that you can't clear an insane distance. – [Matt] This is such a
beautiful combination. – [Erika] I love this so much. – The reverse gravity with a balloon elf. – [Maggie] You can call
it the Winnie the Pooh. (laughter) – Incredible, here we go, be safe. You have. (shouts) – Oh God!
– We'll grab this chain here. Okay, so they're gonna have to have fun shooting this in post. (laughter)
Because here's the visual you see. Kassara is beginning to fly away having secreted the anvil away. Bum bum bum. And as she's like, farewell! Galfast, quickly, reach out your hand! Maggie, what do you
say as you start bound, just like soaring through
the air after her? – Woo! (laughter) – [Brennan] And this is the
visual you guys see here, is her holding this elf on a chain.

Go ahead and make your attacks. (laughing) – [Mike] This is crazy. – Okay, 14 plus, what do I add? – You can do reckless if you want as well. – Oh yeah, so that's, okay. (die rolls)
16. – 16, definitely hits,
definitely hits Kassara. – 16 plus 11, yeah, so 27. – Uh-huh, definitely hits Kassara, yep. Do you want to do damage to her? 'Cause you actually have multiple attacks, you can do damage on one attack and also try to restrain her
in the other if you want. – Yes! – Yeah, I'll do those, both at the same. – Okay so cool, how much damage
do you do in the first one? – Uh, that's what I roll now? – Yep.
– Okay. Six, four, 10, 10, 16.
– Ooh! – Jesus! – Well that was 16 plus nine.
– Oh 16 plus nine yeah, so 25. – 25? Jesus Christ. So first of all that damage
is not only dealt to Kassara, but also the elf.
(laughter) Who you fling. He goes, I'm so sorry Beige mistress! Blam, clack, you hear his spine crack, as the chain whips around. Now we're gonna make
opposed athletics rolls, might be surprised to find
that Kassara, not too athletic.

So now on an athletics check,
you're just got to beat an 18. – Okay, so this?
– Yeah. (die rolls)
– So 15 plus 10, 25. – So boom, she is like
knocked out of the air with a fuckin' instant elf corpse
that is dead on impact. (laughter)
And just loops of chains. So now she is like. – [Maggie] She isn't dead? – And there's like a dead elf, hang on.
– Oh no no no no! – Does the dead elf also bring her? – No you're out of the gravity sphere now. So now he's actually
further weighing her down. – [Maggie] Oh cool. – Hold on, okay so there's this dude. There is no way this is. And I'm going to say that
she lowers a couple feet, because also she has
to, or she'll fall over.

– [Amy] Oh my lord. – This is insane. – Sure! (laughter)
– Sure, why not. Incredible, so you're
flying through the air. By the way, you're up here, you can't fly. So you're very much jumping right now. (laughter)
You are going through the air. You have a bonus action with your frenzy if you want to take it as well. What would you like to try to do? – I guess just hit her, right? – [Brennan] You can
attempt to do more damage, you could also attempt to try and use an athletics check to
move her in a direction, whatever you want to do. – Can I move her in the direction of lava? – You absolutely can, yes.

You absolutely can.
– Is that different than, that's different than hitting her? 'Cause hitting her just lowers her? – Hitting her just lowers her hit points. So you're welcome to do either, whichever one you want to do. – Could just try to like jump on her? – Not with a bonus action. – Okay, what probably
makes the most sense, trying to move her
towards lava so she dies? – It makes a lot of sense. – Getting her closer to
everyone else definitely helps. – Bringing her down, you know. – Okay, so I'll try to move her
down toward lava and people. – Okay, this is incredibly hard just given the physics of what you're, I don't why we're bringing
physics into this, but. (laughter) But to like get her, hit her, restrain her and slam her down in one action is going to be very hard, so I'm gonna say that you
have disadvantage with this.

But because you have
advantage it cancels out, which means you're just rolling one die. – Okay. – We're gonna bring out the Box of Doom for a third time.
(dramatic music) – Yes! – We're gonna roll Kassara's first, she gets a plus six to this roll. Okay that's a 22. – Cool. – So you've got to get a 12 or higher. – Okay. 13!
(cheering and applause) (laughter) – You guys see out of fucking nowhere, Maggie, who you guys
have all kind of, like, you've just been running around, you've been fighting Galfast,
you are on an eagles back, you're summoning wargs,
you're doing all this shit. Maggie's just kind of been
soldiering up this ramp, got a guy with a thing.

And then out of fucking nowhere. (roars) – This is for my baby! – You see that your
fucking eyes shoot flames, huge bloody fangs distend from your maw. Kassara goes, oh my goodness. The heir of the lord of shadows! – Why does everyone bring that up? I am Maggie! (laughter) – And she. (screams) Boom, you hurl her out of the fucking sky. Kassara hits the lava, that falls over. The elf goes down with her. Kassara is going to once again take, and I think actually do have
enough die 10s this time. Is gonna take 18 die 10 damage. – Oh my gosh.
– This is fuckin' nuts. – Would you say this
effects her concentration? (laughter) – Falling into lava? – Kassara goes, oh no, not again! (explosion noise) And in a blast of radiant light, Kassara is gone and the anvil reappears. (cheering) Incredible! And now Maggie you've just
got to make an athletics roll on the next turn to not
fall into lava. (laughs) – But it basically
disappeared six seconds ago, reappeared six seconds later. – Yes.
– Right in front of my face. (laughter)
– Right in front of your face, exactly.

– (laughs) I'm still there. – Incredible. – Oh my gosh.
– What a fuckin' turn. – Yes!
– Maggie! (laughs) Insane.
– Amazing. – Efink, that's your turn. – I know exactly what I'm going to do. I have still not made up my mind, and I surreptitiously,
I glance over at you. You actually seem to be handling yourself, so I'm like, oh, begone here you silver
elven creatures of light! And I like kind of go like
this, and I heal my husband. – Oh, very cool. – But I try to make it stealthy. – Excellent, go ahead and
give me a deception roll, if you'd be so kind.
– Okay. A seven. Total. (laughs) – Seven.
– Yes. – Leeland, you see Efink do that. And I'll say that Lilith, because you're blasting
webs out of your butt, you see the same thing as well. – (laughs) But he does get
70 hit points restored, and I would like to make eye
contact with him if I can.

– He starts to, well
actually it's his turn, yeah it's his turn. He goes (grunts) gets out of there, and starts to leap out
of the maw and goes, I dang love you so much,
please be mah partner. – Wait you don't love me so much? – [Brennan] I dang love you. – Oh you dang love me. Yes, I haven't made up my mind, but I've seen the way you
fight and it uh, compelling. I might not join your group, but you might have to join mine. – Okay. Do I have to live in a stone house? – Do you have to? I will not make you live– – All right! (laughter) Sokhbarr and Jeremy,
that's gonna be you guys. – Great. – [Brennan] Wait, are you taking
a bonus action or anything? Or are you good? – Bonus action, I might, you know what, I'm going to move for the
first time in this encounter. I'm going to move, it's still
stealthy and surreptitious.

So I'm going to move 10 feet
towards him, and that's it. (laughs)
– Awesome awesome. – As I kind of reach out and go, oh. – Incredible. That's now going to be
Sokhbarr and Jeremy. – Great, well I'm still mounted on Jeremy, and there's a big spectral frog on top of us that's healing us. If I start my turn here they also again another round of healing.

So starting with this
frog it's like. (croaks) (laughter)
And getting, whatever, I should've used two different color ones. Whatever, here, a six
for Jeremy, three for me. So that'll be Jeremy is
now at 22, and I am 83. – That was very noble that
you gave your pet the six, 'cause you did not have to decide that. – I care more about Jeremy than I do anything else in this world. (laughter) Cool, now, Jeremy and I are both within range of both of those guys, right? – Yes, absolutely, yeah yeah yeah. – All right. Well things seem kind of
under control everywhere else, so I guess I'll just attack those guys. – Hell yeah.
– All right. Here's the order of
things that's gonna go. I'm gonna start with Sokhbarr, he's gonna make an attack
to the guy on the left. – [Brennan] Hell yeah. – That's gonna be, roll an
eight, 10 plus 11 is 21. – You hit. – All right. Then I am going to roll. – And it's going to be
one die six plus 10, 'cause they're your favored enemies. – Love it. So, one die six plus 10. That is five plus 10 is 15 damage.

– Oh, he is on death's door. You thud one ax into the side of his head and just cleave his jaw. (grunt) Go ahead and take your other attack. – Great I will take my other attack. Attack that color. Is he dead? – No sorry, he's got five hit points left. – Oh.
– No worries. He is looking death's
door, hurt very very badly. – He almost walks into the lava himself. (laughter) – For my second attack I'm actually gonna attack the other guy. – [Brennan] Cool, go for it. (die rolls)
– Ooh, that's no good. That is two plus 11, that is 13. – 13 does not hit. – Very well. – Oh on your turn you also have coordinated attack with Jeremy. – That's what I'm about to do. – [Brennan] Yeah, there you go. – So Jeremy is now going to. – But isn't one of them
dangling from the other one? You know what I mean, up? – Yeah, so you could just focus your attacks on the guy whose, there's one guy who is holding the ladder, and the other one is
holding the other guy.

– Oh I see.
– So they're actually more like this. – I did not understand, okay. – Representing the spacial dynamics of this fight is impossible.
(laughter) – Okay. He just coordinated attack, he can't flurry of claw and
fang on the coordinated attack, right? – No he gets both. So he can coordinated attack on your turn, and then he can storm
of claw and fang on his. – All right, cool. Let's start with that coordinated attack. He'll go for the most hurt one. He rolls.
(die roll) Ooh that's no good. That is four plus 10 is 14. – Does not hit. Now he does storm of claw and fang, so he can attack them both. – Great. Do I roll for each of them, or? – [Brennan] Roll for each of them, yeah. (die roll)
– 13 plus 10 is 23. – He hits! – For the second, I'll just go over here.

And then nine plus 10, 19. – Both hit, go ahead and
roll damage for both. – Cool, that is two die four plus 10. – Jesus.
– Concentrate damage? So it's on a hand or something? – Uh, sure! Can I just like aim for those hands? – Yeah, for sure, absolutely. – Ooh, that is eight. – Jesus! – Oh no, sorry, eight plus 10. (laughter)
– Yes, 18. These two elves that are hanging on in this horrifying gravity bubble that the Queen of Spiders has
made look up as you approach. And they can't even defend themselves, they're literally upside down. – No no no no no no! – And just, ax, ax, and then Jeremy goes. (warbles) And you see that there's very slowly and painfully for Jeremy, two bone spikes emerge from
the pupils of his eyes, and he goes, (thunk), and
injects them into the bottom elf. The elf turns sour green and starts just Violet Beauregarde swell and goes, oh, I hate this, I hate this,
I hate this, I hate this.

Boom! Bursts, explodes into slime,
and this elf is flung up, and smashes into a stalactite and is dead. – And then I guess I haven't moved. Most everyone else is cleared, oh except for ham head over here. (laughter and clapping)
– Don't worry, I've got this! And then I'm coming to help all of you! – Okay. Maggie would it be helpful, I don't know how good your dexterity is. – To prevent me from falling into lava? – I was gonna see if I
suggest that the lava mog maybe try to catch Maggie. – My dexterity is two and I have. – Cool the lava mog, awesome,
the lava mog can definitely, that's a simple command, to catch Maggie.

– I will ask the lava mog to catch Maggie. – I was planning something, but if the lava mog's got that, then. – Thank you.
– And then I guess, I guess I'll move, I don't
know, back the way I came? – [Brennan] Sure. – Sure, I'll just head, thank you Matt. – Take 40 down there. You guys see Stalker,
(bubbling) he's on death's door,
but managed to leap out, and jumps onto the forge over here, away from the lava mog, badly
badly hurt, partially eaten. He goes, thanks for savin' mah life. – Shut up. (laughter) – No, yer my baby. – No no I know, but just
don't tell anybody I did this. We're going to have to
act this very precisely, and I'm going to need
you to summon every bit of intelligence that you
have to pull this off.

– You're embarrassed about me
in front of your work friends. – Well, now hold, now hold
on now, I did not say that. I said we're going to have
to play this carefully, because you see the
kind of company I keep. – Smells hot in here. (laughter) – Hey Percival, snap back. – Okay.
– I know you've been burned, badly burned, but.
– I live in the woods, yeah. – Stay right here with me. Okay, just pretend that
you hate me, right now. But follow my lead. – I don't darlin', I love ya. – Okay well just like change the dialogue, a full 180 actually. (laughs) So let's try, practice?
– I love me.

– Only, but, say I hate you so. – I hate me. – I hate you, I hate you, I hate you so. – Okay, I'm gonna go get. – No no stay right here! (laughs) And I grab his cloak. – Markus, you return.
(cheering and applause) Blam, right where the eagle grabbed ya, or wherever you grabbed
the eagle, I should say. The eagle flies back and goes. Shit, okay, well, looks
like I made the right move. (laughter) Drops you off, yeah
Markus that's your turn.

– Oh my gosh. What happened?
(laughter) Where's the wizard, I thought you. Okay, he's hurt. He made it down to you,
but he's on like lava. – There was a gravity that
went sideways, if you will. – Oh Leeland's still fighting the. – Markus it looks like Leeland needs help! (laughter) – Ping, ping! – He's still getting wailed
on with a pot! (laughs) – So I rush down to help Leeland. – Oh please, oh please
make the killing blow! – Go ahead, go ahead and make your attack. – [Mike] Is he able to get through? – I wonder if you're able to
get through Leeland there. You might have to make some kind of like athletics or acrobatics check.

– Oh yeah I was thinking acrobatics, I'm gonna flip over Leeland. – So yeah, cool, give me acrobatics check. – 17 with four, that's gonna be 21. – You full swashbuckle leap over Leeland and land, ah! – You did it.
– You did it! Cool, and go ahead and roll your attack. – All right, time to get sneaky. (Maggie laughs) I roll a 24. – 24 hits. – All right.
– Yeah! (laughs) – Please, please please. – All right, I'll reroll that. All right so that is going to be 10, let's see, 20.
(laughter) 29 plus six. So that's gonna be 35. – Leeland, cling cling cling! The pan, cling, spins your
helmet around on your undead head so you're looking at
the back of your helmet. And you feel someone
push off your shoulders. Everyone sees Markus St. Vincent like full acrobatic like ballet dancer, and land like three
point landing on the knee with your short sword Fog of War, boom, directly through the
upper shoulder of Galfast, into her heart. (gasps) And Galfast falls. – Okay, as she's falling, I use Fog of War to come down here, and when Leeland turns his helmet around, you did it, you did it, you killed her! – [Group] Aw! – [Ify] You killed her! – Wow! And everyone we all look at each other.

– We're going with that? – Oh, Leeland, Leeland!
(clapping) – Great job Leeland, you
really did it there, yeah! That's great. – She ran right into your sword, you had it in just some
crazy right position. – It was perfect that
your helmet was backwards, because yeah, I mean. – You say while plummeting from the sky. (laughter) – It was equally as
impressive as Maggie's thing, we all saw it! – It was very good. – Sees the dead halfling
and goes, mid phrase, I will tear your sou– Now on to you Kassara– – Oh just take the win where you can. – Okay, okay.
– It's fine! – I'll just stab the body twice. (laughter) – You see that Maggie, you land from your
incredible defeat of Kassara, and a crab claw catches you, and see a weird lava
tentacle comes and like (kisses) smooches you on the side.

– Ooh! (laughs) – And brings you back down. We'll go to Lilith. You've got these badly injured
elves up in your bubble. – They're still floating? – [Brennan] They're still floating, yeah. – Boop.
(laughter) – Minimum damage on falling
damage from that height, they're all fuckin' toast. They like fall of, bam,
smash skulls into the stone. And you guys, hold on one second. And you lieutenants.
– Do you want your? – Oh yes, I'll take Galfast there. Lieutenants of the Blood Keep, the anvil is restored, you are victorious! (cheering and applause) The forces of light are defeated, the anvil is back in front of you. – Can I try to get him to roleplay with me so it seems like some natural
form of him joining the team? – Make an insight check.
– Okay. – Ooh.
– Uh, nine. – Yeah, you can get him
to roleplay with you. (laughs)
You can get him to roleplay. – Okay. – You see actually that
Stalker walks up to Galfast, who has just been killed.

And you see that he does not heal Galfast, but does cast spare the dying. So you now have an unconscious
Galfast here with you, that he proceeds to start tying up and restraining with rope. – All right, still alive. (Brennan laughs)
Sounds about right. – Yes, almost, almost there. Now Stalker, about this
business of us divorcing? – You don't want to be mah wife? – Well remember all of the
divorce papers I've sent you? – [Brennan] No. – Well okay, so now
you're going to sign them, because I hate you.

– Do you, okay, do I… Which part is the lie? – Wait okay, wait. – Is there a lie? – No, no, there's no lie. Sign the papers and
we'll divorce right now. – I don't know how to write my name down. – Okay, right right. Okay, what do you.
– What a catch. – What do you want, king of
men and elves and dwarves? – Okay, I, well, you stabbed
up the little gal real good, so I thought I'd put some, you
can make a poultice out of, you know, there's
plants, you've got herbs, and there's secret elf medicine you can– – Wait, wait! Are you suggesting that you join our team? – Yep. – Okay. (laughs) Well it looks like we
have a new team member, and he and I are king and– – Wait, I'm gonna pump the brakes on this.

This guy who just stabbed me three times, made me have to fly up,
make a good sum of my money, to share with that eagle up there who I am assuming is gonna stick with us. – You see he looks down
and says, I got your back. (laughter) – Well now we can use all
the allies we can get, and the rightful king of Teriath on our side is quite an asset. Efink may I have a word with you please? – Yes. – You see that as you pull Efink aside and you look down at this halfling
with multiple stab wounds that you've literally put into her torso. – Well Leeland didn't, but. (laughter) – And then this guy
Stalker holding her now, with a little bit of
this like elven medicine, ointment ranger stuff on her. You see like a sort of pale deathly glow, blood starts to flow again. You have a vision of far off Rucklind and that threat of picnics. Maggie, you see that all around, a bunch of Lilith's kids go, Maggie that was awesome, you're a badass.

(Brennan laughs) – That's so sweet, thank you! – You see that the giant eagle
sort of hops over to you, and says, look now that
we're out of the fight, you and me gotta talk about percentages and some real numbers. – Okay, you put an S after percentage, which means like, so are you, I mean, are you joining the crew? – I mean, I want to know what
we're making on this job, and I want to know the other
jobs that depend on this, because I want to get cut into
the backend of those as well.

– Oh, oh, oh, okay. We gonna talk but this is gonna
be a more formal discussion. I don't want no handshake
deals that you can back out of. – Handshake deal? We had a talon shake deal my man. We were up there, you were talking a lot when it was go time.
– That deal stands, that deal stands. You will get your golden
nest or what have you. But you know this other
backend deal stuff. But if they're in the realm
of golden nests, I got you. (laughter)
– And you see as you and the giant eagle start
to quibble over costs, you see that the lava mog
turns over to you Sokhbarr, and scratches your turtle
shell with these giant claws. And you see it goes. (warbles) And you see a seam split open, and a tiny little bundle
of claw little gooey blobs start to spill out into the lava. – Two births in one day! (laughter) – This is indeed a blessed occasion. (applause) – And with that we'll catch you guys next week on Escape from the Blood Keep. Thanks for tuning in! – Oh, man. We back baby, we back! – Storm the Blood Keep! Find the traitors! – And I then I push him into the ground.

– You're not gonna downplay
the cool ass shit that I did. – Are you thinking what I'm thinking? – Shopping trip! – [Group] Double dance, double dance! – I'm going to need you to
help forging a new crown. – Maybe next time that'll be the first thing out of your mouth. – That was the most intense
thing I've ever seen! – That was amazing! – Guys that's it for today's
chapter of Dimension 20. But (gasps) I call to you
from the great beyond.

I have possessed the dungeon master known as Brennan Lee Mulligan to say that more full episodes of Dimension
20 await you on DropOut.tv. Sign up for your free trial! (groans) Sam, did we get that? – And I curl back, and as
you see the warm air suddenly turn cool as it's sucked into
the lungs of the. (laughs) (screeches).

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