Red Dead Redemption 2 – All 10 Secret Rock Carving Locations! (Geology for Beginners Missions)

What's up guys and welcome to another
video. Today's video I will show you all 10 locations for the rock carvings if
you're gonna go and do the side mission of "Geology for Beginners". if you have
started this side mission already I highly recommend it. For a side mission
it is very very weird when looking at it from a story perspective. I think this
whole side mission could be implemented in a way to do a Easter Egg it might
even be a step, so I highly recommend doing it. If you haven't seen it already
take a look at this. For these Rock Carvings I will be starting at the top
right of the map and working our way across to the left all the way back to
Francis which is where you started this mission, So for the first rock carving it
is over by Roanoke and it's right beside the trail you'll just follow that trail
round and then you have to climb up a few rocks and you will see it there as
plain in sight, probably one of the easiest ones to find compared to the
other ones later on but this one very very easy yet again just go up to
Roanoke follow that trail round and you will see it on the side of the rock in
which you have to climb up to inspect it.

The second rock carving is just
below Roanoke beside Elysian pool in which yet again you just got follow that Path
round and it will be very very high up on the mountain, you cannot climb up to
this mountain you're gonna have to study it from afar it actually took me quite a
few times to actually inspect this I couldn't find a specific point of where
you can interact with it and start jotting it down in your notebook but it
is there it is easy to find let's move on to number three. The third Rock
carving is below Moonstone Pond right beside the train tracks this one is
actually up in the mountains, so if you go on the train tracks I it's a bit more
awkward to actually get them on and what you have to do is go around, as if you're
travelling to the Three Sisters, follow that path up and then go to the left as
if you're gonna go to the rock carvings but for this clip I showed you where I
start off and you have to run right round the rock and you will find it this
one is a lot harder to find compared to the other ones.

The forth rock carving is
in between Fort Wallace and Baccus Station this one yet again you have to
go up the mountain which is a bit of a journey if you're coming from the left
hand side through Fort Wallace because sometimes you get a bit too close and it
gets a bit risky but if you come from the right hand side which I do recommend
is a lot better but yet again you're going up the mountain and you're actually going
over it as if you're gonna go towards the river. You'll follow that round and
then you will find the rock Carving there. The fifth rock carving is beside
Cumberland and this is probably the worst one to find because you will never
find this by just exploring this game and doing missions and side missions
this one you probably do need a guide to go and get this one if if anyone said
they were gonna struggle with one of these rock carvings, my money would be on
this one pretty much what you have to do is yet
again go to the peak of this sort of mountain hill and then you just follow
that round what you'll find is there's a little opening in which
that will go to a sort of lower level of the mountain, you follow that round again
and right at the end you will find the rock carving.

The sixth rock carving is
actually located at the top of the map is on the "H" of Whinyard Strait another
very very easy one, you probably won't come across this one naturally because
you don't have many reasons to go to that point but once you get there just
follow that sort of river up, there's two different paths beside the mountain in
which you just go and pick on them and I think they actually both lead to a
similar sort of place where you can interact with it and actually start
jotting it down in your notebook, so it doesn't actually matter which path you
take and it's not that much of an error if you did pick the wrong path anyway, so
that's another very very easy one.

The seventh Rock carving is located at the
top on Mount Hagen and this one is a very very easy 1 yet again just follow that
path round it will be found on the right on just like the peak of the mountain
very very easy one to find this one, if you have completed the game I would say
you already came across this one naturally. The eighth Rock carving is located
just below Limpany, if you didn't know you can actually do a gold glitch in
that place, I have done a video on that already, I'll leave a link in the description
down below if you would like to go and see that. But for of rock carving, what
you want to do is go to the cliff face and what you'll find is a little opening
yet again in which you can just follow that little passage round and it will
lead you straight to the eighth Rock Carving. The ninth Rock carbon is located
right beside Owanjila it is an awkward one to get to, there's a lot of fallen
trees a lot of big rocks, boulders, all of that sort of stuff in the way, I think I
fell off my horse a couple of times getting there but there's another easy
one to find.

The last rock carving is located at the top of Mount Shann, now if
you go to the edge of Mount Shann you will find a passage which guides you
past these big bones which you can inspect and it will direct you straight
round to the edge of the mountain in which you will find the last rock Carving.
When you have found all ten locations for the rock carvings, what you got to do
is go to the post office and mail them to Francis. After that what you have to
do is wait 24 hours and you will get a invitation to go back to Francis's house and when you
do that you will come up to this clip So, the whole side missions is a bit of a weird one as I said earlier. It
seems that Francis is actually a time traveller and not only did you see him as
an adult but you saw him as a baby as well with the exact same birthmark.
Anyway that is the mission for "Geology for Beginners" I have actually got a lot
of ideas with this stuff I might actually do a separate video explaining
the theory of how all this comes to play personally I believe this is a massive
step in the easter-egg but that is talks for a completely different day, anyway
thank you very very much for watching I hope you guys did enjoy if you did enjoy
don't forget to leave a like and subscribe, but for now I'm going, so see

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