2 Reincarnation in Human Evolution – The New Science of Darwinian Reincarnation.

Although this is a part of a sequence of talks on spirituality in the mind tonight there isn’t going to be quite a lot of mind science tonight the emphasis is more on anthropology some mind perform and a contact of physics and that i need to begin out with the aid of pronouncing that the work that the ideas that i’ll be imparting to you tonight i have been working on in view that 1985 which makes it some thing like 23 years that i’ve been trying to get these standards collectively and it virtually form of got here to a conclusion in 1999-2000 when the suggestions that I will likely be supplying tonight have been released within the journal for near-dying experiences and the title of that newsletter used to be the constitution and performance of close-death experiences and algorithmic reincarnation hypothesis now that makes all of it sound very heady however you have got to write that approach when you’re writing for the journals when the paper used to be released and this is a peer-reviewed scientific paper once that after it was once released there and reincarnation was once a conception of reincarnation was reviewed with the aid of a gaggle of science scientists who all agreed at the same time that this was worth publishing from that point on reincarnation grew to become a subject of science for scientists to debate amongst themselves each to peer whether or not or now not they consider it see whether or not they are able to find something fallacious with it and hopefully ultimately come to a couple contract that the hypothesis is legitimate let’s reincarnation and near-dying experiences one most important assumption that I make and it can be nearly inconceivable to construct a scientific concept with out an assumption of some form if you happen to don’t like assumptions then you definately should go away Albert Einstein’s work relatively on my own due to the fact he uses a number of to construct relativity and it can be a quite standard part of scientific method my assumption is that near-loss of life experiences the reports and reviews that come from persons who died clinically and then come again to lifestyles these usually are not just near-loss of life experiences these are not experiences that humans who close to died have these are experiences that replicate the actual dying system because it occurs in human beings in order that should you die and you do not come again you you become with the equal experiences as folks that died and do come again so that is an principal assumption and there are a few researchers who do not believe me on this point they feel that close-demise experiences don’t have anything to do with death per se or though we are not able to draw that conclusion because there isn’t a ultimate proof this assumption enables me to make use of evidence and experiences from humans who died and are available again to life as evidence in constructing the theory that we’re going to be watching at tonight reincarnation the suggestion of reincarnation has many seeming facets of beginning and history the Greeks believed in it the Gnostic Christians appear to be given it it has a protracted history but the very beginning of the idea appears to have originated in India good earlier than the time of the Buddha and of their expertise certainly in their understanding they felt that the experiences that got here to folks deeply in meditation had been experiences that come what may opened demise’s door and allowed them to appear into the other aspect that the profound states of consciousness that they might entry in the course of meditation yoga and so on virtually exhibit them what used to be going on within the realms beyond demise now there is some actuality to this but in fact there were easily not ample close-death experiences to be had to them for them to construct their strategies concerning the afterlife from folks who had really obvious it firsthand they felt that meditation yoga non secular apply of any sort what they referred to as sadhana was once simply a way to defeat loss of life through breaking the cycle of delivery and demise and rebirth and so forth their entire proposal of the afterlife was once founded utterly on experiences individuals had no longer during close-loss of life experiences however in meditation which is one other context completely and although there are some matters that happen to men and women within the direction of meditation that may also occur within the direction of near-loss of life experiences the overlap is not rather enough they in reality overlooked it for me the opening point is here Charles Darwin and what Darwin had to say that’s major here is that human behaviors human schools anything that humans or different species do or have about them is in a technique or yet another the result of their evolutionary historical past and the diversifications and alterations that they encountered by way of their evolutionary history so the query is and that is style of one million-greenback question this obtained me started in 1985 this stated Wow after I notion of this question I mentioned wow that is robust i will be able to alternate the arena if I answer this query and the question is that if reincarnation is right if it truly occurs and if Charles Darwin was proper then is not reincarnation an evolutionary adaptation that contributed to the survival of our species at some point in our evolutionary history that is truely worth letting in for a second if there’s this sort of factor as reincarnation and the whole thing about our species comes from our evolution then reincarnation is the manufactured from biological evolution the equal approach that bought us binocular imaginative and prescient upright our upright posture the capability to stroll as we do our language the whole lot about us comes from evolution we reincarnate however that in view that of the nature of the phenomena this habits loss of life in a designated manner for some specific intent is something that we are not able to clearly detect first observe firsthand with out being lifeless we can not prove that reincarnation happens what we can do although is seem on the evolutionary skills the the value in phrases of survival that reincarnation would have conferred upon us and then appear at some of the mechanisms as to the way it could work and this could supply the speculation an explanatory vigour and probably the most matters that tends to be the hallmark of a excellent scientific conception is that it might give an explanation for quite a bit hopefully greater than its predecessors now the predecessor to the idea that i am going to be offering tonight which is I wish to name it Darwinian reincarnation is the notion of sin advantage heaven Hell God judgment and that entire tricky of ideas you do not must have an excellent concept to provide an explanation for things higher than that intricate of suggestions explain them in terms of normal reincarnation I read matters that instructed me that if I ate pork I would reincarnate as a pig if I swatted too many flies I could reincarnate as an insect well it’s a guide to pushing people right into a sort of morality and that’s exclusive from a consultant to the reality so now near-loss of life experiences present evidence that reincarnation must be equipped to explain if it had been proper and i am speakme about the traditions of reincarnation no longer what we’re looking at tonight so once I realized a bit bit about near-loss of life experiences I knew that this was a form of evidence that classical reincarnation concept and undoubtedly the notions of Heaven Hell and a judgmental God never could it simply plain failed to fit there is a main anomaly and for those of you who don’t have that word for your working vocabulary i’m going to supply it to you in brief an anomaly is some thing which is vital to a subject of science and that field has no cause of it i’m no longer going to burden you with a whole bunch of anomalies however there is anything that normal reincarnation concept the theistic traditions of Judaism Christianity and Islam cannot give an explanation for and there’s anything that close-demise expertise researchers have no longer been competent to give an explanation for i’ve a number of publications in the journal for near-loss of life reviews I get emails from people at all times from my website which are about near-demise experiences I in my opinion published an account of near-dying experiences in Thailand another cultural group that hadn’t been tapped and no person knows the answer to this question and that is how is it that we are able to die in a specific way having a precise set of experiences when all possibilities for mating are long gone on the second of dying we can not say people who died this fashion survived and people who died that means failed to live to tell the tale that is the usual filter of Darwinian evolution however how do you how do you get humans who survived loss of life so that there’s an introduction and an advantage to demise this way as an alternative of that way and this remains the most important anomaly the major unexplained phenomena in near-dying expertise research how on the planet if we’re organic creatures the effect of Darwinian evolution ordinary selection how is it that we could die one way rather of a further when there aren’t any survivors from dying this present day there may be folks who have heart attacks and they get defibrillated again into recognition there are individuals who get really badly harm and the medical professionals can put them collectively however except about 30 years ago close to everyone who died stayed useless so this can be a factor I wish to be sure i’m clear on does every person get why that’s a situation for science the existence of near-death experiences now not rather k the classical method of evolution is that some members of a species have a trait the ones who’ve that trait are extra equipped to survive than others the survivors go on reproduce and eventually the trait of the survivor fills the entire populace how can we prefer individuals who die a method from people who die yet another means when you consider that after you die there’s no more possibilities for mating there isn’t any extra opportunities to pass your genes on so if there is a genetic factor to demise the best way human beings do how on this planet could that have been separated from the folks who died otherwise is that just a little clearer for everybody good considering that it is an essential factor and it can be honestly slightly cumbersome to explain so in an effort to go over this i am gonna must look at near-demise experiences you one stage at a time I did this in the last speak and it is going to be a little bit quicker this time the starting phase of most near-loss of life experiences is out-of-physique experiences you depart your body very customarily individuals find themselves floating below the ceiling and they appear down at the scene they see their own physique some of these experiences don’t include that but always they see things in their environment that they’d have additionally seen once they were alive it’s not astral travel you keep on this fact you are just viewing it from one more perspective potentially with one other physique a refined physique the following stage has been known as the tunnel and it’s literally a topic of journeying through a tunnel there’s a mild on the different finish of it and ultimately you go through it and you emerge on the gentle here’s an extra view of a tunnel this one comes from a portray through the Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch I consider this can be a 15th century piece and he had many many visions in the direction of his lifestyles some folks suppose that he truly took hallucinogenic medications different humans suppose he had a close-demise expertise different men and women consider he was schizophrenic and without difficulty inclined to visions and hallucinations the tunnel is a fashioned imaginative and prescient it is a normal hallucination it might occur in schizophrenia spontaneously it may possibly occur with peyote in American Indian religious ceremonies it may possibly arise following a head harm you get hit on the pinnacle and also you see stars I’ve talked to a couple of people who had closed head accidents and for an instant when after the impact they saw nothing except a black space with a tiny factor of light i have not learn it but examine it within the scientific literature however I’ve spoken to persons who’ve had this and there it’s and it is emerge as referred to as the void however like the tunnel it’s a it is darkish around the edges with a mild within the core and just like the tunnel the expertise proceeds by using relocating along it and moving into the light whereupon more things happen out-of-physique experiences aren’t the one manner that close-dying experiences can begin and many near-loss of life experiences have no tunnel in them at all so now we have now acquired a couple of phases in the next stage entails being on the other side you are no longer in this reality you’re in yet another reality and what we now have here’s a surely it’s a bit from a Thai comedian guide the place a person is is speaking to a yamatoot one of the servants of Yama Lord of the underworld and in this precise scenario the person was once carrying some firewood and he was once so tired he is very historical he says oh if only this existence might finish whereupon the yamatoot seems and says good if you need this existence over i can prepare it whereupon he immediately alterations his mind and desires to go on residing if in case you have met a yamatoot or in all likelihood previous in Western culture the Grim Reaper you may have met any one who’s from the other side anything that implies to you and so that this reality is a closing chapter for you the yamatoot they may be called young dudes in India is a messenger from the underworld he is a man or woman who comes and takes you into the opposite realm the experience starts offevolved on this world and it ends within the next world and more commonly it can be a walk down the street however this isn’t the only type that this can take right here now we have genuinely a design from a piece of Greek pottery and we have now a fellow who is getting into a ship where he and he’s paying the ferryman whose identify is Karan to take him across the river Styx and into the land of the useless behind him you see the god mercury together with his caduceus who can also be something of a psycho pump as the technical word is a consultant who takes you from the land of the dwelling to the land of the dead these experiences this segment of the dying process has to do without a longer being in this truth however as an alternative being in one other being so to communicate on the other part now in the West we’ve got a gorgeous good deal as far as the opposite facet is concerned it’s always pictured as heavenly for some rationale Christian heaven has Greek columns in it the the distance is filled with clouds there are angelic holy beings the the soundscape is stuffed with choirs the whole thing is stunning and it can be good very very high-quality you might even name it heavenly again when that occurs you are completed with this reality you are now in an additional one and who do you meet in the subsequent fact you meet a being that close-demise experiencers wanting to preclude the word God have referred to as the being of light and the being of sunshine is most likely recognized as God we will see a an identical being coming up very soon the subsequent stage and the approach has been known as the existence overview and in the existence overview you assessment your life you re-expertise it it passes before your eyes I’ve obvious two recorded circumstances of near-dying experiences where men and women saw distinctive phases of their lives being projected on a wall with 1000s of dozens of tv displays and each and every display is enjoying an episode from their life and they also abruptly see all of those scenes unfold and unexpectedly they apprehend the existence they’ve simply lived in once more Thailand which occurs to be the canoe the tradition for assessment that i know first-class the existence review consists of having your karma learn to you from a book which has gotten the nickname the e-book of karma and right here you see Yama lord of the underworld and grasp of the yamatoots paying attention to pleas from men and women who need to wish to be judged frivolously they don’t wish to go to the hell of being boiled in oil or the hell of being reduce to portions or the hell of mountaineering spiky trees or the hell of being burned alive they received numerous hells however I would prefer you all to appreciate that of all the men and women who witnessed these tortures in close-death experiences in India Thailand and the very few debts we’ve from medieval Europe where Dante in like understandings of Hell were had been quite common none of them ever experienced these tortures themselves they witnessed it however did not expertise it themselves even when things didn’t go well for them given that that is now not what it’s for seeing these tortures in a hell isn’t to punish you it can be to deliver to you the message that you are now in one other world moving on we have now one other photograph of Yama this one is somewhat friendlier this is from a Thai religious poster and there’s his scales one aspect says advantage moon and the opposite facet says sin Bob and according to your steadiness of boon and BA or advantage and sin you might be assigned either to an instant rebirth or you get to move grasp round in heaven and they have a few heavens which seems simplest fair in view that they have so many hell’s or you might be despatched to be reborn as an animal or some thing here is a shut-up from the prior snapshot and that is the booklet of karma and interestingly Yama the Lord of the underworld does not read the book of karma himself he has an accountant to do that for him Yama stays linked to the person that they may be speaking to so the the scales appear in other cultural contexts as good right here now we have Anubis the Egyptian god of the underworld weighing an soeul this snapshot of the scales of justice appears to come from the scales of fairness and right and it goes again very very a ways certainly and it’s and determined in many many cultures the picture of a couple of hell’s we discover in several areas this one is from Java and is an extraordinarily visually tricky picture as you in finding in Javanese art and it can be difficult to make out anything besides that and i think i can point him out right here is the Lord of the underworld simply in the back of him is is of the publication and right here in the forefront are some humans who are being boiled as punishment for his or her sins right here now we have it in China the place we don’t have any he’s not named Yama he is called yang Wang Yang and he is the lord of the underworld in entrance of him as a scroll from which the person’s sin and merit are being learn and in the forefront you’ve humans being tortured and i suppose what we now have right here is some folks being bare humans being being speared and skewered and when they are naked that’s typically a sign that their sins are sexual in nature there may be some humans having other disagreeable matters that i don’t particularly want to consider about too much being done however this thought of an underworld with a lord of an underworld judgment and hell’s for individuals with distinct sins we discover practically in all places the historic world Dante brought it up in Italy right here we see it in China it happens in India Southeast Asia and so forth but that didn’t hinder it from leaking into the West and the classical Christian teaching comes from two books of the Bible two verses in the Bible robust how much profound absolute reality we get from simply two sentences and the first one is from Matthew 25:forty one then he shall say also unto them on the left hand go away from me ye cursed into the eternal fireplace all set for the satan and his angel and the other verse comes from the book of Revelation it says whosoever was not discovered written in the book of existence used to be solid into the lake of fireplace and right here we have now a cartoon a comic publication that i will don’t forget seeing when I could not had been greater than 15 years ancient and there is the shining God announcing open the guide of lifestyles his identify does now not appear Lord depart from me ye cursed into the lake of fireside now not an extraordinarily high-quality thing all of these are approaches of reviewing lives most of them are kind of symbolic in the Thai close-death experiences there will just be one or two incidents from the man or woman’s lives which are laid out and they absolutely typify the whole ancient individual’s life as though a conduct sample was once the rationale for his or her judgment and not particular sins within the West and with Christianity it can be very far more a topic of distinctive sins if you’re Catholic you confess a specified sin to a priest and you get forgiveness and that sin is long past if you happen to omit to confess the sin if you did anything mistaken and fail to inform the priest about it you continue to had that sin on your conscience you still have that sin to account for earlier than God however essentially the most normal near-dying experience existence studies are correctly extremely hard to photo and they are much extra original one your existence passes before your eyes you can see it as though it were an extremely high-velocity movie and yet you could you soak up each single incident and you have an emotional reaction to it you see something you did that wasn’t a just right factor to do you feel unhealthy even though it’s for a picosecond which is a very short interval of time the emotion is still there the following one is you re-experience your entire life in an instant most effective there may be constantly a slight shift in viewpoint you’re no longer Riaan seing your existence firsthand the best way you probably did when it occurred your rien seing it with yet another emotional content material so that whereas earlier than you got angry and felt that any person deserved or anger you are shouting or you’re irritated action now you re-expertise that and this someplace to your consciousness you are mindful that anger wasn’t the first-class thing that you can feel otherwise about it while you re-expertise your whole life in an on the spot after the life overview there may be the transcendent experience and the transcendent experience takes exclusive types in one-of-a-kind cultures again it’s not that long-established considering the fact that it typically comes at the end and no longer all close-dying experiences get this a long way earlier than the person is revived but one in all them is the Akashic documents and in the Akashic files that you would be able to in an colossal corridor and the whole thing you wish to have to know is published to you you feel of a query a ebook can show up open to the web page and there’s your answer in other cultures the place the very best wisdom comes from specific sources and we’re now not and people aren’t aware of taking their possess recognition as the source of deeper explanations for things understandings of what existence is set there it’s the religious teachings which can be the source of the highest wisdom so for those who particularly expertise the cosmic stuff what you are doing is getting religious teachings and right here we’ve a Buddhist monk who’s teaching the Dharma the teachings of the Buddha to 2 gods certainly one of which is Indra the blue fellow and the other of which is I consider Sri Arya who’s in reality type of a a messianic Buddha to return a sort of Savior that hasn’t been born but in different cultures you could to find yourself with a tour of a crystal city or a metropolis made completely of sunshine and some thing you wish to have to find out about is somehow printed while you are there then there was this one and this does not come from the fellows transcendent experience but it surely illustrates what he noticed moderately good his name was once Mellon Thomas Benedict and at the same time he was once having his experience he would suppose of something he desired to comprehend and a shape would seemed in front of him a geometrical shape and that shape would carry by using its by using its form and via its motion anything question was once in his intellect and he asked some profound ones he asked matters like how do we heal all human our bodies and if the whole thing happens for a rationale then what was once the reason for the Holocaust you have got obtained six million Jews two million gypsies and 5 million Russian prisoners of struggle that had been starved to loss of life to account for in this suggestion that the whole lot has a motive some transcendent experiences are a lot nicer this one i could not depart out that is Mohammed’s tour of the cosmos often called his Mirage to not be pressured with Mirage and he went to heaven and he met Abraham and Moses and the best prophets that had come now the point to going over this in brief this manner and it hasn’t been rather so temporary or so I see after I look at the clock is that every one in every of each and every any such phases within the close-demise experience has a function the death system is the outcome of evolutionary adaptation that which we take on as adaptations in our evolutionary history all functions for some thing language capabilities to aid us be in contact with one a further that capabilities to hold our cultures certain collectively and our tradition’s function as our evolutionary method we keep – we keep alive by staying collectively whatever that continues us collectively helps to outlive and being ready to sit down around and revel in one one other’s corporation to wish to be around different people even when there is no rationale to it at all helps us to survive so we’re gonna look on the functions of these phases separately and the first one is the autoscopic out-of-physique expertise autoscopic auto self scopic to see the out-of-physique expertise wherein you see yourself and this slightly tricky drawing suggests a person it’s simply established on a sketch executed by a close-demise experiencer and there’s a man or woman the snapshot suggests the point of view of a man or woman who died of a heart assault and is now in the emergency room being defibrillated or it might simply be an working room but there it’s there’s no there’s a very little mistaking what this snapshot is about you see your self what is the function of seeing your self when you are out of your physique you realize you’re lifeless and it is predominant to grasp that you are lifeless on the grounds that if you do not know that you are useless nothing that comes after makes any experience you’re so full of questions what’s going on here you know is that this a hallucination did any one slip whatever in my drink what’s going on answer you’re useless in Thai near-loss of life experiences where the original first episode is of being taken to the underworld by using a servant of Yama the first thing that Yama will tell them are young the yamatoot the servant of yama will inform them is you’re dead you’re dead I’ve come to take you to hell what is going on on you are a corpse man we’re come on come along with me and it does not even matter whether or not your papers are so as or no longer you are coming alongside the following section is the the tunnel once more as earlier than or the void or that walk down the avenue with the servant of the Lord of the underworld you at the moment are moving from this world into one other world you are making a transition you’re going someplace subsequent phase you’re within the position of the lifeless and that is specific relying in your culture what this says is you are actually in one other fact and this makes it very much less difficult to drop the foundations of this fact if you find yourself useless and you are in heaven and you’re faced with God or your face with the judgmental wrathful Lord of the underworld you don’t anticipate equity when you’re here on this life you do expect people to be fair to treat you high-quality on the other facet you get what you get and in view that you know you’re not on this world it is simpler to accept that you are living by an additional algorithm so you don’t must face up to the method the being of light yet another photo of a radiant shining God or the being of darkness this can be a Tibetan Buddhist rendering of Yama the Lord of the underworld who someway grows a horse’s head or an ox’s head when he gets to Tibet these are the dominant men God wrathful being these guys are robust you don’t argue with them you don’t disagree with them what they are saying goes it doesn’t make any change whether or not whilst you were alive you had been in most cases or the CEO of a enormous organization or President of the USA or what when you get to the other part someone else is the alpha male and you take orders and that makes and that makes it very easy much simpler to go through the method that the loss of life method is for the subsequent one is a transcendent expertise what is the point it is the point the intent is there is for the reason that so a lot of our world’s cultures and our devout traditions tell us that whilst you die all mysteries can be revealed there will probably be no secrets and techniques by some means figuring out will receive to you and should you die and also you wouldn’t have and for those who grasp to that for those who really need to fully grasp the major stuff of this world and you’re no longer getting it within the direction of the usual death process that you could get somewhat of an extension the place that you can get more expertise so that you could consider that your demise is complete a part of this entire process is ready feeling that your existence is complete and that is not particularly achieved unless you believe that the demise system itself is entire and in case you feel that you’re entitled to explanations for matters just like the Holocaust man’s inhumanity to man war getting older and all that other stuff that we have to put up with once we’re alive then it is going to be hard to let go so i’m gonna take a little change within the area right here again every function of our species is the influence of an evolutionary adaptation here we’ve got the opposable thumb without which we could not do very a lot we can we can wield a scalpel we can use tools the human beings have finer motor manipulate by means of their fingers and palms than some other species recognized we will do matters with hand and eye that go right down to sub millimeter sizes take some experience in training within the discipline but which you could get there our brains are special truly if for our body size our brains aren’t that a lot larger but they are very much more complex lots extra folds tons more surface the deeper constructions have more matters like nuclei and layers and so on and after we emerged as a species two constituents of our brain transformed more than yet greater than others the frontal lobes simply over your eyes and the temporal lobes just over your ears language centers are on the left facet on the temporal lobes we acquired new language when these brain ingredients changed our reminiscence potential were greatly amplified given that we have been a lot extra social we had to don’t forget what we said to persons and how we regarding them excess of any species that it got here before arm before us our reminiscences acquired an upgrade our social competencies received an upgrade we grew to be very far more shrewd certain we could wreck a rock get a sharp facet get some rawhide soak it in water take that rock and hooked up to a stick let the rawhide dry and hold it into position after which we had a stone instrument and that takes intelligence however what fairly takes intelligence is to tell your wife that you’re going to be again in half an hour come back two o’clock in the morning inebriated find her waiting up for you as you arrive with lipstick on your collar and then misinform her about the entire factor in a technique that persuades her not to throw you out that takes intelligence and that is the place most human intelligence goes he is in in the case of different humans having an enemy is effortless I hate you you hate me let’s throw rocks at each other then let’s go residence having a friend is problematic anybody is filming this video we had a deal made we have now what anthropologists call a social alliance that leaves him doing what he do it does and me doing what I do and then afterward there will probably be some reciprocity which would shock no anthropologist the the significant soar forward in human intelligence was once about in the case of other people after which when you consider that almost each phenomena that occurs in close-demise experiences has been elicited via stimulation of the temporal lobes it’s possibly that the death procedure in humans that originated when there was once some point which i will get to soon additionally was a part of this upgrade to our brains is this radical leap forward in our temporal lobes capability for near-demise experiences language reminiscence expertise the emergence of what anthropologists call tricky tradition and language with nouns verbs grammar syntax and even idioms and profanity all seemed even as we didn’t reincarnating by itself we began reincarnating as part of a so much higher process that concerned the transition from whatever species we were earlier than to Homo sapiens watching at the services of the exclusive levels within the demise approach i have left the lifestyles review for last and the motive is it’s relatively the principal one so what’s the function of a lifestyles assessment you may also ask recollect that after humans see themselves in acting behaviors within the direction of their life they have emotional responses to what happens and my hypothesis my thought my thought is that this separates behaviors to repeat from these to restrict you see your self doing in whatever in one existence and also you believe excellent about it that’s a good thing to do for your subsequent life when you don’t think just right about it that’s some thing to prevent you cannot mate when you are dead the place are you going to repeat these behaviors you can’t repeat them in this existence considering the fact that this existence is over the one situation authentic to to apply the lessons you gain knowledge of watching yourself do this and observing your self do that’s in a subsequent existence you can’t because of this I consider that you would be able to give an explanation for close-dying experiences by way of taking recourse to the concept of reincarnation and you can not provide an explanation for them with out it it is a predominant unexplained function of close-dying experiences we do not always must don’t forget the behaviors the movements in one lifestyles within the subsequent lifestyles when you simply have a file of the state of consciousness that motivated you to do matters that you suppose excellent about and the state of realization you were in while you did anything that you simply believe unhealthy about that is relatively enough to advisor you within the next life if I had been to take a look at and restrict the whole thing I did in this lifestyles that didn’t work out too good that may be rather a burden of memory to carry into my next lifestyles however people have personality features they have got patterns they act out over and over again and again so that if you could rather of focusing on the special habits which you can focus on the state of recognition that engendered it that encouraged it then which you could rule out thousands of maladaptive counter adaptive or simply taking part in bad behaviors without ever having to encounter that habits ever earlier than if you already know that being angry amongst your own folks is liable to create trouble you can hinder that you don’t need to fear about doing this or that factor along with your own men and women you just attempt to restrict being angry this permits us to separate now not behaviors however states of recognition and allows us to avert colossal numbers of behaviors with an extraordinarily very few past existence instructional materials and here’s a snapshot of a silverback male if he is the alpha male among his troop that’s why they call him the silverback when you grow to be the alpha male amongst gorillas the hair on the back became silver if one silverback male dies the subsequent one in line the subsequent senior ranking gorilla will in finding himself developing silver hairs on his back that is after which all people treats him just like the silverback male obtaining social rank is extremely main in all primate species what we now have here’s a image of a gaggle of gorillas with the silverback male amongst them and most of the time talking you get to be the alpha male via aggressiveness by way of fighting via wrestle by way of campaigning to emerge as elected where in the course of which campaign you can do the whole lot that you could to make your opponent look unhealthy if you’re amongst gorillas you absolutely combat if you’re a deer you conflict horns with other males attending to be the alpha male includes enormous battle but staying remaining the alpha male entails something else utterly in that predicament you are better off meting out favors making the opposite individuals round you believe good giving them a reason to aid you in as you proceed to be the alpha male so that you need to battle to get to the top but then after that you don’t wrestle anymore correctly you will have a greater chance of being the alpha male through no longer struggling and the cause this is so fundamental is that aggressiveness is typically the only most damaging dangerous karmic action unhealthy action chemically the state of awareness that inspires violence is one of the most destructive that a man or woman can are living with but practically all of them are social close to each bad habits that a person can enact is negative on the grounds that of the way in which it affects on other folks now we have a cognizance concerning the earth itself whereas before we might only consider bad about hurting anyone now we don’t believe so good if we use paper plates as a substitute of plates that we wash we ought to be inexperienced as good the idea of our humans be high-quality among our men and women be nasty amongst competing tribes and opposed international locations supposed that there was once a general division between our men and women and different peoples people and within our people you are very very best and with other men and women’s persons that you could be simply as nasty as you suppose like being and now we have now elevated the idea of our people to comprise every body on this planet considering the fact that some pollutes in Jakarta in Indonesia and we breathe it in our air over right here you can not in this day and age if warfare goes too a long way you come to be with nuclear struggle you become polluting the complete planet when any person fouls the air someplace else you breathe it over here now every person’s humans is part of our persons and that took particularly a while that used to be World struggle two we do not are living in a vacuum all international locations have got to unite we created the United nations in that generation and now our planet is one in all our humans – the suggestion of the place it’s alright to be negative and the place you ought to be confident has been expanding in our residing reminiscence however at one time it was once confined simplest to your own persons dangerous karma unhealthy action dangerous behavior was once habits that impacted on any person who would influence on you and that supposed your possess social staff the fundamental unhealthy behaviors the sinful behaviors the nasty karma from almost every devout way of life they’re all in regards to the same and there are four forms of main poor behaviors the first is stealing you do not take things from different folks that guy labored to elevate these pigs you can not take them in eat them he he worked doing cut down-and-burn agriculture to grow those yams those are his yams you cannot take all of them out of his garden go alternate them for a daughter to marry your son to as they do in some cultures you are not able to steal if it isn’t yours you’re not imagined to take it you cannot take what is not given freely the next one is Sexual Offences you are now not speculated to have intercourse with men and women that you’re now not supposed to have intercourse with now there was once most often a time in human history the place this didn’t matter very a lot when each lady raised each little one so it didn’t topic who was once the father but now that we have inheritance rights over matters like lambs and herds and inventory options or shares and so on it concerns very a lot on the grounds that in case you are a affluent man and you are doing all your will and also you say well my son my oldest son will get this might be he’ll inherit the throne in case you happen to be a monarch and then along comes some kid who says no he’s no longer your eldest son i am your oldest son but you went away and also you failed to lift me but i’m nonetheless your eldest son and look here’s my mother and do not you keep in mind her and wager what the crown prince is not the prince I who just walked in out of nowhere owned this kingdom and the subsequent thing you already know you get a battle now this thought which is generally accredited however rarely mentioned is often called the origin of the loved ones personal property and the state and it used to be laid out by way of Frederick angles in a book of that title within the 19th century mrs.Frederic angles of marx and engels Karl Marx’s partner and it is clearly a fairly hard booklet to find but I’ve never run into any anthropological thinker who had a drawback with it the foundation of private property imposed the foundation of family and that in flip finally developed into the foundation of the state political entities with Thrones and rights of inheritance and so forth now we may just transfer prior a few of that with the arrival of democracy but in truth even once that is achieved we nonetheless have an awful lot of property to be to be dispersed and to be husbanded and looked after and documented and so forth and what this implies is that it can be still to a huge extent and for different causes nonetheless no longer a just right inspiration to sleep with the people that you’re not supposed to sleep with that you can create quite a lot of concern thou shalt now not covet thy neighbor’s wife thou shalt not quilt thy covet thy neighbor’s items the opposite one is defying religion religion is a powerful cohesive force that continues a tradition together every person gets together to worship the gods there are ceremonies when in each tradition there are always ceremonies the place the folks accumulate together in the temple as they’ve it in their tradition despite the fact that it’s just a sacred spot within the woods and this offers the persons this gives the nation the folks something they all do in long-established this binds them collectively this makes certain that individuals who’re best distantly related with them the equal social organizations nonetheless have some measure of connection so that within the occasion of some tragedy a sickness battle with a neighboring tribe or some thing like that they are going to nonetheless go on recognizing one another as contributors of our humans and we’ll rely on each different in approaches that member that they’d certainly not rely on any one from a stranger nation or tribe so when you defy faith you tend to interrupt that apart and that’s now not excellent so everyone gets collectively to worship Demeter or Isis or Apollo or sheiva after which anyone is available in and says that is all nonsense or they are saying where’s your son why is not but the sir this ceremony well my son thinks that the gods are a load of nonsense then the man has had the unlucky expertise of talking profane words in a sacred context and by using alluding to his son’s atheism brings that theme into the ceremony in all kinds of refined ways preserving faith even if the beliefs of that faith are nonsensical or simply horrific like the religion of the Aztecs and the Mayans or as a minimum says I in finding them i don’t need to cut someone’s heart out i do not wanna i do not want to see that I don’t have any place in their ceremonies they spent just a few folks each year frequently significant numbers of men and women but they believed that they have been actually keeping the sector as they knew it an anthropologists for thoroughly specific motives may well consider that declaration so dangerous bad habits dangerous karma maladaptive counter adaptive habits all of becomes negative turns into dangerous given that of how it influences on different persons dangerous karma states of cognizance that engender poor behavior and that is my definition for Karma states of cognizance than in gender exact varieties of behavior bad karma is social now right here we’ve got a primary truely he’s a chief in from the highlands of latest Guinea by being the manager he indicates us some of the foremost advantages of reincarnation of getting a lifestyles review of having a body of karma some thing to your intellect that tells you what states of attention to enter and which to restrict and perhaps even more than that when to enter them when not to you do not combat your possess folks but when you are attacked you battle the neighboring tribe fight them and it is just right combat your your brother your pal and that’s dangerous so it is no longer close to whole classes of habits it can be genuinely contact what by using being the executive what he is absolutely completed he’s lived in line with the rules of his tradition good sufficient that he received to head be on the top karma is acceptable to dwelling with individuals in a cultural context karma I wish to underscore this as as good as i will karma reincarnation pre-adapted to social success in cultural environments and cultural environments are the one ones we all know the more capable you are to live via the rules of your tradition the easier a danger you will have obtained at being an alpha or beta male or feminine some humans have requested me good is it possible to reincarnate as an animal I want to be a condominium cat considering that they’ve obtained a good deal in lifestyles well I need to be an eagle on the grounds that on this life my name is soaring eagle my next existence i don’t want to simply be a human with Eagle presence I need to be the eagle can i reincarnate as an animal and the answer is if past lifestyles finding out is valuable in cultural contexts and human beings are the one species which have the robust reliance on tradition as our evolutionary method then our prior lifestyles studying might be most likely useless in the event you reincarnate as a salamander salamanders don’t live in intricate tradition they don’t need karma as i’ve come to realise it and as i’m imparting it to you here now that’s if you’re a person now the opposite factor about being a man and having social success peculiarly among primates and we are primates is that the bigger your social rank the more mating possibilities you could have the Alpha and Beta and Delta males have extra mating possibilities than the cut back ranking males in each primate species with out exception i’ve past lifestyles learning I had understand the social ideas slightly higher than i might if I did not this means my DNA will get on extra i am a male in case you are a feminine of excessive rank and here we have thanks to Mel Gibson an illustration of a Mayan aristocrat which i’m instructed could be very good reproduced and particularly faithful to the archaeological evidence and if you are a female a ranking feminine you’ve higher possibilities to get your younger raised to adulthood considering the fact that you are the one to whom the entire other women to your team and a few males as good wish to curry prefer with so the females exit they usually accumulate roots nuts berries protein starches carbohydrates nutrition and many others and so they wish to be to your just right facet so they come again and say hey look I obtained 20 pounds of manioc my family is only gonna consume 10 pounds of this before it goes bad have some manioc root doesn’t matter whether she’s got 50 pounds next to her or no longer she’s the alpha female and she’s going to make a decision who it goes to from there so that you supply her the instruments the meals with which to offer out favors and by way of so doing re-establish herself because the alpha female similar to the male desiring aggressiveness to get to vigor however needing the opposite to hold power does with his varieties of social favors and it is vitally so much a subject of gentleness once you are in vigour there is a narrative instructed by Richard Leakey and it’s within the ebook origins which is certainly one of his books on the starting place of the human species which I suppose has gone out of print seeing that we due to the fact our lineage has transformed considering the fact that the book was written an anthropologist is staying in a tribe of hunter-gatherers and the anthropologist used to be advised through anybody in the tribe that they have been going to do something with him you know i’m going to sit you down on Thursday and i’m going to inform you all about my family tree so that you can make your notes and have you ever bought some tobacco my brother good Thursday rolls around the guy does not need to do it he stated however you promised and i gave you tobacco you now you must tell me your story so i can so i can write it down the fellows i am no longer within the mood I simply i don’t need to hear about it later and the anthropologist has to get on his plane and go house and he needs the story so he went to the chief of the strata the tribe and mentioned whats up this man over here promised he would inform me his story and he stated he would do it in these days and now it’s in these days he doesn’t want to do it she says so he says well you are the manager yeah well are not able to you simply inform him to do it the executive was like perplexed leaned back and stated i am the manager if I advised a person to do anything that he failed to need to do i might now not be the executive how does the female get to be the alpha feminine that’s exceptional in extraordinary cultural contexts one among them and some of the primary ones is to be the mate of the alpha male a further one is to be so skilled at social manipulation that she is equipped to get tons of females to do the matters that she wants them to do and her having might be a little bit extra intelligence than other females is better competent to look what the workforce as a entire desires there are extra ways for ladies to grow to be alpha ladies than there are for guys to turn out to be alpha males eventually to be an alpha male you ought to strut your stuff and show your your talent as a warrior in most cultures not all commonly effectively showing off your wisdom will also be excellent sufficient however most of the time speakme the knowledge is the area of the shaman who is a political energy in lots of tribes cut loose the manager the soldiers the households and many others he is uniquely spiritual so now we comprehend why what the factor of reincarnation is it pre adapts us to live in a cultural atmosphere in order that we have now a greater risk of attending to the highest of the social ladder the place we now have higher possibilities of passing on our DNA through our kids seeing them up that they may be able to pass on DNA of their possess or without problems passing on our own DNA our possess cultural experience has given us abundant evidence that mating in itself will not be only an act of enjoyment however demonstrates your social being an alpha feminine could indeed take more intelligence and more emotional intelligence the capacity to peer what different people are feeling without them seeing so explicitly and reply to it with the appropriate action the satisfactory mother of her neighborhood is constantly any individual that spots other folks’s needs after which units but other persons about serving to them to fulfill it and that takes real intelligence and real ability and odds are lovely just right that the sort of girl will be the last one to starve to loss of life if the meals deliver runs out so what what almost obviously occurred was that folks that had this form of earlier existence finding out and acquired to the upper social ranks at first would have ultimately stuffed the entire populace in order that they’d have bred out individuals who didn’t have earlier lifestyles studying so that now reincarnation did not get you to the higher ranks of a human social workforce now once the approach is firmly in place and a few generations have long past by way of to allow the method to type of cement itself into position now everyone’s got previous existence learning and now past lifestyles learning is the rate of admission to the human species folks who with prior existence learning bred out these without it first iteration think half of the kids do not have past existence finding out but none of them get to the top so they don’t reproduce themselves fully next new release 25% subsequent new release 10% 5 three 2 and that ultimate 1% more commonly took a very long time to leave the next factor to look at in getting to from is not reincarnation a cool & religious concept to an precise human habits inside the scope of anthropology is in order for an adaptation to arise of any type you need an evolutionary pressure you want something that is not working well without the variation then when the variation appears it really works well for individuals who have it does not convert any skills for many who would not have it than folks that wouldn’t have it don’t live to tell the tale and you end up with alterations in species there needs to be an evolutionary pressure and so what was the necessity that spurred reincarnation as an evolutionary adaptation and that i wish to remind you that previous I furnished you the supposition that every one of these changes happened at once language elaborate culture reincarnation and nearly obviously a brand new sort of faith all of these matters they did not weren’t a bunch of different changes that occurred whilst they have been all a part of one huge exchange so what’s the pressure with a view to are living in tricky culture similar to we discover in hunter-gatherers or folks who live in Santa Cruz you have quite a lot of finding out to do enormous amounts of finding out to be able to reside with other humans there’s all varieties of stuff you have acquired to grasp now you’ve gotten your childhood wherein to gain knowledge of a exceptional deal of it but our species was already overburdened with childhood on the beginning of our species there are anthropologists who consider that the existence expectancy was somewhere around 45 years might be a little less than that how long does it take from delivery to puberty how long does it take from when you are born to when you can mum or dad provide delivery to kids yourselves in no way intellect whether or not or they’re emotionally competent for it early in our evolutionary historical past you did not have got to be emotionally able in the event you were an childish parent there would be different humans in your tribe to take to take accountability for the child it can be not just that it takes or took in those days a whole village to raise a baby as a substitute the whole village the entire village raised the entire children if you’re equipped to impregnate if you are male or be impregnated if you’re a feminine around the age of 13 or 14 years old and your life expectancy is simplest forty five that’s a third of your existence given over to getting competent for the true industry the biological trade of being alive which is to make more copies of yourself and win the game in evolutionary terms not to converse of dwelling a decent existence for yourself a wildebeest born can run ten minutes later and i do not imply take those cutesy little will to be steps that we all simply feel they are so darling I mean he can run Full Tilt and get away a tiger when he’s ten minutes historical we are not able to even walk competently for some thing like ten months and even then it can be a complex trade considering that these rather are cutesy little steps that we really you already know like to observe have you ever ever been in an apartment with a small baby learning to walk up stairs you as they run backward and forward human kids do not wish to don’t want to be taught to stroll they want to run and it takes them ten months to get there after which how long does it take for them to be taught to converse correctly after which how long does it take for them to be trained how you can exchange back and forth reciprocal relations strengthen friendships that are are healthful and constructive and and have a tendency to tug the folks collectively one pair of men and women at a time that is years valued at a third of our life giving over to simply getting in a position to have younger we can’t add any studying to the childhood regardless of how complex our culture’s end up we can not make childhood lengthy our pregnancies are additionally overburdened we can not be taught it in the womb both by way of having additional mind additional neural tissue enhance in the womb we can’t put in instincts for coping with different individuals on the grounds that already pregnancy is see you later that with out scientific support a unique quantity of our ladies die in giving delivery to the little one you imply make the child extra smart give it some more mind make the head greater you’d have extra females death in childbirth so you cannot make being pregnant longer and you can not make childhood longer so when our cultures became that rather more problematic the place does the additional finding out occur the educational happens from earlier lives and it doesn’t inform us the way to behave in any detailed method it simply offers us an awfully approximate feeling for which states of realization are gonna make for excellent behavior habits to be able to be rewarded and which states of consciousness are gonna make for habits with the intention to be condemned castigated punished so this makes it possible for us to have colossal quantities of finding out comprehensive without making pregnancy longer and without making childhood longer in view that in evolutionary terms lengthening either one is going to be very very luxurious and ultimately would more commonly price specific lives so there may be the evolutionary stress how does reincarnation genuinely work how did all of it this is a intricate system we’re speaking about out-of-body expertise adopted via going by means of the tunnel or the void adopted by using assembly the being of light preceded by way of being in a spirit realm then you may have a existence assessment then you’ve gotten a transcendent experience and then you definately get to a thing i have not stated known as the factor of no return all these more than one phases that you just ought to go by way of in an effort to be truly ready for your ultimate passing on that’s a elaborate process so the place did it come from we acquired going for walks on two legs from strolling on four legs handy to look we obtained binocular vision by means of moving the eyes from the aspect of the top to the front of the head that is a rather convenient one to determine what we ought to match the invoice as a precursor to the human loss of life process is an experience that we’ve got already that includes a couple of states of attention just as we go through a number of phases within the course of demise we go via several phases within the path of drowsing there are 5 stages of sleep best one in all them is dream sleep there are 4 others and only one of those we find out about oh I imply as contributors and that’s Twilight sleep when you are falling asleep and generally you can find yourself having intriguing experiences most spontaneous out-of-body experiences arise for the period of Twilight sleep that’s the commencing of sleep the commencing of the death approach is most likely out-of-physique experiences so that makes sleep the contender as an on the spot precursor evolution is stingy it is efficient it does not waste resources as a substitute than advance a new process to satisfy a new want it is going to take an current procedure and provides it a new job to do and the relevant a part of the loss of life approach is the existence evaluation and that’s where you review the hobbies throughout your existence the primary state stage of sleep so far as man or woman people’s expertise and gaining our own personal advantage is dream sleep existence review we assessment the hobbies in the course of our lives dream sleep we evaluation the activities within the direction of our day or days since that you could actually have a dream about some thing tonight that happened several days ago but each of them have in usual reviewing your life so as to gain knowledge of lessons which can be mostly absorbed and then acted upon subconsciously you have to have a precursor to a new mechanism of human conduct or any animal habits what used to be it Nietzsche who was quoted by means of Eddie Murphy and coming to the united states you recognize where I get that is how I do my scholarship one first you stroll you then run then you definately fly you are not able to fly into flying and we might not reincarnate into reincarnation we needed to take anything we had been working with already and give it a new job to do sleep matches the invoice very good however there are other methods that contain multiple states of realization sex arousal the act itself orgasm the valley that comes afterwards consuming you’re hungry you intend to get your meals you consider of what’s within the fridge what’s how far is the closest grocery store you get your food you take a seat down you eat it after which afterwards you think excellent you want to digest and put your ft up and watch television or some thing like that the hungrier you are the more excessive the the fulfillment will be the equal applies for sex the equal also applies to thirst although that is acquired fewer states of consciousness worried but when you’re low on fluids you go into a state of awareness when you are low on meals you go right into a state of awareness if you are of an amorous disposition and also you go too long without mating you go right into a state of consciousness more than one states of consciousness for single outcomes are very very fashioned in human experience so the proposal of more than one states of attention to get us lifeless and then reborn isn’t fairly thus far-fetched extra about mechanisms how do you get information from a death character right into a fetus someplace else if this were radio we would be talking a couple of carrier sign if this were two telephone two tin cans with a decent piece of string between them for an elementary school telephone we might be speakme a few piece of string if these have been smoke indicators we might be talking about the Earth’s atmosphere now but we’re now not we’re speakme in regards to the Earth’s magnetic discipline the brain operates has electrical operation occurring at all times the electrical recreation follows exact patterns when you are in one state of cognizance your mind produces one variety of brainwave when you’re in one other it produces an extra type of brainwave your state of recognition requires a form of a pattern of electrical activity and the place there may be electrical recreation there are changing magnetic fields there are no exceptions to this rule so the electrical exercise in the state of attention that follows the light a point of no return when there’s no longer any return to the body even though you had been despite the fact that your body is in an emergency room as soon as that occurs that final state of cognizance is broadcast into the Earth’s magnetic area as the whole lot that happens in our mind is broadcast into the Earth’s magnetic discipline so as I mentioned last week we are not all one I stubbed my toe I think the agony you do not believe it thank God what i wouldn’t wish to impose my stubbed toe as a rule world I mean although I say i’ll be doing it to me we would all be in ache consistently but we’re all related because our brains are immersed in the Earth’s magnetic field and there’s even some cause to believe that psychic connections between participants works in line with this however a good way to be the fourth lecture in the sequence and i will be going into that rather greatly but if we get a bundle of information and embedded in the Earth’s magnetic field then the Earth’s magnetic area can transmit it as though it have been the service wave and the signal both together after which there’s this learn a study which i don’t expect you to read the title of considering that it’s very small print on the monitor there but i would like you to understand that it exists the title of the paper is out-of-physique favored experiences are extra possible in people with extended complicated partial epileptic signs between intervals during periods of improved geomagnetic endeavor a nonlinear influence and if any of which you can say that thrice rapid i will give you five bucks however what this be taught found used to be that persons who have been inclined to altered states that is the complex partial epileptic section we’re extra prone to have out-of-physique experiencing experiences following a exact form of brain stimulation when the Earth’s magnetic area was once unsettled again out-of-physique experiences are essentially the most customary first phase of close-death experiences unless the cultural conditioning leads the folks to count on whatever exceptional and in view that we wouldn’t have certain culturally injected suggestions about what dying can be like we begin with we start without the form of symbolic and mythical stuff that we find in Asia the yamatoots and the visit to the underworld and so forth the primary phase of the dying approach is out-of-physique experiences they’re extra probably when the Earth’s magnetic field is behaving in a distinctive way this makes the Earth’s magnetic field the most probable provider for expertise from one previous existence to anybody’s future lifestyles so how will we bundle knowledge from any person’s previous life to make it to be had for anybody’s future life what we need is a some style of structure that’s in a position of bearing knowledge similar to a wave and waves are able of bearing a quality deal of understanding as we know from radio and tv provider waves carrier indicators which are in fact electromagnetic waves so if we had a wave that held its formed together and might preserve expertise statically with out altering even as it existed and that wave were within the Earth’s magnetic area making use of the Earth’s magnetic discipline as its provider then we might have a cohesive little bit of understanding and there is a name for the sort of wave right here we’ve a photo of one on water it’s called a soliton and i’ll throw an extra one of those 50 bucks sentences at you a soliton is and that i quote a self-reinforcing solitary wave no longer linked to solitaire now not connected to a gaggle of different waves is there no longer like waves on the ocean one after the other that is one wave that keeps its form even as it travels at a regular pace now waves fields like gravitational fields and magnetic fields can correctly move when the Earth rotates its gravitational subject rotates with it and there are quite a lot of approaches of watching at this which i am not going to go into correct now but when any of you might be accustomed to the holographic concept of reminiscence that claims that if you happen to take two units of waves and put them subsequent to each other as you get from dispersing laser mild the locations where these waves meet and interact are areas the place know-how can be embedded and that you would be able to embed a massive amount of understanding in just one wave in fact any fragment of that wave can be ample to reconstruct the gap so if you had a soliton that might undergo understanding there we have two of them in water similar to with a hologram you need two lasers to make the hologram work it’s viable to have a single pair that function as a single wave and in so doing bear an significant amount of knowledge if it has a attribute signature a shape a frequency a pulse that goes with it and a fetus in a womb someplace have been to broadcast its electrical have electrical undertaking that once broadcast as magnetic indicators into the world round it were to check that pulse match that shape fit that sample then it would be a bit of quite simple physics to get that know-how into that fetus where and upon it now has past life finding out it will probably grow up it has a excellent threat of attending to the top of the social ladder it has a excellent threat of passing on its DNA or getting support for its young then yet another man or woman would and thereby win the evolutionary sport so we have now obtained the means the mechanism the evolutionary pressure we have now received all of those matters in order and what this does is make it a scientific hypothesis that holds together well sufficient that at least one scientific journal used to be inclined to submit it as a scientific hypothesis and i didn’t do the presentation in the paper as well as i’m doing it tonight however I’ve had time to consider due to the fact then and what will we get we get reincarnation as a science i’ve not had get together to take any of the traditional devout beliefs and present it as a building block in this conception it’s all science its Darwin it is a bit little bit of physics it’s quite a lot of anthropology it involves the realization that we are not just a social or linguistic species we’re also an hierarchical species and all people needs to get to the highest and so i have dared have the audacity the temerity to name this the brand new science of Darwinian reincarnation now there may be one last query that each person wants to know and that is precisely what’s reincarnating and i’ve been over this before however i’ll do it once more rapidly what reincarnates is our karma a repertoire of states of cognizance that advisor our habits in in productive adaptive approaches it gives us know-how that helps us to outlive and that’s all we want we may just take into account matters from prior lives but we do not need to opt to put that on the table as a way to build the theory or to recognize it a person as soon as has to Dalai Lama who is famous for having past lives do you recollect your prior lives he says remember my prior lives i do not don’t forget what I had for breakfast can we remember matters from earlier lives it is possible nevertheless it’s no longer what the core habits is developed out of possibly after a quantity of generations reincarnating handiest remembering only understanding which states of recognition help us and which of them damage us then we could have been competent to introduce extra information in that in order that now hundreds of thousands of years probably as much as 200,000 years later we could have all sorts of knowledge that comes to us from earlier lives that we ourselves aren’t mindful of and if it can be like our DNA if it’s like our goals if it’s just like the average moments of living a satisfactory deal of it is rubbish knowledge how sometimes have you brushed your teeth and how repeatedly do you do not forget targeted incidences of brushing your tooth you do it day-to-day you don’t remember it it is no longer imperative so plenty of what might be remembered can have nothing to do with something beneficial the colossal question will we reincarnate will I take rebirth and so as to reply that something reply you offer to the question of whether or not or now not I as an character or you as precise occasions of humanity will reincarnate or not you must have a inspiration of what the self is and without that you just can not handle the query or which you could say of course i will live however then i know that i will live to tell the tale i’ll go on i am in my my everlasting spirit i am not this mortal coil i will are living ceaselessly however as and over within the final lecture that may be an illusory belief that is designed to advisor you in certain methods without always being the reality so we’ll ought to look on the self with the intention to understand what whether or not the self reincarnates and the discipline of next week’s speak will likely be enlightenment and the self and we will spend a good deal of time rooting round and watching at what the self is else and with just a few minutes left to move we now have Leonardo da Vinci’s fetus on the reveal i am performed i might add to my speculation that no speculation is any good unless there is a strategy to set it up to check out and falsify it after which the speculation survives the falsification procedure this is it’s referred to as falsification ISM you could learn a publication by using karl popper by using that title he’s an awfully influential incorrect philosopher of science in an effort to make this speculation come residence to make it real for many scientists i’d have got to present some way of trying out it and proper now that approach would not exist however I suppose that someday we will be capable to learn the expertise content material of magnetic fields and when that day comes if we are equipped to create a closed magnetic environment round an intensive care unit any one dies and there is not any exchange within the exceptional grained constitution of the magnetic fields in the room then mostly that everything I’ve stated tonight is mistaken but in an effort to do to be able to offer a idea responsibly you must have a solution to set it up to be improper should you insist on being right it’s not science you are very welcome

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