التطور الدارويني مليء بالحلقات المفقودة Darwinian Evolution is Full of Missing Links

They are saying evolution is actual … Nevertheless it’s filled with lacking hyperlinks The lacking hyperlink … As the majority thinks it is a monkey-like being that’s imagined to be a hyperlink between the monkey and the man or women but there are lots of lacking hyperlinks in Darwin’s tree, and in fact they’re still missing For example, evolutionists see puppies and bears as cousins connected to a missing ring The same will also be mentioned about all of the gaps in development, but a few of these gaps are very gigantic like the hole between marine entities which have bones and do not need them considering scientists did not in finding between these creatures and the other Evolutionists feel that every one animal species have evolved from the alterations of another animals The more we appear on the tree of evolution, we discover that the missing hyperlinks develop and multiply, and this is the most important predicament dealing with evolution Evolution relies on countless lacking hyperlinks, all of which have lived in the unknown past, and all of them, it’s believed, have come to be extinct and replaced by evolving creatures from which they originated. For instance, if some fish have developed into some amphibians, there need to be noticeable changes that is, ninety percent of a fish, then 80 percent, and so on unless it turns into amphibious 100 percent, however the evidence is still missing in the fish The view of construction says that all life is all created, and we will see this process going down even today Evolution says that we must blindly think in the existence of intermediate rings, so we see that the idea of evolution is a conception full of gaps So what is the affordable thing in your view? .

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