Sunny Steps & the Volcano | The Squad (Fortnite Animation)

– Hey, you guys ever
notice how every episode just starts with us running
and finding something? – Hold that thought, Tanner! I think I found something. – [Calamity] A cannon? – Well get in, big guy. (fuse hissing) What? Who put Fish Stick in
charge of the matches? – Woohoo! – This is it, guys. The treasure we've been
searching for all these years. – Oops! Ouch, aw! Sorry! – Hey, wow, check it out, skins! – Look at all this treasure! We just became the richest
people in the world! – Good idea, Fish Stick,
let's keep moving.

– Wow, this place is gorgeous. – Stop right there! – We mean no harm. We only dropped on this island to kill everybody else on it. – Ha, well today is not your day, buddy! I'm gonna execute each one of you with a different infantry rifle oh my god! What is that? You guys must be kings, gods! – Yeah, that's right, we're gods! Now gtfo before I smite
thee, pathetic human! – My apologies, my lords. I will see to it that the
entire village of Sunny Steps worships your holy, god-like royalty. – Sunny Steps, huh? – Yes! It is where myself and
the other hybrids live.

We've been exiled here
because we're dragon freaks. – Exiled? But it's gorgeous here! – Yes, but there is a
very dangerous volcano just behind you. I heard a loud noise earlier, and I thought perhaps it had erupted. – Oh! No, that was just me being
shot out of a cannon. – Well, sorry. I've been a little on edge ever since all of our planes disappeared. – Ah, this is the life. – Agreed, this is great. We've got all the money in the world, we're worshiped by every citizen, even big YouTubers are reacting to us! – Hey, Tanner, looking good! – Hey, Quibble Cop! – I don't care if we're
near a deadly volcano! Nothing beats Lazy Lagoon. Loot Lake is nice, but, well, there's a lot of seaweed there.

– Oh yeah, the seaweed there is terrible. – My lords, our village is
holding a sacrificial ceremony in your honor, tonight. – What are you sacrificing? – Woodsie. We're going to drop him into the volcano. Isn't that right? Yes we are, yes we are! Wee little cute puppy, you little. – Uh, what the hell is
wrong with these people? – You guys, we've got to save that dog! – We gather here today to sacrifice this extremely cute puppy in honor and welcoming of our new gods. – Okay, Roach, before anything goes down, I need you to find a cannon and shoot it, causing a distraction and
spooking all these hybrids. – What, am I supposed to pull a cannon out of my ass or something? I did not put that in there! – After counting down to zero, I will launch this pup
into the molten rock! 25, 24, 23, – Why are they counting
all the way down from 25? – Shh, shut up, our
channel needs watchtime. – Three, two, (cannon firing) – What the, what the hell was that? Oh my god! It's erupting! – Daddy, are we gonna die? – Yes son, soon.

Very, very soon! – Bananas! (guns firing) – Calamity, let's get to the ship! – A drumgun? When did that come back? (gun firing) – [Narrator] Thanks for watching! The next time you're
dropping beatbox in Fortnite, take a minute to support us by supporting the support a
creator code, Arcadecloudplays..

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