Powerful 7.1 earthquake hits California

Breaking news out of Kern County where another strong earthquake has struck good night and thank you for joining us on carlucci kado and i am Barbara Lee Edwards the 7.1 magnitude quake hit at 819 tonight about 10 miles from Ridgecrest where a 6.Four quake struck the previous day the subject has been rattled by aftershocks all day however seismologist say that quake the day before today was actually a foreshock – tonight news 8’s Richard Allen is right here with the very trendy Richard good that’s correct that 7.1 quake that struck this evening as a part of an ongoing sequence of quakes within the cyril’s Valley striking at about 10 miles northeast of Ridgecrest very near where the previous day’s morning 6.4 earthquake used to be founded now tonight’s quake was once felt as some distance away as Las Vegas together with at the NBA summer season League game between the Knicks and pelicans you need to provide your self an opportunity people we’re experiencing an earthquake correct now whoa sure can you feel the earth below you sure i can right here at Thomas and mass i will be able to the constructing and tonight’s game was once delayed on the grounds that of this quake scoreboards and speakers near the ceiling of the world shook when the earthquake hit now in keeping with seismologist dr.Lucy Jones the previous day 6.Four quake is considered the fore shock to this evenings so much better 7.1 quake of direction the yesterday’s quake had been the biggest that California experienced in nearly two decades and had produced more than 1400 aftershocks we also have reports from residents that there are cracked buildings and other stories of damage and accidents in both Kern and San Bernardino counties one Ridgecrest residents saying that he felt his condo shake for between 20 and 25 seconds this evening at this late hour though we have no idea the precise extent of the harm or injuries my expectation is that rich crust is having a beautiful tricky time tonight it’s a foreshock when an aftershock becomes greater than the predominant shock we modified the name and get in touch with the primary one among four shock so everything up earlier than the 7.1 could be a viewed I for shock to this earthquake and we are continuing to acquire know-how concerning the special extent of the damage and injuries this night we’ll carry you the modern day arising in a file at 10:30 Carlin barber Lee strong video thanks Richard and inside moments of that quake hitting response began to pour in on social media information eight’s Amanda shot ski is in our newsroom now with more on what folks are announcing Amanda we all felt it here at the station our lights within the newsroom casting off and swinging around and there have been stories of equivalent pastime the entire way from Reno to San Ysidro it did not take long for social media posts with pics and comments to start rolling in simply moments after the shaking started social media lit up pools with water churning this one here in San Diego an extra with a message telling each person to remain reliable chandeliers and lights also moving around on Twitter the Padres shared video of what the sport gave the look of by means of the lens of their camera bouncing in every single place some described the earthquake which was situated close Ridgecrest because the longest or biggest they’ve ever felt people said feeling it from Reno to Yucca Valley the place some posted what it appears like inside of a Walmart the place bottles and food crashed in all places the floor seismologists dr.Lucy Jones has been posting updates as well saying in one tweet we are saying one in 20 hazard that an earthquake will likely be adopted by way of anything greater this is that one in 20 time and unluckily there may be already stories of residence fires and general vigour outages closer to the epicenter of this quake that is in Ridgecrest as far as the extent of harm is just too quickly to tell correct now of path we will proceed to convey you updates as soon as new knowledge is available in again to you all proper Amanda thanks

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