OH NO HE KILLED ME!!! WWWWWHHHHHHYYYYY??? Juicy for you guys today, so here we are in jail break We’re gonna do a quick little escape because you know what I wanted to show off isn’t actually too difficult to get to and So I figured there’s no point in going police just to get there because then we can go prisoner Escape and then actually do all the fun prisoner stuff after I show you guys a little something some it might not be anything Groundbreaking, but you know what’s something. It’s definitely something though. I was going to get over Okay, so you’re going to escape in the night when the police can barely see Here we go come as quickly oh Wow perfect. This is working out way too.

Well everything is just so good right now, so Here we go Sorry, sorry about that. All right where am I going? I’m going this way I don’t know why I never just take the road. There is a road that leads there perfectly here We go we can just use this one alright. No there. We go perfect We are going to well might as well grab the volt bike actually I want you guys to Explain to me a little something okay, while we’re here. We might as well real quick You know just like quick little extra bounty you know it was like why not say we’ll some On our way wasting it’s that.

There’s a police officer near us No, it’s not okay. Good. Did I get it? Did I get the yes 250 bounty sweet, okay? No So what you do know when it’s a sunrise. This is so nice Okay, so you see this here river have you guys ever thought? To follow this river, where does it go? Well if you keep following it? Why is it Can you go inside I legitimately have no idea I’ve never tried going inside you can’t go inside, okay? Okay, you can’t go inside the tunnel but it’s a very interesting tunnel it’s a very spooky tunnel it can we do some sort of? Camera glitch to see through is there potential that anything is gonna. Come out of this tunnel in the future mm-hm You know because how many different things have existed in jailbreak that have then been worked upon Going forward, so you know there was that one train tunnel and now there’s a train coming out of it There’s now this tunnel here.

I you know they totally could do something with the river. That’s what I’m yeah, yeah They could definitely do something with it because right now. It’s just kind of a nuisance that is Essentially you just have to find a way to get over it and the river doesn’t actually offer anything I don’t know exactly what they could add maybe some sort of like boat system You know there could be like some sort of canal or something a river that goes into the city That would be so cool, but we did escape meaning oh Whoa okay hold on. There is Popo here now. I don’t have a key card either, so I need to be careful Oh, that’s not even that’s a prisoner in a police officers. Oh can we get in here? No we can’t okay? That’s fine let’s go to the Criminal base that is over here There’s not many police officers on so we might actually have a pretty good chance of getting some decent bounty so here I’m gonna real quick.

Hop out grab all this duh Hopefully that that wasn’t a police officer behind me was it. No okay good. I just heard the explosion happen at the Jewelry store I believe I think we’re a little bit too late on that now No never mind That was the explosion at the bank meaning – we still have an opportunity to drop the bank so anybody trying to get Trying to get in there I don’t have a key card, so I can’t there’s no way for me to To enter oh that dude entered though that dude entered. Oh wait. That’s a police officer. Oh never mind on that one I think I don’t know it looks like he’s holding handcuffs. I’m just gonna bail. I’m bailing out of this No, I do not want to deal with that What can we do in the meantime well let’s see where the trains at actually there’s a train gonna be coming anytime soon Let’s have a look a loo.

Hello mister train. Okay. We can hang out here in the meantime I think as jailbreak Likes to put in little Easter eggs and little secrets you see like they got this old campfire going on over here I want to see more like this out of jail break. You know like that tunnel that we saw earlier I want I want you to be able to go into a tunnel like that and then see some sort of funny Easter egg of like I don’t know some strange man that lives that lives in a cave or I don’t know just have fun with it very very simple little additions to the map could make it very very Entertaining come on train. I know you. I know you like to come around here sometimes Here, I maybe I still don’t know the best way to get on the train like the earliest possible whilst also Having it be very simple and easy because he like from over here It seems too far away like I don’t think I can actually jump see ya I don’t think and then that would happen.

Oh that person’s got the right idea Wow Okay, how do we do this? This is a good idea? So you got to really go to? shimmy your way in there Oh, oh, oh, oh I’m stuck huh now how do I get in this way? She’s gonna. Tell me oh oh dude. Yes nice vehicles parked. Oh Trains coming trains coming fly upwards yes. Thank you sir, okay, and then I jump out Parachute down oh no no no no no no no I didn’t mean to do that good.

No No, don’t get on get on get on. Oh this dude managed to do it. Okay. I need to get Oh No oh Okay, this is bad. This is real bad. Is there a bike something. There’s a bike over there? Oh no no no no no no no okay. It’s teleporting me away. I need to grab the bike I’ll catch up and I’ll manage to jump on last second all my volt bikes all the way over there, okay Here we go come on Drive bike Drive. Give it a little 5 engine Oh, yeah, that’s what I’m talking about okay now That’s fine. This is fine. We haven’t completely run out of time yet we can get on at the Bridge up ahead here, okay, so I just need to quickly Hair I’ll do it up on this one better safe than sorry perfect so we managed to catch up now We wait patiently Kind of make sure there’s no Popo though.

You know any police coming after us we gotta be ready God We got these guns here, so you know there’s that come on train? I’m ready I’m ready. I’m ready. I’m ready. I’m more ready than I’ve ever been Right now come on come on come on come on come on? Yes, all right now Hold on Everything’s good oh It’s dee railing slightly maybe I should wait for it too.

Oh no no no no no no no no Come on. Oh, Oh Actually got back god That’s never happened before How did I manage to just jump back on? That is the rarest thing I’ve ever witnessed in jailbreak No, no, why did it kick me off please? Get me up no where am I? Oh come on No Will I be able to jump on over here uh? How why why am I over here? Why? How does that work okay here right here right here right here come on come on come on come on please? Oh? Hold on. Can I get up over here nice? than just Round here, just like that come on no no no No, please stop being so broken here come on okay here we go. That’s fine. No I’ve almost dead. I’m never gonna be able to do this here Hey.

Just jump on the side It’s impossible, it’s impossible Even if you managed to land on the top it’ll still find a way to shoot you off, I just can’t believe it I don’t understand how that works actually since I’m right here. I should probably Get some of the good stuff from this criminal base here. We go. I’m gonna grab me some Some of that and then some of that. I don’t know what that guys doing with his arms really strange all right Let’s me go ahead and grab the excuse me. Yeah, go ahead and grab a I don’t know probably maybe a Veyron Veyron if I’m feeling it can we get in no we can’t okay? Here’s what I’m gonna. Do so I’m gonna grab my car here. Give it a little bit of customization You know what I’m saying is that uh, that’s a criminal Okay, so now I then go like this, but then the body color. I go can do it What’s it deep purple like? Oh? That’s cool. I like normal Chrome.

Where did we have chrome before can we put that on this oh? Yes, we can yes. We can oh it looks amazing all right And now we just got a wave nice and patiently So someone’s breaking into the bank right now, but I don’t have a key card, so that’s not really gonna work Okay, so what we got to do is as soon as we see that that closed sign Goes out, we can just come in here wait and patiently I can’t remember I mean, I don’t know the last time the the jewelry store was broken into so I really have no idea I have a quick pic. Yeah sure there you go Just as long as we can get into the jewelry store.

That’s what that’s the main thing come on. It’s 1:45 p.m. Of course the jewelry store would be open I see this guy’s got the right idea. Let’s go come on Is there any like telltale sign that it’s about to open or not? Can you guys in the comments let us in on any sort of maybe like little secrets little secrets of like oh? Actually Dennis if you notice this in this then you’ll see that the jewelry store is about to open I don’t know any second now, I know That as soon as I leave literally the second. I walk away. It’s gonna be available to rob I just know it. What what do I do if a if we see oh it’s the police no ma please What do we do? What do we do? Oh, he has a card.

He has a card. Oh do do do do do get it. You cut the card all right Meaning we should go to the bank, but the bank was just robbed actually how long there’s this pole We got to take care of I mainly Actually, I really want to get in the jewelry store. I I’m more you know right here. What is happening wait? There’s so many prisoners are here right now trying to get hit. This is not come on, please Okay, oh, oh, so it says closed and out why okay? Oh? No, what? Well ladies gentlemen I’d like to thank you so much for joining me for another roblox adventure.

Oh, okay. I promise you guys this yesterday I’m gonna fall through with it by far one of the cutest kitties of the day Oh, that is so precious oh, I love it Okay guys But that’s that again like thank you so much for joining me If you enjoyed the video ones go ahead and hit dazzle scribe button there’s a train right here I really want to see if I can quickly just get on it It’s not okay. Yep. You know what there you go. It’s impossible This isn’t it just doesn’t happen so is that really the last thought that was the shortest train I’ve ever seen Huh well I will lay down all the tracks and Besides Subscribing oh well you follow me on Twitter link in the description below That’s pretty much it though. I’m not gonna plug in anything else besides Dennis Bailey calm by your merch ok. That’s it. I’ve done I’ve actually done now.

Thank you so much for watching, and I will see you in the next one You .

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