Ghe Bẹo Ghẹo Ai? Tập 1 Full 4k | Võ Đăng Khoa, NSUT Kim Xuân, Đại Nghĩa, Gia Huy, Quỳnh Lý…

Episode 1 Hello everyone, please buy something for me at Ghe Beo when you are visiting floating market. Brother… brother… i am selling many local foods of Mekong Delta. but that’s not all. Local food of Mekong Delta is uncounted. There are many names of fruid as the Mekong Delta’s areas. There are a lot of shrimps, fishs,… as the length of Mekong Delta’s rivers. This is how i heard from my grand-parents… It’s meant Mekong Delta had many specialities. There are many Mekong Delta’s local food is known by around the world. But… there is one speciality that is no one buy and no one sell.

It looks so weird. I mean… Mekong Delta’s Lady boy As Mến understanding, there are 6 types of local lady boy, such as Muscle lady boy Lady boy Well-dress lady boy Hidden lady boy Teenage lady boy And Over-age lady boy Firstly is Muscle lady boy. Identification features: Tall, strong, black and smelly. No feeling with women, and looks like straight guy. Brother, take a break, drink some water. i made this water for you. Hey, lets go to drink beer tonight. – Ok. – Same place as usual. Ok… ok. Identity: look strong outside but inside is very fragile. Secondly is Lady boy. Identification features: makeup is very much such as face powder, lipstick,… and eyebrowns is very sharp with a wide working area. Sometimes, they are working as waitress, sometimes they work in hair salon. Sometimes, they cry on the dam because of harassment by customer. Show yourself. We are the same. Now is Well-dress lady boy. Identification feature: They sing everywhere and look very girly. Working area: because they are intellectual and usually feel shy, so we can easily see them in book store or super market.

I choose you. I haven’t get it for a long time. Uncle, how much for these things. Do you have Tuoi Mong Mo book in this store? No, we dont’ have it. We only have Tuoi Da Buon book. You make me feel sad more than the rock. This store is for children, but i only find useless things in this store. I won’t buy anything. I give all things back to you. I will go to another book store. Identity: unpredictable. Hidden lady boy Identification feature: They ignore their status. They always say “I hate lady boy”. They like man but try to be a straight guy. Working area: At the gym room or in the traditional family. Brother. I don’t know how to train, can you teach me? I hate lady boy. I will beat them wherever i see them. Go! It is so weird, they are everywhere. – Hey – Hello Where do you go? – I go here for gym. – Gym? – What’s your name? – I am Manh.

You are Manh? You look strong. How long did you go to gym? This is my first time here. That’s why your body is too ugly. Don’t worry, i will help you. Up. – Steady! – Brother. What’s up! Mom wants you to get marriage. Identity: Always say : I am a man. But will die if you ask them to get marriage. Teenage lady boy. Identification feature: They always have light makeup. They will like a teenage fan girl look when they saw a boy. Working area: You can see them everywhere, especially around school or playground park.

Let sister tell you: Thanh is mine. You are my sister, you have to give him to me. We are sister. But boy is mine. – He is mine. – No, he is mine. I will kill you, if i was born before you. I was born before you, but i have a gentle mind so i didn’t kill you. – He is mine. – He is mine. Thanh! Let me know. Who do you choose? He is mine (their mother). Identity: too young to be controlled. make their parent become angry. Lastly, Over-age lady boy Identification feature: Quite old.

They think they are a little girl. Working area: They usually let people lend money at province market, or they come to wedding or funeral for singing. Identity: they have a deeply love and very kind with their brother or sister. What’s wrong with you? Why did you shock 3 times even i came just 1 time? I had to do that because your badly kama. You said that! Why don’t you give me money to make me beautiful.

– What? – Give me money to make my chest. How much? 1.000.000 VND – 1.000.000? – Yes. They often used the sea water bag shape, what kind do you use? Why does it so cheap? Don’t say bad luck! I will be hurt if it is broken. Who told you? – Thanh Kim Hue? – Don’t believe lady boy. – You know me! – Forget it. I know what you mean. Do you borrow my money to go outside with guy, right? Omg, you are so great. Mr. Hung who lives next ward, ask me to go to have some fun. Thank you, mother. I go now, father. Don’t touch him. I will hit you, ok? – I see. I go now. – Ok. Hung… I have money for us. I just have shown you about our sister There are some bad kinds of lady boy that i don’t mention here. I have talked about others so much. Now i introduce myself. I am a unique kind of lady boy that is not popular in Mekong Delta.

I am Men. Ghe Beo’s lady boy. Men… Men… sister… sister… Who is it? We are Hung and Dung. Why do you call me so rush? Hey, did your mother die? No, she can’t easilly die. Oh, sorry. She is very strong. So, why do you call me? We was waiting for you so long. Men, you are our idol. We will become like you in the future. Forget it! Don’t be like me. When you become an adult, please get marriage and has some kids. You are so wrong. I will die now. You are so kiddy. What do you need? Did you have my order manual books? Manual book? You know it! Oh, i see. I forget it. I was very busy with my business. Sorry. I put it here, but i forgot it.

There. Luckily, you remind me. Here, two books are 20.000 VND No, no. We can share 1 book. We are brother. – Are you sure? – Yes. – Or you don’t have money. – We are poor. So, read the title, please. Manual for being a newbie lady boy. Manual for being a professional lady boy. If you buy only one book, you will become a half lady boy style. Our sister will laugh at you.

Oh, no. We will get both. 20.000 VND. Quickly! I will beat you, two naughty sons. Stop running! What’s wrong? Stand there! Hit your sons. Don’t hit me! Sorry. Ok! How did i tell you? You are now allow to talk with her, why do you very happy when you meet her? Hey, you are yelling them. Don’t look at me. Ok, i forgot. Talk to me! i had banned you to call this junk. Which hand did you use to call her? Both of you? Are you kidding me? Throw this book away! You will be ruin if you keep meeting her. Hey, be careful your word. Tam Thu. What kind of me did you say? It’s you. Ok. You are so wrong bastard. OMG, who is bastard? I am yelling at you. What is a kind of lady boy? You are a monster! I can’t keep calm anymore with you. I will swear until you death, today. Your sons are lady boy not because they play with me, ok? They were it when they were born. They were like this because of their gender is it. Why you don’t use your time to teach your sons. While you stand here to curse me.

Your life will become worse from today when i curse you. Do you think you are a rich family? You try to live as a rich woman even you are so poor. How can you live like this? No one can be loved you even your neighbor. I swear at you to let you know who you are. Don’t be judged other through their outlook. What did you say? I can keep swearing you all day. You don’t understand your sons gender. Why do you swear them at the street. You want make them shame, right? Do you understand? If not, i will swear you all day. Tam Thu. Wow, your power is too strong. You are so stupid. Uncle Nho. They are both death, will you marry us? Stop kidding. Shut up. Save them. Who slap me? Uncle Nho. I hit you to stop you. I am sorry for her, Tam. Forgive her. It is just her habit. Omg, did you see? My sons are boy, why did she sell lady boy manual for them.

How can i calm down. I am not selling rubbish things, open it. Give me! It’s just an empty book. Lady boy is nature, no book can make them become like this. I don’t allow you talk to them. If you do it again, i will make you shame. Hey, even if you don’t like me, you couldn’t talk about my gender. I will beat you again, ok. Let’s go home. Let’s go! – I will judge you at home. – Go away. I have said many bad words today, Phen. Lick me to pass all it. You make me feel better. Be a good girl, i will find for you a husband. I will try for you a husband who won’t beat you. Use it. Let’s play, puppy. Roll it. Who are you talking with? There are you and me here. I won’t talk with Phen I don’t need it. Sorry, i have beaten you so hard. I almost died, did you know it? Who will be my love, if you die. Why did you beat me, if you love me? You are so aggressive. Last time, if i didn’t stop you, they could be called their family come to hit you.

– I have just beaten you 1 hit to solve it. – Give me the egg, i can do by myself. – Give me! – No. I won’t hurt anymore. Are you ok? Please… Next time, please beat me softly. I will stop when you are coming. Have i ever cursed anyone when you are there. You beat me damn hurt. I am sorry. – So, please call them, we don’t need it anymore tomorrow. – Why not? My father was ill.

My mom calls me back home. Why did you dock my junk too far? It’s too hot. Do you want to meet my mother, right? Sorry. I forgot. This is for you dad, it helps him get well soon. Please go! Omg, save her… save her…! What are you doing, please get down! Take it easy, please! Hey, are you insane. Get down! Who takes her down, please! Wake up, please. Are you insane! There are someone who want to live but cannot.

Why do you want to suicide? You are so stupid! What’s your name? My name is Them. I am Men Men Ghe Beo. Oh my gosh… Drink it. Sorry, it’s dirty water. It’s ok, you even drink a lot of river water. Why do you eat so fast? If you are hungry, i have a full of food junk. You can eat all. Sister… Why do you brush your teeth at noon. Because of you. Why me? Because i touch your lips, i never do this with girl. Ew…! I am so scare. I don’t know why am i so brave while i saved you. Please don’t punish me. I have to pray a lot because of you. Do you pray someone? I pray my ancestor or i will be punished. I forgot cakes. Have this kind of ancestor exist, really? No, It exist if you believe. They are some lady boy who passed away. Yes. Why do you want to end your life? Because i was so miserable. Everybody has their own suffering. Either you and me.

But you have to deal with it. The child is innocent, don’t take him with you. How can you know? This is our special. I know when i look at you. Because of it, right? What happen? Someone abandon you, right? Stop crying, my junk is my business. Don’t cry, please! If my business is not good, it’s because of you, ok. Tell me your story when you feel better. Crying is not good for trading. Did the clothes fit you? – It’s fine. – Fine… you have to smile, ok. Don’t cry. Bay… Bay… Please, sympathize for me. I don’t think my son is so stubborn. Forgive me. My daughter is not bad, remember it. Let’s go. I know… I know… To sorry you, i will buy your fish with higher price, ok? You promise! Talk to your dad for me. Please understanding. – I leave now, mom. – Stop right there! Don’t push me, if i don’t like it. Damn you! That lady boy teachs you how to live, teachs you how to treat me like that, right? Noone can control me, I just feel i have been cheated here.

Dad was not ill, you cheated me to call me back. They were here because you asked them. Mom, If there is no love, the relationship will end soon. You and me become worse. How can you love that kind of gender? Are you selfish with your family? You force me to live as you want, are you selfish, mom? Luc! Yes. It’s too hot outside. Them, come here. Yes. Take care for my junk. I go to market to buy minced meat and bitter melon. I make you some soup. Then i buy you some clothes. You have nothing because you want to suicide, right? Sis, don’t remind it.

If you say yes, i will be faint now. Please sell goods for me. Don’t jump from my junk. If you suicide again, i won’t pray for you. I know. Goods’ price i write down in the note. Please read and sell for me. Don’t sell wrong price, please. Go slowly. – Please come back soon. – Ok. Hey Tham, you sold out fish so fast. – Ut Men – Men. I buy 200gr belly meat. This is very good. Do you want pumpkin? That’s enough. Sau Leo! Men. Stop! – Stop running. You own me too much. When do you pay your debt? Stop… stop… You think you can hide from me? I was seeking for you 2 week already. – You always hide from me. – I will pay for you. You can run, but there are many knives in this market. Hey, all of you. Why do you take your knife when we are fighting? You… put your knife down. Men… sister… Give me some more days. I will earn money then pay back to you.

Some days, how many days do you need? Are you scare, you look so naive! Listen to me, Sau Leo! I let people borrow money to earn interest. I didn’t take your money. Why do you make me so tired? When i ask you to pay me, i show off my man power. Why did you do that? – What do you want? – Sis, now i don’t have any money. Please give me some times. I am empty now, even you chop me. You dare me! Auntie… Auntie… I am begging you, auntie Men. Please, forgive my dad. Daddy, please don’t get drunk anymore. Stop playing gamble. Work hard to earn money to pay your debt. Then let me go to school, please dad. Auntie Men…! Let him go, auntie Men! Ok, you are so cute, little girl. I can’t get angry before you. How can this bastard has a good girl like this? I won’t beat him anymore. Why are you here, are you coming to school? I am going to school next week. Next week? DId you dad buy book and note for you? How’s about the uniform? I will use old uniform and old book.

But i have to buy new note. Don’t born her if you can’t take care for her. I don’t have money to pay you. How can i have money for her school. Wait here! What are you doing? Sis, i don’t have any money. What is this? You cheated me? Take this to Ms. Muoi, ask her buy books and uniform for you. This is my money give you. But this is my dad’s money. You are so smart. This money that your dad own me. So i take it back from him and give to you. – Make sense? – Yes. Ok, let go to buy books. Wait me outside. Let’s go, don’t let him take back the money. – Run. – Buy books, daughter.

You. – I waive your debt. – Really, sis Men? Thank you so much. Don’t touch me, You want to get my ring, right? Thank you… thank you… You, give me my meats. – Give me my bag. – Thank you. What else? You took all my money to give my daughter. So i don’t have money to buy food. – Omg, take it! – Thank you so much. – Do you have any rice? – Just finished yesterday. Let’s take 10kg from my junk. For you daughter. 10kg are not enough for both of us. How about 20kg? – Only 10kg. You are insatiable guy. – Thank you, Men. All you guys, are you happy. Please follow me. All you guys, take you money and smile. Come and queue here. Ok, good… good job. So hard to have a good day as today. – Here is your money for meats. – Keep it, i am rich. Wow, you are rich? I know what you are thinking. Do you want to borrow more? Actually, i intend to go to surgery. – Surgery what? – Cosmetic surgery. Change head technology is not available in this province.

– You are so funny. – You have to change your head to become beauty. I want to erase my mole. Women in the market told me, when i get old, this mole will cover half of my face. Don’t trust them, it’s not true. Ok, come to my house tomorrow, i will give you some more money. I will pray for you have a good surgery. I go now. Stop running… – What happen? – Don’t care, they are chasing and fighting. What’s kind of riding like that. Men, start the engine now. What happen? Quickly… – Who are you looking for? – Start the engine! He is here. Brother… brother… I don’t know how to use this engine. Who are you? – This is Men’s junk. – I am her husband.

Where is Men? – She goes to the market. – Start the engine, now! I don’t know how to do. Untie the rope, now Uncle Hai, please stop. – Hey, who are you? – Stop. – Let’s go! – Sit down! Uncle Hai (son of the boss). Where is my junk? Them… Them… Nho, why you turn off the phone! What happen with Them? Nho, where are you? End of episode 1. .

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