Evolution Vs. God Movie

(Ray comfort) you are an atheist? I’m undoubtedly an atheist, yes. (Ray alleviation) Why are you an atheist? Why am I an atheist? Due to the fact there is no God. Atheism assumes that you may disprove the existence of a God. Agnostic is a extra right time period, however i am an atheist. (Ray alleviation) Are you an atheist? – Yeah. – i’m an atheist, yeah. – i’m, sure. – i’m. (Ray relief) So you are not an atheist? No, i am no longer. (Ray remedy) So you’re leaning that way when you consider that of evolution? Yeah. I don’t feel within the, there may be a guy within the sky that lives in the sky. – You suppose in evolution? – Of course I do, yes. (male narrator) "are living Science" says of Darwinian evolution: "it might turn dinosaurs into birds, apes into humans and amphibious mammals into whales." What Darwin showed in his work on evolution and traditional resolution is that we do not need to invoke any supernatural force or vigor to account for the progress of life via time on earth. The ongoing strategies which can be observable in modern-day world. (Ray relief) Do you consider it can be a belief? I feel it’s just reality. I suppose extra like information. There is an excessive amount of proof to ignore. (Ray relief) Do you feel it is a notion? – No, it’s science. – it can be the best way it happened. It’s logical. , all the scientists mainly accept as true with it. It’s extra of a reality. (Ray remedy) When did you begin to believe? Once I began to feel for myself. (Ray comfort) When did you start believing? When I took my first biology category. It all started to make a variety of experience. The trainer made it very effortless to appreciate. I more often than not trust the scientific neighborhood. It makes extra experience than any religion or anything. The fossils they have discovered of all the cavemen, the Homo sapiens, dinosaurs– it indicates clear evidence. I believe in science. (Ray remedy) What’s your foremost right here at this tuition? Biology. – you are a biology major? – Yeah. – You consider in evolution? – yes. – What’s your foremost? – Geology. – Chemistry. – Biochemistry. Environmental science and policy. I’m a physicist. Biochemistry. (Ray remedy) okay, do you suppose in evolution? Yes, I do. – Do you think in evolution? – sure, I do. – Of course. – sure, I do.I do feel in evolution. – You think in evolution? – sure. – Are you a powerful believer? – sure. – Are you a robust believer? – Yep. – sure. – sure. Undoubtedly. (narrator) A Scientific approach is based on "the gathering of data by way of statement and experimentation." -Science day-to-day (Ray comfort) would you give me some observable evidence that evolution is true? Whatever i do not must receive by means of religion? – Yeah. – Some observable proof? I imply, take a appear at what happened sixty five million years ago. (Ray relief) hang on, I are not able to, that’s 65 million years in the past. I suppose, yeah, millions of years. (Ray remedy) so that can not be discovered. We can trace the evolution via the fossil file. (Ray remedy) would you be unique, just give me one? Between 6 and 7 million years ago. Thousands of thousands to hundreds of thousands of years. – So it is relatively a long time. – sure. – millions of years? – yes. (Ray alleviation) So it are not able to be located? Evolution shouldn’t be testable over time. (narrator) "we’re condemned to are living just for a few a long time and that’s too sluggish, too small a time scale to look evolution happening," Richard Dawkins. "We see nothing of those gradual changes in development, unless the hand of time has marked the lapse of ages…" Charles Darwin.(Ray comfort) you’ve gotten acquired the canine style: the coyote and the home dog; and there may be the pussycat type: which is the cats, the tiger, and the kitten; and you may have obtained humankind. So Darwin mentioned there’d be a metamorphosis of kinds over a long time, so could you give me one instance of observable proof of a transformation of varieties? So for illustration, the fossil record shows the original ancestors of all carnivores, that cats and puppies have been as soon as linked, united via a long-established ancestor. (Ray alleviation) How lengthy in the past? This, I think, was, like, 60 million years ago. (Ray alleviation) I do not need something that I have got to be given with the aid of religion. I want it to be observable. Observable proof. Good, I imply, if you’re just asking me here on the road, there may be really not much i will be able to inform you in terms of observable proof. Like, we might must rather examine current information to draw conclusions of our own. (Ray remedy) we might have to have faith, then? We might ought to have some amount of religion. (Ray relief) are you able to feel of any observable evidence for Darwinian evolution, the place he mentioned there’d be a metamorphosis of style? (male) Like a monkey to a person, is that what you’re speaking about? (Ray relief) Yeah, a change of sorts. I do not quite feel there is any proof for that yet. Well, monkeys are the one ones with the fifth digit like we’ve. (Ray comfort) Koalas have a fifth digit. Do you know that? (feminine) I failed to know that. (Ray comfort) Do you believe we’re developed from koalas? No. I went to, like, Washington, D.C. I saw they had a entire showcase simply on the– – within the Smithsonian? – Yeah, within the Smithsonian. (Ray comfort) I went to that. It’s identical to some stuffed dummies, like standing around a fire.I do know that each person talks in regards to the missing hyperlink for humans and whatnot. I believe that there are connections which are out there that we have not located but. I’m going to believe what these gurus did, these experts got here up with. I have a powerful trust in evolutionary suggestions headquartered on the proof presented. (Ray comfort) can you consider of any observable proof for Darwinian evolution, a metamorphosis of sorts? I have not obvious it myself, however I suppose what the textbooks tell me about it, so. (Ray remedy) you may have bought religion within the gurus? I think about the specialists, yeah. I assume just like how religious persons have faith that God surely exists, I place confidence in the professionals figuring out what they’re talking about. (Ray relief) The scientific process is it need to be observable and repeatable, so might you provide me one piece of observable evidence for Darwinian evolution? Okay, i’d point to– there is one first-rate instance is appear at the genetics of the stickleback. (Ray comfort) What’s that? So stickleback fish are a very exciting collection of species that were lately remoted after the top of the Ice Age. (Ray remedy) What have they grow to be? They may be more than a few species of sticklebacks. (Ray comfort) They stayed as fish? Well, of course. (Ray comfort) can you suppose of any observable proof where there was once a change of sorts? Fish. Human beings are still fish. (Ray comfort) Human beings are fish? Why, sure, of course they’re. (Ray comfort) How long did that take? Couple billions of years, hundreds of thousands. – Couple hundreds of thousands? – Yep. – How is that observable? – it’s no longer. We came out of the bottom as a mammal, and one mammal created– (Ray relief) Come out of the bottom? Did not we come out of the ocean? Huh? Well, originally within the establishing, we got here out of the ground and the sea. After the satisfactory destruction of the– (Ray alleviation) So did we have now lungs or gills after we got here out of the sea? You want to grasp something? Those that have been within the sea i suppose had gills, and those that had been on land had lungs. (Ray remedy) but if we got here out of the ocean, we had gills within the sea? You want to know some thing? Who knows that we got here out of the sea or we got here out of– we advanced from mammals? – So you do not know? – Huh? Of direction I don’t know.I am accepting that they did their science properly. (Ray relief) would you supply me an example of Darwinian evolution, not adaptation or speciation, however a metamorphosis of varieties? These are changes of varieties. (Ray remedy) they’re still fish. They are fantastically unique fish. Now we have countless numbers of examples. (Ray remedy) can you give me one? – i will provide you with thousands. – just one. For illustration, i would say look at Lenski’s experiments in bacteria, then. (Ray alleviation) So what have the micro organism grow to be? The micro organism are still micro organism, of direction. (Ray relief) So that’s no longer Darwinian evolution. That’s now not a change of kinds, is it? It’s a change in the genetic make-up of the micro organism. (Ray alleviation) but they’re nonetheless micro organism. So what have the bacteria end up? A new type of micro organism. (Ray alleviation) it’s nonetheless micro organism. There isn’t any trade of kinds. To summarize, the observable proof that you simply provide me for Darwinian evolution is micro organism becoming micro organism.No, it is micro organism obtaining new metabolic capabilities. (Ray remedy) You stated earlier than that there used to be plenty of proof for evolution. I just need one observable proof for Darwinian evolution. Just one. But I gave you some. You do not want– (Ray remedy) now not some. I need one. Wait, you don’t want that. (Ray remedy) i would like one. Yes, I do. I’m pleading with humans. You asked me to let you know– you asked me to inform you after I’ve watched one species evolve into an extra. Isn’t that proper? (Ray remedy) No, one type into a different. There is 14 one-of-a-kind definitions of species, so I desire a exchange of form. When you’re speaking about sorts or alternate in families, you are honestly talking about macroevolution.You are speaking about changes on the level that separates, say, cats from dogs. (Ray remedy) So would you give me any examples of Darwinian evolution? Good, while you say examples of that, then you have to type of look at it over a longer time frame. It has nothing to do with faith. Religion is whatever that I ought to–unseen, I have got to suppose it. (Ray comfort) that’s it, unseen. Appear, do you suppose evolution? Of path I do. (Ray relief) Are you a believer in evolution? Yes, i am. (Ray remedy) When did you to suppose evolution? I began to believe evolution when I started to consider for myself. (Ray remedy) Is evolution a notion? Evolu– well, something? Evolution is a thought process. It can be this coming-to-phrases and testing the entire alternatives.Like, taking a watching on the religion, man-made religions. (Ray relief) Let me ask you once more. Is evolution a perception? No, evolution is– good, yeah. In a phrase, yeah, I might say it might be a perception. Whilst you say trade of varieties, do you mean the evolution of one species from one other or to a further? Yes, we have now that in motion, honestly, in the Galapagos. (Ray alleviation) would you give me one instance? Sure, we now have an example from a gaggle of birds referred to as Darwin’s finches. You are taking a appear at the change between the finches on the islands that each one started out, I mean, that’s very, very observable. (Ray remedy) however that is no longer Darwinian evolution. There’s been no exchange of kinds. What have the finches grow to be? They emerge as genetically new and anatomically new, recognizably one of a kind species. (Ray relief) So they’re nonetheless finches? Well, of direction they’re still finches, sure. (Ray comfort) So there isn’t a exchange of form. Little birds that he had observed that– (Ray alleviation) What did they come to be? Their beaks, their beak shapes, they are– – they may be nonetheless birds. – yes.Three finches that turn out to be distinct forms of birds, situated on– (Ray remedy) they are still finches. Good, for instance, Darwin and his be taught on evolution of the birds on the island that he went onto there. – Their beaks changed? – Their beaks– (Ray alleviation) however they are nonetheless birds. There is no trade of varieties. That’s within the kind. No, no, no, it’s just evolution on the beaks. (Ray relief) So that’s referred to as adaptation. That is now not Darwinian evolution. There’s no exchange of varieties. There’s no one-of-a-kind animal worried. I would like whatever that indicates me Darwin’s notion in the change of sorts is scientific. Darwin mentioned a change of sort. Can you think of any observable proof for Darwinian evolution where there is a metamorphosis of sort? Exchange of variety, change of kind… I will need to consider about that one slightly longer. (Ray comfort) can you supply me anything that i will be able to see, realize, and experiment, which is the scientific method, for Darwinian evolution, a transformation of sorts? Test and detect… (Ray alleviation) might you provide me observable evidence, which is the scientific procedure, for Darwinian evolution, a change of kinds? Okay, I received to believe about it. So you need the proof of it? I might say… I can not, I consider. It’s a tough query, clearly. So, are you able to repeat the query once more? (Ray alleviation) might you give me any observable evidence, only one, for Darwinian evolution? Let me suppose about that for a sec. (Ray alleviation) Observable proof, something the place we do not ought to activity faith? Whatever that can be located, like the scientific procedure, observable? That is a excellent query. That one i’m not really certain. (Ray comfort) so that you cannot think of any observable proof for evolution? – No. – How do you understand it’s actual? I’m now not sure. (Ray alleviation) So Darwinian evolution is not observable? It can be now not scientific? I suppose so. (Ray alleviation) So it’s unscientific. You are not able to show it. It is scientific truly. You could prove it. It might be confirmed, simply– (Ray relief) Do it for me. Ah, that’s hard. I don’t– that is simply too broad of a– (Ray alleviation) it is unobservable, that is why. You want thousands of years. Yes, exactly. (Ray remedy) you’re trusting the biology majors and the biology professors understand what they’re speaking about, and so they cannot even supply me proof of a transformation of kinds. Good, then, there is not one. If they don’t provide it, then i would not say there used to be. I just go on what I’ve visible and what I’ve realized from class. – so that you suppose? – Yeah. – what that is known as? – What? – Blind religion. – Blind religion. (narrator) "faith is the satisfactory cop-out, the quality excuse to sidestep the must suppose and evaluate evidence," Richard Dawkins. (Ray remedy) Do you feel in smart design? Of course not. (Ray relief) Do you believe the whole thing is intelligently designed? No, i don’t think that things are intelligently designed. (Ray alleviation) okay, you seem like an shrewd person, so i’m going to ask you something. I would like you to make me a rose, okay? How would you’re making a rose? I would not have the capabilities to do this. (Ray remedy) No, grasp on, now, it can be no longer intelligently designed, so you will have to be able to whip me up a rose actual speedy. Do you believe a rose is intelligently designed? Surely now not. In order for me to know what to make, I have to be aware of what a rose is. (Ray remedy) good, it’s got a seed. So you have received to start with nothing and you could have bought to create a seed from nothing. – Oh. – can you do that? No, I cannot. (Ray remedy) might you’re making a rose from nothing? No. Can’t relatively make whatever from nothing. It is just normal, you know, science. – A rose from nothing? – A rose. Just like– I can’t, honestly. (Ray relief) Why not? Me? I simply have no supernatural abilities. (Ray comfort) all of the geniuses on this planet cannot make a grain of sand from nothing. We don’t know the place to begin. – I can not. – Why now not? I don’t have thousands, billions of years.That may be physically inconceivable. I imply, i might need to– that is now not viable. (Ray alleviation) So how would you say the whole lot will not be intelligently designed? Where does that leave you on the scale of intelligence for those who say the whole lot shouldn’t be intelligently designed, and also you can’t even make a rose? Why do you believe there’s no one educating intelligent design at UCLA? (Ray comfort) ‘intent they’re not allowed to. We can coach anything we would like. (narrator) there may be a reason smart design is not taught in our finding out institutions. Consistent with physicist Victor Stenger, "The authorized staff of Freedom From religion foundation has had awesome success in convincing many associations comparable to school boards and city councils that they are breaking constitutional law when they sponsor sectarian routine." That entails wise design. "When the authorities are not able to be convinced, Freedom From religion groundwork sues, and it wins extra mainly than not." (Ray relief) There used to be nothing in the starting. Huge explosion of nothing that grew to be some thing, and then it came into a rose, and giraffes and horses and cows. I’m no longer pronouncing that that is what occurred.I am just pronouncing I have no idea what happened. That’s what scientists have theorized has happened. (Ray alleviation) and also you believe them? – To a point. – So you’ve bought faith. That’s actual, yeah. (Ray relief) would you give me a definition of vestigials? How does that back up evolution? Vestigial is–it is like– i’m no longer a biologist, so i am style of fuzzy here, but it’s like a ultimate organ that isn’t used. Like for illustration, our appendix. Rabbits have a big appendix for digestion of grass. We still have a vestigial appendix. (Ray alleviation) You mean the appendix has little need? Which we are able to feel of correct now.Your coccyx bone that was once, you understand, many persons regard that because the tail of the people. (Ray comfort narrating) The human tailbone is alleged to be vestigial. That is, it’s an evolutionary leftover proving that we’re concerning primates. Nevertheless, it is now not a tailbone, it’s the coccyx vertebrae. "The tailbone derived its identify since some humans believe it’s a ‘leftover’ phase from human evolution, although the idea that the tailbone serves no intent is improper." "The coccyx is an incredibly important source of attachment for tendons, ligaments, and muscle tissues…" Evolutionists additionally declare that the appendix is vestigial, but it surely’s not. The appendix is truely part of the human immune system. Consistent with Scientific American, "For years, the appendix was credited with little or no physiological operate. We now recognize, however, that the appendix serves an main role within the fetus and in younger adults. Amongst grownup people, the appendix is now proposal to be involved primarily within the immune services." i might bear in mind myself an atheist, yeah. (Ray alleviation) can you think of any famous atheists? I believe Neil deGrasse Tyson. (Ray alleviation) Neil deGrasse Tyson said: "I can not conform to the claims by way of atheists that i’m considered one of that neighborhood." (Ray alleviation) can you name a couple of? Famous atheists. Apparently now not. With Isaac Newton. (narrator) Isaac Newton said, "essentially the most gorgeous approach of the sun, planets and comets, would handiest proceed from the advice and dominion of an intelligent and robust Being." (Ray alleviation) are you able to believe of any famous atheists? Yeah. No. – A noted atheist? – Yeah, a famous atheist. Yeah, my dad. (Ray relief) he’s now not famous. (Ray comfort narrating) Skeptics’ websites in general include examples of noted atheists in an attempt to win converts. However more typically than not, the noted personalities stated aren’t definitely atheists.This is a popular atheist poster on that are Ernest Hemingway, Abraham Lincoln, Carl Sagan, Mark Twain, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Albert Einstein, and Charles Darwin, together with the words: "Atheism, good adequate for these idiots." naturally, atheism is for intellectuals. But one second. Abraham Lincoln wasn’t an atheist. He said, "i do know that the Lord is consistently on the aspect of the right.But it surely’s my steady nervousness and prayer that I and this nation should be on the Lord’s side." Neither was once Carl Sagan. He obviously recounted, "i am an agnostic." Mark Twain hated religion, however he certainly wasn’t an atheist, pronouncing, "None of us can also be as quality as God, but any of us may also be as excellent." Benjamin Franklin stated, "God governs in the affairs of guys." you’ll be able to to find Thomas Edison listed on famous person Atheists, on positive Atheism, and other atheist internet sites, but he wasn’t an atheist. He said, "there is a fine directing head of people and matters– a Supreme Being who appears after the destinies of the world." Thomas Jefferson said, "Say nothing of my religion. It is identified to myself and my God by myself." Albert Einstein rejected the Bible because the phrase of God, and mentioned that the Creator was unknowable, and that God being private was childlike. He lamented, "In view of such concord in the cosmos which I, with my restricted human understanding, am in a position to appreciate, there are but people who say there’s no God. However what rather makes me indignant is that they quote me to aid such views." He categorically stated, "i’m not an atheist," and when referring to people who deny the Creator, he used the time period "fanatical atheists." Charles Darwin stated, "i’ve not ever been an atheist." So out of the eight noted men on the poster, there is only one who was an atheist: Ernest Hemingway.In step with his biographer, again in 1961, Hemingway, quote, "pushed two shells into the twelve-gauge Boss shotgun, put the end of the barrel into his mouth, pulled the set off and blew out his brains." there’s your poster boy in terms of atheism. Maintain in mind that even though a few of these guys declare to suppose in God, it does not always imply that they’re believers in the one real Creator revealed in the Scriptures, or that they’re precise Christians. However, when atheists use theists or agnostics to advertise their godless agenda, they’re being dishonest. Then again, coming from those who declare that morality is relative to every character, effortless dishonesty must now not be a shock. (Ray comfort) Do you think in moral absolutes? No, I don’t. (Ray remedy) Is rape improper? Rape is improper in our tradition, yes. (Ray comfort) Is rape invariably unsuitable? It relies on your beginnings. If you say that you’ve got a respect for other human beings, then sure, rape is invariably improper. (Ray remedy) So there are ethical absolutes? Is rape definitely improper? Individually, it is. (Ray remedy) So who makes the rules? We do. (Ray relief) So if Hitler made the foundations and he had the bulk? If Hitler made the principles, sure, we’d be residing in a society that Hitler would do not forget ethical, but which i would now not recollect ethical. (Ray relief) Did Hitler put into follow survival of the fittest? – No. – What was once he doing, then? He used to be murdering people. (Ray relief) but that is survival of the fittest. No, that is not survival of the fittest. (Ray relief) it is, it’s the lion consuming the antelope. No, there’s way more to evolution than simply this variety of crude "kill and be killed" mannequin that you’ve for your head. (Ray remedy) however i’ve seen a quote from Richard Dawkins pronouncing, "Evolution in its rawest is extremely merciless." it is, sure. (Ray remedy) That used to be Hitler hanging evolution into follow. That does not imply it was ethical. (Ray comfort) It used to be immoral. Nobody’s claiming that evolution is a moral process. Evolution is a very harsh and cruel method. (Ray remedy) Do you consider in evolution? – yes, I do. – Do you could have a canine? – sure. – Love your canine? I do love my dog. Yes, I do. I love animals. (Ray relief) okay, good, your pet dog and your rotten neighbor are drowning. You could handiest save one in every of them. Who would you store? Hmm, that is a tough one. I can only save one? (Ray alleviation) Why are you hesitating? I suppose i would store my dog. I do not know why i am relatively hesitating.Because, I do not know, I believe like persons would see me as a foul person if I stated the dog. I’ll save my canine. (Ray comfort) So is your neighbor now not valued at saving? Good, he is no longer valued at saving greater than my dog is. I’d go together with the canine. I mean, you can wish to keep the animal. So i might want to shop my canine. Well, we’re animals. I suppose we’re all equal. I do not suppose people have like, a better, like, situation. (Ray alleviation) so you believe puppies are extra valuable than human beings? Do you feel in evolution? Yes, I do. (Ray relief) So it is just a subject of survival of the fittest. Your neighbor’s a primate, and you’ve acquired a canine, and you just like the canines greater than you like the primate. Would that be correct? Typically, yeah. I imply, it can be survival of the fittest, I mean– – Survival of the fittest? – Yeah, in general. (Ray alleviation) You mentioned you believe in evolution. So it can be just a topic of survival of the fittest? Yeah. (Ray alleviation) If he drowns, he drowns, massive deal. Oh, good yeah, that is true.- Are you an atheist? – Yeah. (narrator) "Any fetus is much less human than an grownup pig," Richard Dawkins. (Ray remedy) So you don’t consider God exists? Extra like i know. (Ray remedy) Are you comfortable speaking about religious matters? I do not know so much about them, for the reason that they’re no longer really competent of expertise. When we’re lifeless, we stop that, we discontinue without a doubt residing. (Ray remedy) How do you know? Considering that it is simply what the tips are. Like, for those who stopped respiration right now, you would be considered dead. (Ray comfort) Jacob, when you have been a car and your motor received grew to become off, that would be correct, that’s inanimate. However you are a dwelling, biological man or women with the life of God in you. We are a mechanical being due to the fact that we now have one-of-a-kind components that– – Is there no life in you? – sure, there is lifestyles in me. (Ray alleviation) that is your soul. Ok, are you able to manage some questions? They are lovely pointed questions. – sure. – Are you a good man or woman? (Ray relief) Are you going to make it to heaven? I wish to feel so.Do I believe i’m a good character? Yeah. (Ray alleviation) Are you a good person, morally? Sure, i’m. (Ray remedy) Do you think you’re a good individual? Sure. I wish to feel so, yeah. (Ray alleviation) how many lies have you advised for your whole existence? I wouldn’t be able to rely. I have no idea if I might bear in mind. (Ray comfort) can you be honest with me? Yeah. (Ray alleviation) how many lies do you feel you could have informed for your whole existence? Oh, rather a few. – countless. – Uncountable. (Ray alleviation) What would you name me if I advised lots of lies? Numerous lies, you’ll name me a liar, wouldn’t you? Of path. (Ray remedy) What do you call anyone who’s advised 1000s of lies? – A liar. – So what are you? I am a liar. (Ray relief) have you ever ever stolen anything on your whole lifestyles, even if it can be small? Yes, i have. (Ray alleviation) have you ever ever taken anything that belonged to any person else? – Of path. – certain. Yes, i have. (Ray alleviation) that’s referred to as theft. – So what are you? – A liar and a thief. I am a liar and a thief. (Ray alleviation) have you ever used God’s title in vain? Oh, everyday. (Ray alleviation) have you ever used God’s name in useless? Oh, always. (Ray alleviation) have you ever ever used God’s identify in vain? Probably so. (Ray comfort) have you ever ever used God’s identify in vain? – Yep. – i’ve certainly. (Ray comfort) that’s called blasphemy. It can be very critical to use God’s title as a cuss phrase. I don’t suppose in blaspheming, when you consider that i don’t feel in God. So when you do not think in God, how are you going to blaspheme? (Ray alleviation) good, if i do not consider in detailed laws and still violate them, lack of information of the legislation isn’t any excuse. So we’re still guilty, although we deny a legislation exists or we even don’t know about it. One to go, and that i respect your honesty, Jacob. Jesus said in case you seem at a woman and lust for her, you commit adultery along with her to your heart. Have you ever looked at a lady with lust? Why, yes, I look at many females with lust in my coronary heart. Of course. (Ray remedy) have you ever ever looked at a guy with lust? – With lust? – Lust. – Oh, yeah. – sure. Now not not too long ago. I have indeed. (Ray alleviation) Are you having sex outside of marriage? No, not but. (Ray remedy) Are you looking at pornography? Yes. (Ray comfort) you’re lusting after women, you see. Have you ever looked at a woman with lust? Definitely. (Ray alleviation) So Peter, by your own admission, you’re a mendacity thief, a blasphemer, and an adulterer at heart, and that is best four of the Ten Commandments. What i’m saying to you isn’t believing in hell does not make it go away. A judge ought to see that justice is completed if he’s a good decide, and it can be the identical with God. If we die in our sins, God will provide us justice. The Bible says no thief, no liar, no fornicator, no blasphemer, no adulterer will inherit the dominion of God. So Julia, in the event you died in your sins and God gave you justice due to the fact he is holy and excellent morally, you’d emerge as in hell, and i might hate that to happen to you. Man, would you promote considered one of your eyes for $1 million? – on the whole now not, no. – each for $one hundred million? No, I value seeing an excessive amount of. (Ray alleviation) See how necessary your eyes are to you, how much more beneficial is your lifestyles, and you are announcing, "i don’t care if I get damned from all that which is just right"? Of course you care. You may have acquired a will to reside. Now, let me let you know anything you realize intuitively. You already know that construction is proof of the Creator. God’s given you that light. We wouldn’t have proof of the Creator. – sure, we do. – we don’t, clearly. (Ray comfort) i’ve in inside story. I have a whistleblower and it tells me that you already know God exists, and the reason you choose evolution is on account that it eliminates moral accountability. It does no longer get rid of moral accountability. (Ray comfort) It does, it way your primal instincts, lust and pornography, and fornication, adultery, are all just primal instincts. That is all. You’re just an animal. The Bible demands moral accountability and says these things are flawed, and that is why it is no longer appropriate to you. That is why you’re no longer seeking after fact. Am I incorrect? Let’s have a look at. – Am I improper? – I think you are flawed. (Ray relief) I say that you already know intuitively that production is proof of the Creator. God has given you that internal gentle, so whilst you look at the genius of God’s inventive hand, He exists due to the fact that of creation. You’re a distinct man or women, made in the picture of God with a sense of justice and fact and righteousness. God gave you a conscience. It is inherent. It is shaped by way of society, however it’s inherent. You understand proper from wrong. You might have violated His legislation, and that i don’t want you to grow to be in hell. James, if you happen to put your finger on it, and notice if we will, your wrestle on the second is considering that of your love of sin, considering the fact that of the pleasure that sin gives you, and you don’t want to provide it up. You’re like a person with a cash belt filled with gold who’s simply fallen into the ocean. I’m announcing for those who don’t do away with that belt that weighs 80 kilos, it is going to take you under. Would not matter how a lot pleasure it gives you, it is now not worth dropping your life for. Gail, you are now not a beast. You’re a man or women, created by God in His image with dignity and valued at and cause. Are you aware what God did for guilty sinners so we wouldn’t have to go to hell? Any proposal? – Uh-uh. – No. (Ray comfort) well, God grew to become a human being 2,000 years ago, Jesus of Nazareth, and He suffered and died on a cross, taking the punishment for the sin of the world. You and i violated God’s regulation and Jesus paid our excellent. That suggests God can legally disregard our case considering the fact that of the suffering, dying, and resurrection of the Savior. God can say, "you are out of right here" on the grounds that any individual paid your high-quality. After which what God can now do is dress us within the righteousness of Christ, so on Judgment Day, you are reliable from God’s wrath and His justice in view that of the dying and resurrection of the Savior. In the event you repent and trust in Him, God will give you a righteous standing in His eyes. He’ll wash away your sins in an immediate, and He’ll supply you the present of eternal existence. His final words on the move were, "it is finished." In other words, the debt has been paid. He came to take our punishment upon Himself. So seeing that our great used to be paid via one more, God can legally push aside your case. It is very rough to consider that any one could be willing to repay the debt that is no longer His possess. (Ray alleviation) The Bible says God is love, you know, and he is sort and beneficiant and merciful, and in His best kindness He became a individual and suffered for us. – Does that make feel? – That makes sense, yeah. – How old are you? – i’m 22. (Ray remedy) When are you going to die? I haven’t any notion. (Ray relief) good, God is aware of exactly the moment of your dying, and it could be tonight, it could be day after today. I’m not utilising scare approaches. This is simply straight fact. 150,000 men and women every 24 hours die, they usually have been all planning for subsequent week, indisputably. So please consider about this. Do you have got a Bible at home? No. (Ray comfort) i’m no longer speakme a few faith that says you’ve gotten received to strive to get to heaven. I’m telling you the Bible says heaven is a free reward of God. You can’t earn everlasting lifestyles. Doesn’t topic how religious you might be, how good you’re. "God recommended His love towards us, in that even as we were yet sinners, Christ died for us," and then He rose from the useless and defeated death. This is how the Bible places it: "For by means of grace are you saved by way of religion and that not of yourselves, it is the reward of God, no longer of works, lest any man boast." So everlasting lifestyles is a free gift of God, and it comes due to the fact of God’s mercy, no longer due to the fact that of whatever we do.Make feel? Yeah, is smart. (Ray alleviation) Do you might have a Bible at residence? Yes. (Ray alleviation) i’ve been studying the Bible day-to-day for more than 40 years. There isn’t a errors in it, Mike. Any mistakes that we suppose are in it are our errors, and which you can trust God’s phrase. I mean, feel of the way you trust professors and science books that inform you you are a primate? You trust and feel that. So how far more must you trust a God who can’t lie? Let me show you the way fallible we are. Spell the phrase "store." – retailer? – retailer. S-H-O-P. (Ray remedy) What do you do whilst you come to a green gentle? – stop. – inexperienced light. Oh. (Ray remedy) See, we’re all fallible. We make errors. So suppose if you’re making a mistake whilst you say this whole of creation came together when you consider that some explosion of nothing that produced the whole lot: seasons, the birds, the timber, the plants, the sun, the moon, the stars, and the marvels of the human physique? Are you going to suppose about this? Oh, yeah, no, I suppose about this rather rather a lot, suppose me.My brother, like I stated, he is a hardcore Christian. He’ll Yale Divinity school correct now, so he talks to me about this at all times. (Ray alleviation) So you’ve gotten acquired to consider critically about this. Life is stuffed with selections. Soften your heart. Would not have so much blind religion in what science tells you and it is left you with none advantage of what was once in the establishing anyway. You have not bought a clue where you come from, you do not know what you’re doing here on earth, and you do not know what occurs after you die. Peter, might you be unsuitable about God’s existence? Yes. And would you be unsuitable about God’s existence? (Ray relief) No. Good then, I consider you’re instead closed-minded. (Ray remedy) good, if I stated to you, "could you be unsuitable about your wife’s existence?" you’d say "No, i do know her." you’d say, "don’t be ridiculous. I know her and love her," and i know the Lord and i love the Lord, and He converted my life forty one years ago, immediately, overnight. Forgave my sins and gave me new desires once I had no desires or thoughts of God for the entire 22 years before I used to be a Christian. Mike, thanks for speakme to me, I recognize it. Yeah, of path, no predicament. Thanks. (Ray comfort) yet another thing, in view that you’re a very sensible man. Spell the word "retailer." keep? Like, S-H-O-P? S-H-O-P. (Ray comfort) What do you do while you come to a inexperienced mild? – You discontinue. – inexperienced light. – Hmm? – inexperienced gentle. Oh, ha-ha, very good. (Ray relief) Peter, you have been a good activity. Thank you very much for speakme to me. I by and large don’t engage creationists, due to the fact that it can be not excellent for my blood strain. (Ray remedy) So are you going to believe about this? Uh-huh. I consider about it rather a lot, truely. I think about death and how fragile lifestyles is, and the way simply in a second it would all be over and there’d be nothing. (Gail E. Kennedy, PhD) you realize, the predicament with people who are unable to see evolution, I feel, is that they wouldn’t have imaginations. (narrator) "Anatomical clues to human evolution from fish." Human beings are nonetheless fish. (narrator) "Human ears evolved from old fish gills." We came out of the ground as a mammal. (narrator) "Heavier dinosaur palms led evolution to birds." (Ray alleviation) Do you think we’re involving pigs? Do you feel we’ve got acquired a normal ancestor in pigs? Sure. (narrator) "Proof that fearsome T-Rex advanced right into a bird." (Ray remedy) Do you suppose you’re a primate? – yes, i’m. – Are you a talking primate? – i am. (Ray relief) Are you a cousin of bananas? Why, yes. (narrator) "When whales walked the land." (student) i am accepting that they did their science accurately. I most often trust the scientific community.I will trust what those professionals did, these specialists got here up with. Darwinian evolution rests on religion, and as soon as again, consistent with Richard Dawkins, "religion is the fine cop-out, the satisfactory excuse to keep away from the must suppose and overview evidence." Darwinian evolution requires fine religion. The talents of God, nevertheless, is naturally obvious by means of all mankind. "For due to the fact that the production of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by means of the matters which can be made, even His everlasting vigor and Godhead, so that they’re without excuse, because, despite the fact that they knew God, they didn’t glorify Him as God, nor have been thankful, however grew to be futile in their thoughts, and their silly hearts were darkened. Professing to be intelligent, they grew to become fools." thank you for taking the time to look at "Evolution vs. God." if you would like to get extra information about our ministry, please visit LivingWaters.Com. Ray comfort has written a quantity of books on atheism and evolution to support further your study on this extremely foremost field. At LivingWaters.Com which you could additionally be taught about our online university of Biblical Evangelism; our worldwide tv software, "the way in which of the grasp"; our everyday webcast, "The alleviation Zone"; and "Roots," a DVD series with Ray, Kirk Cameron, and the Duggar loved ones. We’re incredibly humbled to look how God has used our previous productions to impact folks around the globe and to spread the wonderful gospel of Jesus Christ. We want to get free DVD copies of "Evolution vs. God" into the arms of institution pupils across the world. To detect how you can aid make this occur, please investigate out LivingWaters.Com. Thank you so much for partnering with us to inspire and equip Christians in enjoyable the fine commission. 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