TÔI LÀ AI – TẬP 2 | SITCOM HỌC ĐƯỜNG 2017 (Phở Đặc Biệt & Ngọc Thảo)

This is An, new member of our class I’ve just come back from America but I am still a Vietnamese I am Minh, call me Mimi because that’s cute How is it cue when it sounds like a dog’s name? It’s just your first day at work and you already did some business in the campus Free to die, you still want? I’ll be performing here tomorrow I invite you guys A movie of Yeah1 Network With the co-operation of Bonny Lipstick, Yeah1 KA$H, WAYZ Entertainment NO SINGING AT ALL! Studying comes along with practicing Not singing okay sir? SIR? You’re calling me sir? I already knew that, teacher But you know what? They promised to perform already And they can’t make it to the show if they attend the class Compensation on the contract costs a fortune, sir That’s your business?! I need not know that, and neither do I care Skip class, I will deduct their behaviour evaluation That’s it Please don’t sir How about this? You permit her to skip 1 school day only And then give her back-up lessons the next day? I say no, that’s all! Mister, you mess with it one more time I release the dogs to bite you MISTER!! You’re calling me mister? From sir to mister Oh but when did our school start raising dogs? I’ve been staying in here for years, how come I have no idea about campus dogs? Awww so cute One day I’ll bring my dogs here to let them hang with teacher’s dogs Huh? Dog teacher? Oh, your dogs I meant No more begging Go out please, sir SIR! Do you know that whenever you call me sir It’s like thousands of knives striking right at my heart Teacher, how about Something is better than nothing I have this for you WHAT’S THAT? Put it down! You were about to bribe under schooling environment? I’ll take your picture Report to the cops And post it on Facebook for the netizens to comment This angle is nice and I look thin too Remember to edit, make my face smaller It is so unfair Bribe what? Then what is this thing? This envelope is the salary I’ve just received My mistake I’ll put in here I’m not stupid I’ve just found some CDs of Ms.

Bach Tuyet Oh my, she’s been singing some good folk-transfered young-age songs lately Rain Sister Reach To Your Heart Slightly Ms. Bach Tuyet? Can you just reach to my heart slightly sir? Let me see These are really good I did my best to collect all these Thank you then! Erm can they skip a school day sir? No Mister Oh my god I don’t know what I did wrong? Why it gotta be so harsh on me? How could I replace her? Also what to say to the organisers? Potential people Where can I go to find them? Please help me find a potential one Potential…

Potential!! Hey girl You’re calling me, mister? Nope You’re calling me then? Mister? You’re calling me mister? I’m still young, it should be brother not mister But, never mind that Ah, let me introduce myself I’m the manager of the most famous music group of our school Lollipop it is Ah, that Lollipop group That’s right! That group which all the members left right? They disbanded but there’s still a manager? Still Why not? Bro, I know you See, you see your friend knows me, I am really famous in this school I see you really often See? Mr. To often lets the dogs out to bite him You are here today to get bit? Pass that biting thing You, you want to be a singer? What do you mean? I don’t get it He wants to have you in the same company with Tien Yeah right. You smart kid Short, impolite but smart I am in rush now I give you my card Call me if you have time And if you want to be a singer okay? I’m busy I gotta go Is the door broken or what? I can’t open it This car is the principle’s?! Oh I forgot, wrong car Bad hand, I thought it was mine Then how did you get here? I walk I’m busy okay, very busy, busy How can he mistake walking with driving? Yeah..

Hey, shall we go sit there? Let’s go! Sit here man Move Really.. Hey you I see that is one big chance for you Just try it, it’s ok to fail Stop it girls Showbiz is a big thing You can’t just enter like that A newbie like An If not careful, you’ll change Wait, you sing well? No, I sing for fun only Then don’t do it If you sing for fun and go there, they’ll make fun of you Wait, how did the manager knows that you sing well and recruit you? Oh who cares? Thesedays, you don’t need to sing well It’s only beauty that matters This is cool by the way Back in the US, they often have bands or cheerleading teams in the campus If you’re a part of it, you’re really proud Don’t care You’re in Vietnam And this is not a school band It’s external Is that so? Um Isn’t it way cooler? I’ve always wanted to do something to make myself standout I was looked down when I was in the US I thought I was really a useless person Turns out I have something right? Yeah RIGHT! What was that? It’s not easy to have him look at you That makes sense though I just remind you that because I worry If you want then just do it I support you Yeah absolutely Now, break’s over Let’s go back Yeah let’s go What? Who has the guts to mess with our manager? Who? Not having guts but really annoying No one but your supervisor All of a sudden He appears And rules everything But what’s wrong? You ask Seems like we have to cancel this weekend’s show He doesn’t permit you to go I begged him Also bribe him several Bach Tuyet CDs But he just didn’t allow How can I talk to the organisers? Poor me Now..

It’s because you’ve been forcing me to skip classes Hey hey hey That he hates you How can you perform if you don’t skip classes? Oh, but this time the show is on Saturday? Yeah, on Saturday I begged him to death To skip Saturday classes but still I don’t go to school on Saturday miss Oh… my god You don’t have class? I don’t even remember Seems like I eat a lot thesedays That fat got into my brain Make me don’t remember stuff Hey but we have good news Good? If it is not it’d be very shameful Seems like you found a pretty girl To replace Tram right? Hey how did you know? You’re like attached to me Right but is that good news? Very nice right? Yeah, a lot Wait for the fun to start This one is old but she keeps asking it Sit down sit down students Hello everyone Today I’m good and beautiful How about you guys? All good huh? I’m too tired She always talks like that Too, too tired Mimi, what did he mean? He meant that she talks in a awfully cute way Does that mean she’s girly? Noooo Starting from now We must have a different definition for that way of talking It doesn’t mean girly But it is Miss Thu Long! Who is Long, stand up! She calls you dude Oh mommy Me? Oh being called Lona, I forgot my real name You stand up! Yeah, what’s wrong teacher? I ask you, what did you just say? #~!^*((?>^?%$#>?*>(_” He’s sick, miss Can you stop it? I was just kidding, why you gotta be so serious? It’s not funny Okay..

I ask you What did you just say? I didn’t say anything I just compliment your beauty Liar! It is written on your face Oh god, is it? Find it for me please! Find that word for me You need not to! Find that word for me You need not to! It is deep down in the cells of your face! So I have to micro needling it It costs a lot! Yeah Can you guys stop it? The two of you, go out! But… Now! Where to, miss? Wherever Not here, okay? Teacher.. Go! Find the word ‘liar’ for me! And you too Huh? You go too Me? GO! So pissed off All your fault You’re very nice?! I have to admit that you get your brows done well It is black and brown Because I’m in hurry The brows is from Ms.

Thu She sells eyebrows? I mean the brows pencil You stupid! Hey An! Why you smile all the time? It is that nice to be punished? Because I’m not punished this way back in the US Really? Don’t make up Hey I watch American movies They get detentions all the time Yeah but it is weird here Crazy! You stop that It’s all your fault Only I talked huh? Were you mute? Why the three of you stand here? No need to say! I know you talk in class just by looking Stay here, it serves you well You guys all understand? If not, just ask me I’ll show each, each, each of you, kay? Mr. To So blessed You come to see us? Stop being like that Mister, why you go pass by our class? If I can, I’ll help you There’s something that took me here I’m not free Who? Who sells these tickets illegally in the school? Hey, that’s yours, stand up Shut up I ask once again Who gives out these tickets? What does he mean? Means ‘selling tickets deeply’ To An, you must say ‘illegally’ so that she can understand Ahh Is that the tickets Tien gave us? Yeh Hey hey hey look at Tien Her turn now She’s so screwed In your face! Stand up bish It’s me sir But it’s not true I gave them for free I didn’t sell them Free? Free? I saw the 10th graders sell it publicly Umm I gave them for free If anyone sells it, how can I know? Shut it all down No more performing It is Saturday sir Come, sir Oh my god You guys are performing for real? Remember this! Go on my Facebook Find the folder Lipstick, False eyelashes, Wigs Then message me I’ll discount for you 20% If you guys go to my house to get the stuff Then it’s 30% Oh by the way May I have 2 minutes to PR my products? Welcome you to Bonny Lipstick Only 155,000 VND And you have for yourself this magical lipstick *2-minute PR* STOPPPP! *continues* YOU HAVEN’T STOPPED YET? Remember to buy this okay? Message me Hey An! What is your decision? Are you joining the Lollipop?

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