Tỉnh Giấc Tôi Thấy Mình Trong Ai – Tập 2 | Wake Up Web Drama – Ep.2

Guys, is that Hoang Dan? Are you Hoang Dan? Can I have a photo with you? Come guys, we are famous now. I told you I would pick you up. You haven’t prepared yet. Dan! Please check your email. Kenh14 just sent some interview reports. Oh, there are some fans win prizes in the last fan meeting. I will bring some posters over for your signature. Oh! There is also a contract from Pepsi. Ah… Take a drink. Here. Thanks! Dan… I still want you to think twice about that offer. Not only that the customer really likes you, but they also pay a huge amount for this contract. And the most important thing is that this contract will affect our relationship and our image with them. And I think Popeyes has good reputation. They will not put us in a disadvantaged position. Popeyes… Fried chicken? They want me? I agree. I totally agree. Please accept the offer. Hmm and… Can I eat there for free? Of course! For you, everything is free! Perfect. Fabulous! I have stayed up for several days because of this offer.

So that will be the decision. Yes! Do you really want to take this? You can’t change your mind later. I know. Please tell them… they have to pick me! I will try my best. Fantastic. I love your working attitude. You really have grown up a lot. And this is… the contract they offered us. I checked it and everything looks good. You can just sign the contract now.

Anything related to the schedule and the requirements, I will discuss with Duy. O.K. Wow! I can eat the latest flavor. Pick a chicken leg and enjoy it. No, no. I will take two chicken legs. Take a bite on the right. Take a drink. Can we please stop right here? Are you hungry? You are already here? Are you okay? I am really worried about this. Ah! I probably was too tired so I slept in. Shall we go to the company? We just got back. It is already dark outside. After signing the contract with Popeyes, you went to a bakery. Then you suddently fainted. Bakery? Faint? Wait! Popeyes?! I signed the contract?? You have been acting weird since this morning. If you don’t feel good, I will bring you to the hospital and let you rest. I told you before. You have to think carefully before making a decision. Did something happen? I remembered it. It seems like… Ah… It seems like I got a cold. It has been windy these days.

And I I was blown by the wind and felt cold! So I fainted. The wind blew, I shivered. I stunned. I just need take a nap to feel better. You can go back. Isn’t there still a lot to do? Are you sure? You have to film with Popeyes tomorrow because they are in a hurry. If you need a rest, I can change the schedule. No no! I can even do it right now. You can go back. There is no need to worry about me. Suddenly… I feel so sleepy… You confused me. Alright take a rest. I will get you tomorrow. O.K. If it keeps being like this, I could die because of heart attack. Dan! What are you?? Who are you?? Calm down. I’m sorry. I don’t know what’s going on either. You have been…

Stalking me the whole time and now you want to kill me?! No! That’s so creepy. I didn’t know what I’ve done at that time. I think I was… too sleepy. It can’t be! That’s only your imaginary. This is not real! It can’t be real! I think so too! Let’s find out together. Find out… I can research this. Garlic?! Garlic is in the kitchen. Another way. Light the candle up! You’re still there?! What the heck are you? Probably I’m not a ghost.

I think it’s the fault in our fates. Or maybe… I’m just a lost soul. You should calm down. I won’t freak out anymore. But what do you want? I don’t know. If I am really just a soul… Nooo, I am still young, I don’t want to die. There are still so many things I want to do. What are you crying for? I… I can’t do anything to help you out. Or… Where did you die? I will visit and pray for you. No! I… I don’t know… where I died… how I died…

I don’t know anything. What if… tomorrow… I will vanish… away?! Why am I the only one can see her? It makes me feel like… I should be responsible for her. No! I have nothing to do with this. Hey. I… I can’t help you. How about… you go away? Don’t haunt me. Please? If not, I… I… Stop it!! I’m so tired! If you don’t go away, I will get a shaman! Don’t! Don’t get a shaman. I… Fine. I will find out by myself. But I don’t even know where my body is How can I figure this out by myself? How about this? The door is out there. When you’re done crying… you can go. What is this?! Oh! I was hungry this morning.

And you only fruits and vegetables in the fridge. Do you know… you shouldn’t invade my privacy without my permission? Not to mention this is a whole freaking body! I’m sorry. I… didn’t know you care so much about your image. I got this! You gotta help me. – If not… – If not what? If not, I’m not sure if… – I know how to use your body – Wait wait wait! Fine! I will think about this. But… from now… to when I decide, you can’t… can’t possess me. Deal? Please enjoy your meal. O.K.! Cut! Very good. O.K.! O.K.! Cut! You don’t have to push yourself too hard. You ate 7 chicken legs already. If you want to rest, tell me. It’s all good. The legs have been out for long time so they are cold. But they are still delicious! It’s time to get back to work everyone.

Why did you possess me? Oh! Duy said I will film the commercial today so I just went and filmed it. Are you okay? What did you eat? I just ate… 20 fried chicken legs. You are crossing the line. I will never help you again! If you don’t help me, I will dress in the most outdated fashion, then I will take a walk on the street. Whoever wants to take a picture with me, then I take a picture with them. And if… no one wants a picture, I will take a selfie and post it online. So say it… how can I help you? I don’t know yet. What do I want? You say it now, or never. Say it out! Don’t look at me like that! Your eyes are big already…

You still don’t know what you want. – How can I help you out? – I… I… Forget it! Kiss Vu! What vis? What is kun? Vu! The owner of my bakery. My dream is… to kiss Vu once. .

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