The Four Great Discoveries of Modern Science That Prove God Exists – Program 1

>>ANNOUNCER: today, WHAT ARE THE 4 nice DISCOVERIES OF modern SCIENCE THAT show GOD EXISTS? The primary quality DISCOVERY OF state-of-the-art SCIENCE IS THAT THE UNIVERSE HAD A establishing. The place DID IT COME FROM? HISTORIAN OF SCIENCE FRED BURNHAM HAS WRITTEN, "THE GOD hypothesis IS NOW A more PERSUASIVE AND legit speculation THAN AT ANY TIME within the final 100 YEARS." THE 2d quality SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY IS THAT space AND TIME also HAD A starting. THIS DISCOVERY needs an explanation. IT requires A TRANSCENDENT purpose past THE UNIVERSE ITSELF. THE 1/3 fine DISCOVERY OF trendy SCIENCE IS THAT THE laws AND CONSTANTS OF THE UNIVERSE have been quality TUNED FOR HUMAN life TO EXIST.AS PHYSICIST FRED HOYLE HAS WRITTEN, "A COMMONSENSE INTERPRETATION OF THE evidence SUGGESTS a perfect intellect HAS MONKEY’D WITH PHYSICS AND CHEMISTRY AS well AS BIOLOGY TO MAKE existence viable." THE FOURTH high-quality DISCOVERY OF modern day SCIENCE IS THE DIGITAL CODE EMBEDDED in the DNA MOLECULE IN each HUMAN telephone. THE 3 BILLION CHARACTERS OF special information in the DIGITAL CODE train THE mobilephone easy methods to build difficult MOLECULES TO DO THE WORK SO THE cellphone CAN keep ALIVE. The place DID THIS unique expertise COME FROM? It’s COMPELLING evidence OF AN shrewd dressmaker FOR THE foundation OF HUMAN life.MY visitor today WHO WILL explain THESE 4 fine SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERIES IS DR. STEPHEN MEYER, WHO obtained HIS PHD within the PHILOSOPHY OF SCIENCE FROM CAMBRIDGE college. He’s CO-founder of THE wise DESIGN motion in the world AND A SENIOR FELLOW on the DISCOVERY INSTITUTE. WE INVITE YOU TO join US FOR THIS unique variation OF THE JOHN ANKERBERG exhibit. >>ANKERBERG: WELCOME TO OUR program, WE’RE speakme WITH DR. STEPHEN MEYER, philosopher OF SCIENCE, WHO obtained HIS PH.D AT CAMBRIDGE, IN ENGLAND.He is WRITTEN A BESTSELLING e-book, SIGNATURE in the cellphone THAT we’ve got BEEN looking AT IN past packages, "DNA AND THE proof FOR intelligent DESIGN." AND WHAT we have now visible IS THAT should you look on the cell, you may have acquired TRILLIONS OF CELLS on your body, these CELLS ARE SO full of information, AND we now have checked out a few of THAT knowledge AND THAT SCREAMS FOR AN sensible dressmaker. That’s WHAT THE proof suggests whilst you seem via THE MICROSCOPE. When you seem through THE TELESCOPE, WHICH IS the place WE’RE GOING NOW, I suppose you’re GOING to see DESIGN THERE AS good.However that’s no longer THE WORLDVIEW that’s AT huge. We’ve acquired NEW ATHEISTS LIKE RICHARD DAWKINS, WHO WROTE THE GOD DELUSION, CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS, GOD shouldn’t be first-class, SAM HARRIS, the end of religion, AND OTHERS. RICHARD DAWKINS stated the whole lot, whether or not right here OR other WORLDS, where YOU SEE clever DESIGN, it can be now not particularly AN smart dressmaker that’s DOING IT. There is not any INTELLIGENCE out there, it is AN illusion. NOW, STEPHEN, while you had been WORKING for your PH.D. AT CAMBRIDGE, YOU INVESTIGATED THAT WORLDVIEW AND compared IT TO HOW SCIENCE truly began. Talk ABOUT THAT. >>MEYER: well, it is particularly BEEN form OF A life-lengthy trip INVESTIGATING THESE large QUESTIONS AND the connection BETWEEN SCIENCE AND THE bigger WORLDVIEWS THAT WE people FORMULATE TO MAKE sense OF OUR expertise.AND WHAT DAWKINS IS announcing IS THAT SCIENCE, accurately UNDERSTOOD, UNDERMINES notion IN GOD, IT CHALLENGES belief IN GOD. AND HIS ARGUMENT RUNS whatever LIKE THIS: HE SAYS THAT THE STRONGEST ARGUMENT FOR BELIEVING IN GOD was continuously THE ARGUMENT FROM DESIGN. WHEN DARWIN got here alongside, WE got here TO realise THAT there’s no DESIGN IN NATURE, simplest THE phantasm OR the looks OF DESIGN. AND as a consequence belief IN GOD IS TANTAMOUNT TO A DELUSION, AND that is THE TITLE OF HIS famous publication, THE GOD DELUSION. WHAT STRIKES ME ABOUT that’s just HOW AT ODDS HIS perspective IS WITH THE perspective OF THE SCIENTISTS WHO genuinely centered WHAT WE name ultra-modern SCIENCE. IF WE go back TO THE interval OF NEWTON AND KEPLER AND BOYLE AND GALILEO AND COPERNICUS, THE interval THAT HISTORIANS OF SCIENCE name "THE SCIENTIFIC REVOLUTION," THE idea OF DESIGN, wise DESIGN, was clearly a part of THE basis OF THE entire SCIENTIFIC manufacturer. THE SCIENTISTS at the TIME at that time, HAD A WATCH-phrase OR A type OF A MOTTO AND IT used to be THE notion OF "INTELLIGIBILITY." THEY BELIEVED THAT THEY would be trained NATURE AND MAKE feel OF IT due to the fact IT was once INTELLIGIBLE TO THE HUMAN intellect.WHY? Considering IT HAD BEEN DESIGNED through A RATIONAL intellect, specifically in their VIEW, THE JUDEO-CHRISTIAN GOD. >>ANKERBERG: provide ME a couple of EXAMPLES. >>MEYER: good, there are various SCIENTISTS WHO HAD THIS point of view. However TAKE, FOR illustration, THE founding father of modern-day BIOLOGY, JOHN RAY, IN HIS e-book, IT was honestly TITLED THE wisdom OF GOD MANIFESTED within the WORKS OF construction, WHICH was A PARAPHRASE OF A PASSAGE in the publication OF ROMANS, within the BIBLE, THAT AFFIRMS THAT FROM THE matters which might be MADE, THE UNSEEN traits OF THE CREATOR can also be identified, including HIS knowledge. YOU in finding THIS point of view IN PHYSICS AS good. Correctly it’s a entire series OF SCIENTISTS THAT categorical THIS. JOHANNES KEPLER mentioned THAT, "WE, AS SCIENTISTS, HAVE THE high CALLING OF thinking GOD’S ideas AFTER HIM." WHAT ARE WE DOING? WE’RE PERCEIVING THE DESIGN, THE ORDER, THE structure THAT HE PUT INTO THE UNIVERSE, THE MATHEMATICAL concord THAT used to be PUT INTO THE UNIVERSE. THAT was once KEPLER’S point of view. I believe THIS perspective REACHED, IN a way, A sort OF MAGISTERIAL EPITOME within the WORKS OF NEWTON.HE WROTE IN both THE OPTICKS, HIS famous WORK ON the attention and light, AND IN HIS MOST noted WORK OF ALL, THE PRINCIPIA, HE MADE DESIGN ARGUMENTS. MANY SCIENTISTS ASSUMED DESIGN, NEWTON desired to establish IT with the aid of THE evidence established UPON WHAT YOU might call "THE great-TUNING OF THE association OF THE PLANETS in the solar process." HE used to be mindful THAT GRAVITY offered A drive THAT used to be BEING HARNESSED TO keep everything GOING, however HE also REALIZED THAT THE FORCES OF GRAVITY THAT had been IN PLAY FROM ONE PLANET TO an additional, AND THE solar TO THE special PLANETS, had been SO complex THAT IT used to be VERY elaborate TO imagine the way you might GET ALL those FORCES TO stability TO preserve A steady ORBIT. SO within the PRINCIPIA, HE actually ARGUES THAT THE high-quality rationalization OF THAT nice-TUNING OF THE PLANETARY CONFIGURATION IS THE DESIGN OF AN sensible AND robust BEING, WITH A CAPITAL "B".LET ME learn YOU THE QUOTE, it is VERY ELEGANTLY mentioned, HE SAYS, "though THESE bodies may certainly continue of their ORBITS by THE MERE laws OF GRAVITY, yet THEY would in no way HAVE FIRST DERIVED THE normal role OF THE ORBITS THEMSELVES FROM these laws." he is speaking ABOUT WHAT PHYSICISTS at present call "initial conditions"; they are FINELY TUNED TO allow FOR THIS procedure TO BE steady. "for this reason THIS MOST gorgeous process OF THE sun, COMETS, AND PLANETS could only PROCEED FROM THE counsel AND DOMINION OF AN clever AND strong BEING." that is NEWTON’S ARGUMENT IN what is ARGUABLY probably the most greatest WORKS OF PHYSICS EVER WRITTEN. It’s proper in the constitution OF HIS CASE. SO, IT RAISES, FOR ME, A variety OF CURIOUS question after I take heed to DAWKINS, WHICH IS, HOW will we GET FROM NEWTON AND KEPLER AND GALILEO AND COPERNICUS, FROM those GUYS, WITH THEIR point of view THAT DESIGN just isn’t most effective crucial FOR DOING SCIENCE but EVIDENT in the usual WORLD, to these contemporary NEW ATHEISTS WHO SAY THAT SCIENCE HAS proven there isn’t a DESIGN AND hence perception IN GOD IS DELUSIONAL? >>ANKERBERG: very well, STEPHEN, LET’S answer that query, HOW DID WE GET FROM NEWTON TO DAWKINS? >>MEYER: IT quite IS THE STORY OF 19th CENTURY SCIENCE AND WHAT started to alter.There’s… The primary a part of IT HAS TO DO WITH a person NAMED LAPLACE. HE was A FRENCH PHYSICIST WHO wanted TO exhibit that you simply would DO WHAT NEWTON WHAT mentioned YOU couldn’t DO, WHICH was once give an explanation for THE beginning OF THE sun method ITSELF, as a consequence OF only UNDIRECTED ordinary FORCES without RECOURSE TO ANY DESIGNING INTELLIGENCE. HE WROTE A book referred to as, THE CELESTIAL MECHANICS THAT grew to be A first-rate classic IN PHYSICS, wherein HE attempted to do that.HE it sounds as if was referred to as earlier than NAPOLEON TO receive COMMENDATION FOR MAKING FRENCH SCIENCE PROUD for this reason OF PUBLISHING THIS ebook. And because the STORY GOES, NAPOLEON TELLS HIM, you understand, WHAT A unique JOB he’s done, confirmed UP THE BRITISH AND WROTE THIS quality book OF SCIENCE. But HE observed THAT HE did not point out GOD IN HIS SCIENTIFIC WORKS, AND yet SIR ISAAC NEWTON HAD acknowledged HIM ON just about every web page. AND LAPLACE is alleged TO HAVE kind OF PUFFED HIMSELF UP AND HE said, "SIRE, I haven’t any need OF THAT speculation." AND WE do not know IF this is actually actual, but it grew to become EMBLEMATIC OF WHAT WOULD UNFOLD in the 19th CENTURY, AS SCIENCE explained more of those pleasant routine in the history OF THE COSMOS, THESE ORIGINS routine. LAPLACE tried to explain THE beginning OF THE solar approach. LYELL came along IN GEOLOGY AND attempted to give an explanation for THE foundation OF THE pleasant GEOLOGICAL aspects accordingly OF THE OUTWORKING OF gradual, GRADUAL, NATURALISTIC procedures, whether or not THE MOUNTAINS OR THE CANYONS OR WHAT have you.THEN DARWIN got here along AND explained THE origin OF the new SPECIES FROM less complicated PRE-current SPECIES. SCIENTISTS followed HIM, attempted to give an explanation for THE foundation OF THE existence, these we now have talked about IN previous SECTIONS OF THIS exhibit, no longer SO successfully. But through the top OF THE 19th CENTURY, THERE was once THIS perspective that you could HAVE A totally, SEAMLESS, NATURALISTIC ACCOUNT OF THE entire OF THE UNIVERSE, FROM THE beginning OF THE solar approach TO THE beginning OF THE PLANET EARTH AND THE CANYONS, TO THE starting place OF lifestyles TO THE foundation of recent SPECIES, EVEN TO THE foundation OF MAN, AS DARWIN elevated HIS thought OF EVOLUTION TO ACCOUNT FOR THE HUMAN SPECIES.SO, IT used to be A type OF A SEAMLESS, NATURALISTIC ACCOUNT. AND ONE SCIENTIST HAS said OF DARWIN, THAT HE HELPED set up THIS MATERIALISTIC WORLDVIEW. DOUGLAS FUTUYMA, IN HIS common EVOLUTIONARY TEXTBOOK SAYS, "with the aid of COUPLING THE UNDIRECTED, PURPOSELESS editions TO THE BLIND UNCARING approach OF ordinary decision, DARWIN MADE THEOLOGICAL OR spiritual EXPLANATIONS OF existence SUPERFLUOUS." HE HAD NO want OF THAT hypothesis, simply AS LAPLACE HAD NO need OF IT. SO, by means of the top OF THE 19th CENTURY, you haven’t simplest A sequence OF THEORIES ABOUT ORIGINS, you’ve got A variety OF complete WORLDVIEW THAT offers A FULL ACCOUNT OF where the whole lot came FROM, with none RECOURSE TO A DESIGNING mind, TO A CREATOR, TO GOD, ANY outside AGENT OF ANY variety.AND SO, you realize, that’s HOW WE bought FROM NEWTON TO DAWKINS. AND DAWKINS, IN speaking about the NEW ATHEISM, IS particularly RECYCLING THE standpoint OF THE LATE 19th CENTURY. >>ANKERBERG: okay, we’ll TAKE A damage AND when we COME back, we’re going to flip THE nook. We will talk in regards to the NEW SCIENTIFIC evidence THAT REFUTES THE MATERIALISTIC, NATURALISTIC WORLD VIEW AND REFUTES the brand new ATHEISTS AND WHAT THE’RE saying THAT there is not any evidence OF DESIGN whilst you seem on the UNIVERSE. We will talk ABOUT THAT AND he’s going to LAY IT OUT FOR YOU. Keep on with US. We are going to BE correct again. >>ANNOUNCER: if you want TO HAVE THE know-how IN OUR sequence, THE 4 high-quality DISCOVERIES OF state-of-the-art SCIENCE THAT prove GOD EXISTS, WITH DR. STEPHEN MEYER, it is on hand ON DVD FOR A reward OF $49. AND you may ORDER THIS sequence NOW through CALLING US AT 1-800-805-3030. >>ANKERBERG: o.K., WE’RE again AND WE’RE talking WITH DR.STEPHEN MEYER, philosopher OF SCIENCE, AND WE’RE speakme ABOUT: what’s the MATERIALISTIC WORLDVIEW AND what’s the SCIENTIFIC proof that’s starting TO REFUTE THAT? >>MEYER: well, should you think ABOUT WHAT WE were speakme ABOUT within the last section, HOW THE SCIENTISTS in the nineteenth CENTURY HAD DEVELOPED A sequence OF suggestions ABOUT HOW all the gigantic things in the UNIVERSE AROSE, they’d an evidence (OR, as a minimum, in order that they inspiration) FOR THE foundation OF THE sun procedure, FOR THE starting place OF THE satisfactory GEOLOGIC facets, THE foundation of recent varieties OF existence, the primary lifestyles, they had THIS SEAMLESS, MATERIALISTIC ACCOUNT. But if you had been TO ASK A question ABOUT THAT, THERE was once ONE UNANSWERED question, AND IT was, good, where DID all of the matter COME FROM in the FIRST situation? Where DID all of the PARTICLES AND THE GASES COME FROM THAT have been integral, TO construct EVEN THE sun method? Good, that didn’t trouble SCIENTISTS within the 19th CENTURY so much considering the fact that THEY ASSUMED THAT THE UNIVERSE used to be countless, THAT IT HAD continuously BEEN here.SO, if you wish to inform THE STORY OF THE COSMOS, YOU go back FROM HUMAN lifestyles, TO less complicated life, TO the first lifestyles, TO THE chemical compounds, OUT OF WHICH the first existence was once MADE, TO THE basic PARTICLES, and those had been here FROM ETERNITY prior. AND SO THE MATERIALISTIC WORLDVIEW could BE SUMMARIZED IN A variety OF a bit CREDO THAT RUNS something LIKE THIS: FROM ETERNITY previous were THE PARTICLES, now not "in the establishing was once THE…," you realize, but FROM ETERNITY earlier had been THE PARTICLES, AND THE PARTICLES organized THEMSELVES AND became more problematic STUFF, more intricate chemical compounds.AND THE chemical compounds arranged THEMSELVES AND grew to be the first dwelling mobile. AND THAT eventually developed via UNDIRECTED MATERIALISTIC tactics, specifically common selection, AND THAT cell became extra problematic lifestyles. And people residing varieties finally CONCEIVED OF THE idea OF GOD. You already know, THEY grew to be aware FIRST, after which CONCEIVED OF THE inspiration OF GOD. SO, in the MATERIALISTIC WORLDVIEW, there is a position FOR GOD, however GOD IS A thought in the intellect OF some of the evolved forms OF lifestyles, namely US, but GOD HAS NO reality. And what is fundamental, what is the thing FROM WHICH everything ELSE COMES, IS THE PARTICLES, IS topic AND vigor THAT HAS BEEN here FROM ETERNITY prior. SO, that’s A standpoint that is no longer simply based ON detailed SCIENTIFIC THEORIES, it is comprehensive AND IN THAT feel it’s A kind OF A PHILOSOPHY OR A WORLDVIEW, A comprehensive means OF looking AT the whole lot. >>ANKERBERG: VERY CLEAR, VERY CLEAR snapshot OF THE MATERIALISTIC VIEW. NOW, LET’S GET INTO THE STUFF – WHAT’S the new SCIENCE that’s DESTROYING THAT? >>MEYER: good, don’t forget, some of the KEY PREMISES that is on this WORLDVIEW IS THAT matter AND power ARE eternal AND SELF-EXISTENT after which additionally SELF-ORGANIZING.But the fabulous, unique DISCOVERY OF modern day COSMOLOGY IS THAT THE UNIVERSE isn’t eternal, THAT it can be not perpetually BEEN here, TIME will not be endless IN period, GOING all of the means back. AND WHAT FIRST MADE SCIENTISTS aware OF THIS used to be matters THAT THEY have been SEEING through THE TELESCOPES, THE exceptional LAR… THE DOME TELESCOPES THAT got here ON THE SCENE in the 1920’S. AND this can be a photo OF EDWIN HUBBLE, FOR WHOM THE HUBBLE TELESCOPE OF in these days is called. HUBBLE began TO WORK IN ASTRONOMY AT a very PROPITIOUS TIME, correct within the 1920’S, AS THESE great DOME TELESCOPES had been BEING DESIGNED AND CREATED.AND as a consequence of these TELESCOPES, THEY would seize A high-quality DEAL of sunshine COMING FROM THE night time SKY. AND WE’RE ready TO unravel LITTLE TINY PINPRICKS of light THAT beforehand WE couldn’t MAKE OUT. AND before THE 1920’S THERE used to be A DEBATE amongst ASTRONOMERS AS as to whether OR not THE MILKY means, THE GALAXY in which OUR solar approach RESIDES, was once the only GALAXY OR no longer. WHAT HUBBLE learned was, to begin with, that there were MANY GALAXIES IN every QUADRANT OF THE SKY. And i’ve got SOME photos, OF SOME, simply they’re most likely stunning. Right here he’s AT HIS TELESCOPE HAVING A look, AND he is bought SPINDLE NEBULAE THAT HE DISCOVERS – AND some of these, a few of these ARE some of HIS common PHOTOGRAPHIC PLATES – SPIRAL NEBULA, SKETCHES THAT HE MADE of these attractive, GALACTIC PHENOMENA.AND NOW we all know THAT AS YOU appear AT ANY, ANY QUADRANT OF THE SKY, wherein YOU chose TO focal point, AND then you definitely enlarge THAT, that’s WHAT’S referred to as" THE HUBBLE DEEP area," THE… EVEN THE TINIEST LITTLE QUADRANT is solely CHOCK-full of GALAXIES IN each direction. SO it’s AN sizeable AND big UNIVERSE. That is the very first thing HE DISCOVERS. However the second thing IS even more gigantic, PHILOSOPHICALLY AND SCIENTIFICALLY, and that’s THAT THE GALAXIES, the light COMING FROM THESE GALAXIES IS SHIFTED within the ELECTROMAGNETIC SPECTRUM FROM red TO VIOLET. It can be SHIFTED in the crimson course OF THE SPECTRUM, INDICATING THAT the light IS COMING FROM OBJECTS which are RECEDING, which can be relocating away from US VERY speedy. Some of YOUR VIEWERS WOULD customarily do not forget THE DOPPLER effect. WE’RE aware OF IT WITH SOUND; when you have A train acquired FROM THE PITCH OF THE teach, THE GOES DOWN.THE identical thing occurs WITH light. IF AN OBJECT IS RECEDING, THE WAVELENGTH STRETCHES OUT AND LONGER WAVELENGTHS CORRESPOND TO THE pink finish OF THE SPECTRUM. SO mild that’s SHIFTED within the crimson direction IS INDICATING A RECESSIONAL pace: the item IS moving far from US. AND WHAT HUBBLE discovered was THAT irrespective of WHICH QUADRANT OF THE SKY WE seem, we discover GALAXIES which might be relocating faraway from US. AND THAT ended in AN potent, effective CONCLUSION, WHICH IS THAT THE UNIVERSE IS expanding AND it can be increasing OUTWARD IN ALL instructional materials, it can be A type OF A SPHERICAL expansion, IF you will. And i’ve acquired a technique OF ILLUSTRATING THAT, IF you’ll, k? AND it is a easy BALLOON. But the thought, IF every, IF each GALAXY IS moving away from US AND IF THE further AWAY it is, THE faster it is GOING, WHICH IS whatever ELSE THAT HUBBLE discovered. The only option to MAKE sense OF that is THAT THE UNIVERSE IS expanding IN A SPHERICAL way, LIKE THIS. IN other phrases, AS you are GOING in the ahead direction OF TIME, THE GALAXIES ARE moving further faraway from each and every different AND THE UNIVERSE IS increasing. Ok. Real simple ILLUSTRATION. Type OF AN OVAL-formed UNIVERSE here. ANYWAY, AS YOU… WHAT happens though, feel ABOUT THIS. WHAT occurs AS YOU begin TO back EXTRAPOLATE, because the SCIENTISTS SAY, AS YOU TO consider concerning the UNIVERSE WOULD were LIKE a thousand YEARS in the past, OR 100,000 YEARS in the past OR 1,000,000 YEARS ago, YOU go back so far as you want, AND AT every STEP back THE UNIVERSE goes TO BE GETTER SMALLER AND SMALLER AND SMALLER AND SMALLER except in the end YOU GET TO A point the place the entire subject within the UNIVERSE IS CONGEALED right into a SINGLE point. AND THAT MARKS THE starting OF expansion, and in addition THE starting OF THE UNIVERSE ITSELF. AND SO, opposite TO THE nineteenth CENTURY point of view THAT stated THAT THE UNIVERSE was everlasting AND SELF-present AND IT was endless IN length IN TIME GOING back, HUBBLE’S DISCOVERY was the first OF MANY indications THAT THE UNIVERSE truely HAD A exact opening; actually, A definite establishing IN TIME.AND THAT based NOW WHAT WE discuss with AS "THE FINITE NATURE OF THE UNIVERSE." it’s no longer endless IN TIME, it is FINITE, IT HAS A opening. >>ANKERBERG: next used to be EINSTEIN. >>MEYER: well, EINSTEIN HAS a very exciting role in this STORY, for the reason that HE, you realize, the man WITH THE unhealthy HAIR THAT everyone knows that is the ICON OF SCIENCE ITSELF. AND HE was once engaged on A theory known as "basic RELATIVITY" in the young adults. WE’RE previous to HUBBLE. AND therefore… This can be a concept OF GRAVITY THAT IMPLIED THAT large OBJECTS intent area ITSELF TO truely BEND OR CREATE A CURVATURE OF house. AND HIS theory IMPLIED THAT THE UNIVERSE was once expanding AND DECELERATING, AS IF,…A excellent ILLUSTRATION perhaps LIKE a fireplace-CRACKER – YOU mild IT, YOU THROW IT in the AIR, IT GOES KA-BANG and then you have got THE PAPER SHRAPNEL, THAT FIRST hurries up VERY quickly after which variety OF FLUTTERS, FLUTTERS TO the ground. AND IN other phrases, THE IMPLICATION OF HIS conception, AND the math THAT DESCRIBED WHAT THE UNIVERSE used to be DOING, IMPLIED THAT THE UNIVERSE used to be expanding AND DECELERATING, however THEN should you WIND THE CLOCK back once more, THAT IT HAD A beginning. SO, EINSTEIN’S idea AND HUBBLE’S OBSERVATIONS CONVERGED ON THIS CONCLUSION THAT THERE ought to BE A beginning. But the exciting part of THE STORY IS THAT EINSTEIN didn’t wish to think HIS own results. HE didn’t need to think HIS own MATH. AND SO WHAT HE DID IS, HE POSITED AN ARBITRARY value FOR one of the vital CONSTANTS IN HIS EQUATION. HIS EQUATION… THE discipline EQUATIONS OF RELATIVITY, normal RELATIVITY IMPLIED THAT THE UNIVERSE was expanding, AND IT had to be increasing TO COUNTERACT THE drive OF GRAVITY, considering the fact that IF WE simplest HAD GRAVITY, we might ALL fall down INTO ONE massive BALL. SO, HE POSITED now not most effective GRAVITY, however THERE was once a selection force, however THEN HE POSITED one more drive OF just THE proper force, A CONTRACTING drive that would COUNTERACT THE enlargement drive.AND THAT was known as HIS "COSMOLOGICAL regular." NOW, HE HAD NO physical JUSTIFICATION FOR THIS, NO proof TO help THIS. However HE used to be, at the TIME, STRONGLY PERSUADED OF THE NATURALISTIC, THE MATERIALISTIC WORLDVIEW THAT stated THAT THE UNIVERSE was once everlasting AND limitless IN TIME. AND THE notion OF A beginning TO THE UNIVERSE used to be simply ABHORRENT TO HIM, SO HE POSITED THIS AS A form OF PHILOSOPHICAL NECESSITY TO preserve THE UNIVERSE STATIC, AND THEREBY everlasting IN TIME. AND HE LATER realized, THAT, well, HE’D MADE somewhat OF A MISTAKE ON THAT. Actually, IT was once ENCOUNTERING HUBBLE THAT bought HIM to vary HIS intellect again. >>ANKERBERG: EINSTEIN MADE UP THIS COSMOLOGICAL regular, AND yet in a while THE proof brought HIM back AND confirmed HIM THAT HE was once unsuitable, AND HE ADMITTED THAT HE was once improper. WHAT happened? >>MEYER: good, it can be A famous STORY. HE used to be INVITED OUT TO THE PALOMAR OBSERVATORY, MT. WILSON, IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. HUBBLE HAD MADE THESE powerful DISCOVERIES about the increasing UNIVERSE. HE WRITES TO EINSTEIN AND invites HIM to come OUT and see WHAT he is seen, AND there may be SOME NEWSREEL footage FROM THE TIME. EINSTEIN GOES OUT, HE MEETS WITH THESE other SCIENTISTS, THE MEDIA’S GATHERED THERE.HE GOES IN, HE appears in the TELESCOPE, it can be ALL PRE-STAGED. But WHEN HE COMES OUT, HE SAYS IN HIS HEAVY GERMAN ACCENT, HE SAYS, "I NOW SEE the necessity OF A beginning." AND HE LATER introduced THAT HIS FUDGE aspect, THE exact price THAT HE SET FOR THE COSMOLOGICAL steady, used to be THE finest MISTAKE OF HIS SCIENTIFIC career; THAT instead OF A endless UNIVERSE, UNIVERSE endless IN TIME, THERE was once NOW DECISIVE evidence FROM THE HEAVENS, FROM THE TELESCOPE, THAT THERE used to be A exact commencing TO THE UNIVERSE, simply AS HIS thought OF basic RELATIVITY FIRST IMPLIED. SO, HE HAD THESE TWO strains OF SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY, ONE THEORETICAL, ONE EMPIRICAL, CONVERGING ON THE CONCLUSION THERE have got to BE A starting, IN STARK CONTRADICTION TO the key TENANT OF THE NATURALISTIC WORLDVIEW that says THAT THE UNIVERSE IS eternal AND SELF-EXISTANT AND countless IN TIME.SO, this can be a big CHALLANGE TO THE SCIENTIFIC MATERIALISM. >>ANKERBERG: subsequent WEEK we’ll turn THE corner AND we will speak ABOUT the truth is, YEAH, THAT RUBBED THE SCIENTISTS THE incorrect way, since IT KNOCKED OUT THEIR NATURALISTIC, MATERIALISTIC WORLDVIEW. And they also FOUGHT back, and they HAD different THEORIES THAT THEY PROPOSED, AND we’ll look AT these THEORIES AND we’ll SEE THAT SCIENCE CONTINUES TO REFUTE those THEORIES. SO, men and women, become a member of US subsequent WEEK. >>ANNOUNCER: stay TUNED FOR SCENES FROM subsequent WEEK’S application. >>ANNOUNCER: if you want TO HAVE all of the knowledge IN OUR NEW series, THE 4 great DISCOVERIES OF trendy SCIENCE THAT prove GOD EXISTS, WITH DR. STEPHEN MEYER, it is to be had ON DVD FOR A gift OF $49. You will gain knowledge of HOW SCIENTISTS HAVE discovered THAT THE UNIVERSE HAD A precise starting, A DISCOVERY THAT VERIFIES THE BIBLICAL declaration: "within the opening GOD CREATED THE HEAVENS AND THE EARTH." HOW space AND TIME also HAD A opening, A DISCOVERY THAT demands A TRANSCENDENT motive past THE bodily UNIVERSE ITSELF.A cause WHICH CHRISTIANS call GOD. HOW THE UNIVERSE HAS BEEN nice-TUNED FOR HUMAN existence TO EXIST. And the way DESIGN HAS BEEN constructed INTO THE VERY material OF THE laws AND CONSTANTS OF PHYSICS. And how THE DIGITAL CODE in the DNA MOLECULE of each HUMAN mobile IS COMPELLING evidence OF AN smart fashion designer FOR THE beginning OF HUMAN life. ALL four tv programs on this major sequence ARE available ON DVD FOR A present OF $49. THEN 2d, OUR sequence, DOES the brand new SCIENTIFIC proof concerning the starting place OF existence PUT AN finish TO DARWINIAN EVOLUTION? Additionally WITH DR.STEPHEN MEYER. On this sequence you’re going to be trained HOW THE HUMAN mobile IS problematic past notion, A VERITABLE MICRO-MINIATURIZED factory, CONTAINING countless numbers OF EXQUISITELY DESIGNED portions OF MOLECULAR equipment. HOW THE 3 BILLION CHARACTERS OF precise DIGITAL CODE EMBEDDED within the DNA MOLECULE, IS COMPELLING evidence OF AN clever clothier FOR THE origin OF HUMAN lifestyles. ALL five tv packages on this sequence ARE to be had ON DVD FOR A present OF $forty nine. AND 0.33, we now have WRITTEN TWO NEW gain knowledge of publications WITH vast NOTES THAT PARALLELS each and every OF OUR tv sequence WITH DR.MEYER. They are available FOR A present OF $8 each and every OR FOR 5 OR more COPIES, FOR $5 each. FOURTH, we’re MAKING to be had 3 stunning DOCUMENTARY films. FIRST, UNLOCKING THE mystery OF existence, with the intention to TRANSPORT YOU through present day pc ANIMATION INTO the interior OF THE TRILLIONS OF CELLS IN OUR our bodies, TO exhibit YOU THE systems AND MACHINES which can be gift AND bear THE UNMISTAKABLE HALLMARKS OF GOD’S DESIGN. 2nd, THE HOUR long movie DOCUMENTARY, THE PRIVILEGED PLANET, with the intention to exhibit you how THE laws OF PHYSICS ARE precisely "exceptional-TUNED" FOR THE EXISTENCE OF life.WHY EARTH’S atmosphere presents A soft, AND quite rare, CRADLE FOR complicated life, AND elements TO A UNIVERSE that is DESIGNED by means of GOD. 1/3, THE DOCUMENTARY film, DARWIN’S hindrance, WHICH EXPLORES THE CAMBRIAN EXPLOSION OF crops AND ANIMALS. The place ARE THE lacking TRANSITIONAL FOSSILS AND links THAT DARWIN POSTULATED will have to BE in the FOSSIL report? CAN ANY NATURALISTIC, EVOLUTIONARY system give an explanation for THIS STARTLING EXPLOSION OF EARLY PLANT AND ANIMAL life, OR DOES THE CAMBRIAN FOSSIL document factor UNMISTAKABLY TO purpose AND intelligent DESIGN.THE three DOCUMENTARY films ARE on hand FOR A present OF $forty five. AND in the end, if you need TO HAVE all the substances acknowledged today, including the 2 tv sequence, PLUS the 2 study courses, PLUS THE 3 DOCUMENTARY films, ALL of those materials together ARE to be had IN A distinctive package deal FOR simplest $129. AND you may ORDER THIS exact package NOW with the aid of CALLING US AT 1-800-805-3030. That’s 1-800-805-3030. OR you can also ORDER THESE packages AT OUR internet site AT JASHOW.ORG. >>ANNOUNCER: subsequent WEEK ON THE JOHN ANKERBERG show: >>DR. STEPHEN MEYER: once I HEARD HIM converse HE used to be DESCRIBING THE evidence FOR THE significant BANG. AND HE SAYS, "here IS evidence FOR WHAT CAN most effective BE DESCRIBED AS A SUPERNATURAL event."

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