Volcano of Violence (Pt 1)

(upbeat music) (dramatic music) – My most trusted advisors. – Fucking shit, get that man out of my life. – It’s a tragedy that so many people have tried to wipe these things from the earth. – You are loved, you are important, you are loved. – Sharing is caring, you all know this! – I’m following my heart, but at the same time, you know, stop asking about him. – Revenge is a dish best served bad. – When my crown is returned, all the peoples of Elna will turn to me and say, (flashing) (choking) Fuck! Fuck fuck fuck! (gasping) – Oh, shit. – Oh. – There’s no way that you’re still here and there’s not hope of something. – Time is of the essence. Scary mountain, there’s an artifact there. – And Kassara the Beige appears, flanked by Telmeer the Calm and a host of elves.

Roll initiative. – Oh! – Oh, shit! (dramatic music) (explosion) (fire burning) (boom) – Welcome, one and all, back to another exciting episode of Escape from the Bloodkeep! My name is Brennan Lee Mulligan. These are our vile villains. Say hello, vile villains! – Hello, vile villains! – Oh, good. Wonderful. Last we left our vile villains, they were down in the forge in (growling evilly) The Scary Volcano. This is the forge where Zaul’nazh, The Lord of Shadows, first forged the Circles of Eternal Chains, and his one crown. You have all surrounded the two halflings down by the magic anvil. This anvil is covered with glowing, green runes in the Midnight Tongue, a gift from Gogmoth to his servant, Zaul’nazh, all those long years ago. The anvil looks really fucking heavy. It’s a big-ass anvil. There’s two little halflings next to it. And Kassara the Beige; an Aeiru spirit; and Telmeer the Calm, the father of Efink Murderdeath; and a number of High Elven warriors have just appeared in a blinding flash of light.

Now, what I have to give you guys before we go any farther is your minis! Which I will hand out right now! (excited screaming) – I do like that these elves, or these halflings, they could throw the thing in right there, but they made their way, all the way down to the anvil. – All the way down. – Idiots! – Here we go. Maggie, this is you. (screaming) – Cool! Big clutching hammer! – Leiland, this is you. – Oh, ho ho, slick! – Floating ghastly above the ground. Efink. This is Sokhbarr, right here. – That is fantastic. – And this is, hoo boy, careful with this one. This is Lilith. – Oh my gosh! She’s beautiful! – She’s so cool! – That’s amazing! – Look at all those spiders down there. – Oh my gosh! – And finally, Ify, here’s Markus St. Vincent. – Oh my god. – The unseen blade. And J’er’em’ih. (excited yelling) His horror beast.

– Ah, yes! J’er’em’ih! – And before we jump into initiative order, you guys should place your minis down on the forge below. – Where, on this platform? – You’re on that platform down there. You can be anywhere on that platform you want to be, but you’re definitely down on that platform. – Oh, J’er’em’ih has a little shield that has a big J on it. – Aww. – J for J’er’em’ih! – I would like to say, I’d like to challenge you.

– Wait, where? – He’s got a big ‘ol collar and a little bandana that says J. – Oh a bandana. It’s a bandana! – Yes, that’s correct. – Mine is a custom Hero Forge mini. I’d like to shout that out. Also, I’d like to say that I deeply am uncomfortable with spiders. I do not like spiders, I do not like the way they move, I do not like the way they look. – Well, now you do! – So, nobody send me pictures, or gifs, or videos of spiders! – I can think of no better way to assure that that will happen, than with what you just said. – Yeah, I’m like, absolutely, this will happen. – Oh god. – J’er’em’ih and I are gonna hang out over here. – I’m massive! – Great. – You’re pretty big. – Oh my god, Erika, this is so big! – I don’t know where I’m gonna fit! I’m very big.

– Jesus Christ. – It’s really bad to be a halfling right about now. – Oh, my lord. – It’s so pretty. – Look at me! – An absolute unit! – Oh, lord, I’m comin’! – Incredible! So, for everyone else here, because we’re not looking at the actual space I will describe what exists beyond the borders of this as well. So, this is the actual pathway you’ve come from. Through this passageway here is the path that leads back to the Bloodkeep, right? – Mm hmm.

– These guys just teleported in here. (magical blasting sound) Right? The caldera of the volcano is much larger than this. This is almost, if you think of the caldera as– – Okay, I’m gonna be a dumb dummy, – No worries. – What is a caldera? – The hole. The hole where the lava come out. – Hole? – Lava hole! – The lava hole. – Okay. – The place where in science fair you would pour the vinegar and the baking soda. That is… although some kids actually had a vent in the side, to be extra fancy.

Did you guys ever see… nevermind. – Did they make a bong? – Is this the origin of the word cauldron? – Yeah, did they make a bong? – Is this related to the word cauldron? – It is etymologically related to the word cauldron, yeah. – Knew it. (laughing) – All the pieces are coming together. – Finally, I’m starting to see what we’re doing. – Isn’t language fascinating? – Fascinating! What I want to point out is that this is solid wall here. This bridge kinda comes down. The wall hugs more closely over here. This opens up into a vast, kind of sea of lava. And this is also kind of a little bay from the bigger, more massive open sea of lava in this massive mountain, right? There is ceiling a couple hundred feet up above you guys here, ’cause this is like a little side cavern, almost, again, like a little bay off of a bigger sea of lava. So, wall over here, ceiling up top here.

Out in the open lava area, smoke and fire things spew out. But out through there as well is actually like an open channel that goes up to open sky, up above it, right? Just to give you an idea of layout and everything like that, in terms of distance, you guys probably traveled for about 45 minutes underground to get here, so it’s not like you’re immediately in rooms in the Bloodkeep through this passageway here.

That being said, are there any things people would have done, either like investigation, nature, perception, anything like that in this space, now that you’re actually looking at it, in the moment? Before we get started. – I’d like to see if there’s any trap-like things that I can use against our enemies. – Hell yeah, go ahead and make a perception check. (dice rolling) – All right. That is going to be 12. – 12. You don’t see any big like, “ooh, what’s the one fucking rope “I can cut to chandelier drop on these guys?” (players chuckle) Right? Swashbuckler style. But, what you do see is a lot of moving parts here. I will describe that in terms of like architecture and stuff. The walkways obviously look rickety. There’s a lot of chains everywhere that are varying degrees of loosely tied down or not.

So, there’s a lot of room for you to get up to kind of piratey shenanigans. – Yeah! – In this space. – Ooh. – Go ahead. – Uh-uh. – I am, I guess. I’m gonna start vague and try to, I guess, focus down. I’m very curious about this forge, and the anvil, and their significance… you know it seems to be this crown related to forging the thing, but just sort of like… are there I guess first question, are there things here to forge another crown? – Make an arcana check.

– All right. – That’s my answer to that. (dice rolling) – That is a 16 plus one, is 17. – Everything here is replaceable with stuff in the Bloodkeep, but the anvil. – Mmm. – And this is the anvil that was seen… – In my vision? – In the vision. Yeah, absolutely. – So, what I wanted to do is, maybe take that a little bit further. It is a 10 minute thing, but I think having seen it, I might’ve done it, if I had time. Legend Lore the actual anvil itself. – Cool. Legend Lore you would not have had time for, ’cause you guys basically rush down here and muscled up those halflings – Got it.

(snaps) – right outta the gate. – Yeah. – Cool. – The sides of the walls are, and you said there is a ceiling but it’s a couple hundred feet up, so all the wall are very far away – Exactly. – and mostly inaccessible. – Mostly inaccessible, so your spider climb thing is obviously going to be way more useful over here. – Right. – If you can get to that wall. Unfortunately, there’s too much space with lava for you… – I’m sorry, you keep saying the word wall. What does that mean? (group laughing) – Wall is like a sideways floor. (Laughing) – Is that anything like a sideways ceiling? – No, that’s–oh, wait, that is a wall! Yeah, you can climb over that. Wow, yeah, that’s true! Cool. – And we came from? – You came from this path that, your exit’s now barred, basically. – Okay. – This path? The path we came in is barred? – Yes. – Oh, you just mean by all the people there, but it’s physically there.

– Physically, still open. – If we muscled our way through, we could still get through. – Yes, correct. – Got it. – I probably would have had webs trailing behind me, – Cool. – and everything, travel along to where we’re, path we went through. – Cool, I can dig it. I’m going to, uh… Now, we got back to this present moment here. (explosion sound) Enemies appear. You see that the two halflings, Drova Longfoot and her companion Galfast Hamhead look up at… – Wait, wait, wait! – Hamhead? – Galfast Hamhead, you know ’em.

– Galfast Hamhead. Her loyal gardener and companion. (players laughing) You see that… You see that Galfast looks up and says, “Roi? Oh, it’s Kassara the Beige! “Oh, lords, aren’t we lucky to have a wizard show up!” And you see Drova says, “Yes, Galfast. “I am so weak, these people are so scary, I’m sad.” And you see Kassara calls out and says, “Forces of darkness, know this: “the door of doom is laid low, “and the forces of light now walk freely “in the northern realms of Rogar. “We make our way to the Bloodkeep. “We have come here to save our friends. “Give them safe passage from this place. “Leave, and never return, or you will surely die here.” You see Telmeer goes, “The penance for the crimes “that have been committed against our people “will be paid in its own time, daughter.” – Yes, but how do you feel about it, Father? You never express any emotion about anything! – Yes, that’s very good, talk about your feelings.

– I am filled with nothing more than a calm, ever-flowing feeling of doing what I must.” – How is this the good guy? (players laughing) – Wonderful. You see that Kassara says, “Very well. “If you will not leave, “then we will make right the wrongs that dwell here.” And we are going to start at the top of the initiative, as these High Elves rush you guys.

– Mmm. – Where’s Dad? Where is he? (Brennan counting) – He’s right behind, uh, I’m sorry. What is your name? Something the Beige? – Kassara. – Beige. – Beige lady. – Beige lady. – Beige mommy. – Beige mommy. – My beige mommy. Why does she get wings? (laughing) – That’s a great question. – I’m immediately jealous. – About there. – Oh, watch your step, idiot. (players laughing) – Yeah, these guys are ready to plunge in. Should I house rule that if they fall in they actually–oh! (players laughing) (inaudible) – Well, gang, looks like we’ve cleaned up another.

– Only the talent survives to get that down. – We’re all sitting up there like, “Oh, well, uh, all right.” – I don’t know, it was quite easy for us to get down here. – These, uh, more of the elves go like, “Let’s take this path, it’s much more secure!” Incredible. These guys are actually going this way. I’m actually going to make the call that most of these guys actually are going to come this way. (players laughing) – Nice. – For tactical reasons, purely tactical reasons. – Yes, exactly. – Is it a thing if your character does fall off like that, that they do? – No, we’re not going to do that. That will have to be an in-game justification for that. Although, if you guys are doing crazy acrobatic stuff on these rickety-ass things, there may be some rolls that would happen. – Okay. Got it. – Cool. So, Lilith, that’s gonna be your turn. – Well, I think I’ll, I guess, scutter up towards there, yes. (skittering) – Cool, so you’re heading towards the bridge? – Yes. – Gotcha. – So, five, ten, let’s see how many. – I am 50. – Your movement is 50? – Yes. – Cool, let’s just see here.

So, from there, you can get all the way over here. – So, I think that I’d like to use, I’m going to set up a grasping vi… Er, a grasping web, which is 30 feet away, probably on the side of one of those. – Cool. Let’s see if you’re 60 feet from one of these guys here. Unfortunately, they are not within range. You can actually, you could… – But I can set it up for later. – You could ready an action to cast that spell. – Um. – Or is this, oh, it’s concentration. – I believe it’s a concentration, so I just, it stays there. – You’re making a trap, gotcha. Cool. Great, great, great. Awesome. You conjure a vine that appears there. – But it’ll be a web. So basically, what happens is I turn around and I shoot sticky web out of my bottom (Rekha laughing) and it’ll just stick to the side. And then that web somehow becomes sentient and starts flailing around. (Brennan laughing) – Great. (sticky web sound) Yeah, blast a bunch of web outta your butt. A whipping thing of web on it. Awesome. – And as a bonus action, I would also like to cast the Spirit Totem, the Blood Spirit.

So, we all get, anybody within my aura that I choose has plus 19 HP, and advantage on strength checks and strength saving throws. – How far is your aura? – That is 30 feet. – And does that aura stay in one place, or follow you? – I can move it to around 60 feet wherever I want. – So, yes, everyone within that aura gains those temporary hit points, 19 temporary HP. – Are we all in 30 feet? – Well, I’ll say that you can create that before you move, move and then, yeah. – Sure. – Nice. – Thanks. – So, it was 19 hit points and then, – 19 HP. – and then advantage on strength checks? – Yes. Strength. – Cool. – Awesome. Great, great, great. So, you create the vine. – So, as a bonus action, since that’s a bonus action, do I get, also, can I ready an action? A standard action? – Because this thing doesn’t act on its own, it takes bonus actions for you, I would recommend readying an action. – So I can.

– Yes, ready, yes. You can ready. So instead of casting it now, if you ready it for when someone comes into range, you’ll get that free attack – When you do it. – I see. – I shall ready it then. – Hell yeah. Awesome, that is Lilith. That’s gonna be Galfast and Drova. – No. – You guys see that Galfast looks over at Drova and says, “Miss Drova, I may not be able to carry the crown anymore, on account ‘o we threw it in the lava, but I can carry you!” And lifts her up and begins to rush. Where are you going to rush to? Oh. – Oh dear. – Little halflings here.

– You smug elf! – Oh! – Yeah! – Yeah! – We got her! – That’s all it took. – So easy! – That’s all it took. So easy. – Your wings didn’t work at all. – You guys see that Galfast looks incredibly jacked. She like lifts up. You’ve been chasing these halflings, you always, when you were chasing them down, were always like, three of these halflings seem like sort of petty bourgeoisie, like country aristocrats, and then one of them seems like a blue collar, no-nonsense, actually-has-a-job halfling. (Matt and Ify laughing) And that’s Galfast. She just literally, holding Drova, like, “Huh!” climbs just using her feet, giant hairy feet up there.

And that’s going to be Leiland. – Good for them. – Woman after my heart. – All right. Well, as they pass by I just kinda look down towards Longfoot and say, “Hello again.” (spooky noises) And with my mind, kind of spike the pain in their shoulder from the remnants of my blade, which still rests inside. (screaming) – I’m very weak! (players laughing) – And as they begin to climb the ladder… – She’s the hero? It’s not Hamhead? (players laughing) Hamhead. – It seems debatable to me. – This whole army is just fucking mind fucked. – I drift behind them, up the side. Kind of this cold shadow that looms and pass just to the front of them. (menacing sound) (players laughing) Kind of standing in front, right where they are. – Like a giant. – You destroyed the crown of my master. Watch as yours all wither. And barely glancing, I’m gonna go ahead and use Circle of Death. (Ify gasps) – Ooh! – So, 150 foot range.

A 60 foot radius sphere from a point within that range. I’m gonna go ahead and put it right about there. – Whoo! (Brennan laughing) – Jesus Christ! Oh man. (players laughing) So that’s 60 feet. – Well, 60 foot radius. – Oh, a 60 foot radius! – So from there. – So 120 foot diameter. – Yeah. – Oh, that’s truly no sweat at all. You hit… God, what a spell! All right. (players laughing) How about it? – If you can do that every turn? – Yeah. – No, this is one time I get there. (players laughing) So, as I just raise my hand up and release my grasp, staring right into the two halflings’ faces, the air slowly turns this sickly green as you watch the life force drawn out of everything in the vicinity. (dice rolling) (Matt counting) (dice rolling) – Incredible. (laughing) – 36 points necrotic damage, unless they make a constitution saving throw for half. – 36 is what you said? 36. – Right. – Cool. Jesus Christ. – You’re gonna have to do a lot of rollin’. – I’m gonna do a lot of rolling right now. No, no, no, that’s… – Do you roll for every? Ah haha.

– And the DC on that? – 18. – Is 18. Good god. – Wowzer. – Oh my god! – What the hell is this spell? – Incredible. – This is the Avada Kedavra. – Yeah, exactly. And it’s a Constitution saving throw? – Yes. – Gotcha, cool. – I’m a warlock, what can you? (players laughing) (dice rolling) – I suppose you may do well this time, Leiland. (players laughing) – You’re all watching now, aren’t you? – Yeah, if it… we’ll see if it works. – Ah, true. – Oh, a circle just appeared out of- a sphere, actually. Did you do that? – No, I didn’t. I don’t think I did it. – It wasn’t you? Oh, it must’ve been Markus, then.

– Oh, well done! – Yes, Markus, well done! Well done. – Well done, Markus. – Thank you so much. Diga-doot-doot! (players laughing) – He just takes it! – Oh yeah. – And how much damage is that again, Matt? – That was 36, I think. – Jesus Christ. (Ify laughing) I would like this battle to, I don’t know, be somewhat interesting. And then immediately, boom! Uh, high level characters are great! – I’m having fun. – Yeah, everyone’s like, “I’m having a great time!” (players laughing) Hell yeah. Cool, so, you see extending from your- – well, actually, let me roll for Kassara and Telmeer as well, cause they also gotta deal with this shit. – Ooh. – Cool. (dice rolling) That’s going to be Kassara and Telmeer. As Leiland raises that hand, (whoosh and screaming sound) all of the life is just sucked out of these people. (gasping) You see that these elves that have lived for centuries wither and their lips crack and turn bone white. About an even half of them look as though a feather would knock them over.

And even the other half look gravely, mortally injured. Kassara and Telmeer stand, but even they feel the sting of this necrotic energy. And you see a look shine over the elves’ eyes, as all of them suddenly realize they will never see the White Shores. – Mmm. – And, – You could do all that, but you couldn’t catch them halflings? (Brennan and players laughing) – These guys! These are the guys that you- – Yes, you said that they were terrifying. Flames from their eyes! – Sad. – Cool. You couldn’t catch Hamhead? (players laughing) – Very strong forearms! (all laughing) – It’s all the ham. – I gotta eat more ham! (Rekha laughing) – Awesome. – That’s the end of my turn. – That’s the end of your turn, great. You see that Kassara skids back from this necrotic blast that truly fills the entire bay of the forge. You see that she says, “Evil is not the only force at work in this world.” (deep breath) (explosion sound) Boom! And her staff thunders down onto the promontory. I’m gonna need all of you guys, and J’er’em’ih, to make a wisdom saving throw.

– Oh, oh no! – So, a D20. – D20, okay. (dice rolling) – Oh, I have a wonderful wisdom. One. – No! (Amy laughing) – And then you add this, right? (players laughing) – Oh no! – Aww. – I have a plus ten but I rolled a natural one. – No! – I like how you said just before. With perfect comedic timing. (Amy laughing) – Let’s see, I rolled a 14, but I’m trying to see, I feel like I vaguely remember having advantage on Wisdom saves for something? Or, advantage versus Greater Celestials? – You do! And Kassara is a Greater Celestial.

– Ooh! – You have advantage on your saves. – Wow! – I will take. (dice rolling) – Good memory. – I’ll keep the 18 then. That’ll be 18 plus three for that. So that’ll be 21. And… does J’er’em’ih also? – J’er’em’ih has to make a Wisdom save as well. – Does he also have that jammer thing? – Um, does he also have what? – Does he also benefit from my advantage there? – I don’t believe so. – Great, okay. So, let’s see, I’m gonna roll for him. He does advantage on saves while he’s in line of sight, though. – Oh, there you go. (dice rolling) – So I’ll just take that. Nat 20. (Brennan laughing) – Wow! – You see that Kassara hits this thing.

The head of her staff glows with pure white light (angelic chorus) Let’s go around the table, what’d you get? – 14. – 14. – 20. – 20. – Um, 11, but natural one. – Natural one, gotcha. – 21 and 20. – Okay. – 17. – 17. – 18. – 18. Okay, so that’s going to be, and you got 14, right? So, bizarrely… you got a 18, right, you said? – Yeah. – Cool. So, a weirdly… a weird split here. Efink, Maggie, and Lilith; you look at Kassara, her flowing beige robes glistening, radiant skin, her wings spread out, even here in the depths of the Scary Volcano, she is radiant, and you are all under the effects of the frightened condition.

You may play that however you like, but you may not approach her, and you get disadvantage on attack rolls. You see her like just, “Hold here, shadows, and be cleansed from the world!” – I love her wings. Love them! – This is a woman I’m very intimidated by. – Oh, yes. – I don’t know if that’s kosher to say, but… – The elf I was always meant to be. Ah! (laughing) – Leiland, the fear does not grip your heart at all, here next to this anvil, when there is a chance of your lord and master being reconstituted.

– I just respond with, “Oh, Sickened Staff. How nice.” (Brennan laughing) – You’ve been very saucy, Leiland. Might be time for you to finally go to your resting place, don’t you think? – I think not. (Brennan and Rekha laughing) – Sokhbarr and J’er’em’ih, you’re just like, “Light, okay.” You see J’er’em’ih just goes (trilling). – I agree, J’er’em’ih. (players laughing) – And Markus, you’ve seen scarier shit than this.

– Shoulda pulled out a sack of money. That would have made me, got me all. – Big ‘ol IOU. – Yeah. – Nothing scarier than that. (players laughing) – You’re like, “Well, I’m frightened now.” – Bring out my tax, man, that’ll get me goin’. – Awesome. That’s going to be Maggie. – Okay. So, I can’t… What does “approach her” mean in this context? Does that mean going in this direction here? – Yes, basically approaching her…

I won’t be a hard-ass about it. We can judge it more fairly, but I would say not closing a lot of distance to her. You can move lateral, you don’t have to move away from her, but – Okay. – Yeah. – So where do I go? – Do we feel like we need to get the anvil out of here? – Right. – Or, move it in any way, or protect it? Or do we think it’s more of a like, protect it, or do we think it’s like a get-this-thing-out-of-here kind of jam? – I think we maybe leave it and build a circlet. – I think we can leave it until later. – That’s what I think. – Unless you have a bright idea on how to relocate the anvil? – Oh. – I don’t, I mean. – Who’s gonna… – Maggie is incredibly strong. – I’m very strong. – This is true. – I think we just need to get these jerks out of here. I think we think about… – Ooh! Maybe we could lift it out of the caldera.

– You’ve learned something today! (laughing) – Yes, it’s my word of the day, and what a coincidence we find ourselves in a very… – So, is it that, if I… ’cause I guess I just don’t know where to move then… – Yeah. – that’s helpful. – You can move up after those halflings up there, if you wanted to go do something with them. I would also say that, if you wanted to move over to this promontory, just as long as you weren’t getting closer to Kassara.

Like, if you wanted to go and get ready to go up that bridge, you could, because you’re also going to be able to try and resist this every turn, basically. – Okay. Okay. I guess, it looks like you kind of have these halflings, or do you, right? We have to wonder, right? Just a little humor. – Ah ha ha ha, take your turn. (Rekha laughing) – So I guess… – Because he never had them! – Yeah, I know, right! It’s so funny, it’s crazy. So maybe I will try to move towards here. – Awesome. – How far can I go? It says I have 40 feet. – So, each little dot is five, so 40 is eight, basically. – Cool. – That chain. – You’re attached to the chain. – Ah! – Tetherball, whee! (Matt counting) – 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 puts you there, regular movement. – And then you can, if you want to use your action to dash, you can totally do that.

– Yeah, maybe I’ll dash to… Let’s see. – You’ve got a cool ombre. – How much can you dash? – Your speed again. – Oh. – So, dash is using your action to just move again. – Cool, so I move there and I can only really hit people and there no one around me, so I guess… – Cool. – That’s it. – So that’s good, yeah. You start to like charge up the ramp. At the end of your turn, you make another wisdom saving throw. – Okay. (dice rolling) And that’s a seven, and then plus two, nine. – Nine. I will also say, you’re a berserker, right? – Yes. – If you were to use your… I think you have mindless rage. – Yeah. – Oh, yes. – So, if you rage you can just ignore the effects of frightened. – Oh! Yes! Yes, that’s what I would like to do. (Brennan and players laughing) – So, as a bonus action, you’re going to… You feel the fear of her and then you reach down deep into the pit of your demonic heart, and you’re like, “I can get mad enough “to not give a shit about this lady!” – Yeah.

Great. – And you find that rage within you, (whooshing sound) and the condition is removed. – Great. – Or suppressed, I should say. – And is that just for this turn? – That’s just for this turn. So, that’s your turn, you’re moving. Telmeer is going to move as well, and he’s going to… – Before he moves, can that trigger… I wanna just say something to him, okay? – Yeah, go for it. – So, I see he’s about to act and I’m like, “Father, would you assault your queen?” And I pull out my divorce papers that I always have on me, and it has Percival’s name on them. – You see he looks at you and says, “This is an interesting hypothetical.

“I shall ponder it, perhaps, “and then leave a beautiful ridge. “Does that answer your question?” – God, he’s so calm! (players laughing) – It’s just annoying as much as grating! – Yeah. – Right, I want him to scream. – Are you planning… are you planning on divorcing Percival? – I, uh, oh, it’s some… maybe. But… eh… – Yes! Yes you are! You are! – Well, hold on, um. I am at this point, what is important is I… If he is King, I am Queen. – Ah. Do you want that? – Well, are you proud of me? (Amy laughing) – Wow. That’s desperately sad. All right, let’s continue fighting. (players laughing) – He’s just the worst.

– Cool. Yes, Telmeer rushes down here, and that is going to be… Efink, that is your turn. – Okay. So, you know, my dad sucks real bad. I’m going to… This isn’t an attack, so let me know. I’m gonna use my… Well, she’s not even in a line. Yeah, I’m gonna use my Staff of Storms, that I took from her sister wizard, and I’m going to cast… I take my staff out, and I’m like, “I adore you so much! “You are terrifying to behold. “Mimicry is the best form of flattery, ah-ha!” (echoing banging sound) (players laughing) And I strike my own staff, and thunder and lightning… Lightning Strike and Thunderclap. – Cool. – Also, all happen at the same time. – Great. – I’m going to actually cast that at my dad, ’cause fuck him. And, so a line of lightning will go towards him. A DC 17 dexterity saving throw. It’s 120 feet, which I think will… oh, maybe not. – Let’s see here. So, that’s 80 from you. – Okay. – That… from you to there is 80. Then from here… If that’s 40, it’ll do it. It does not, you are… – It doesn’t? – But, maybe if you move to the edge…

But you can’t because of Kassara. – Because of Kassara. So I’ll just give it to her, then. – Cool, great. – So she’ll take some lightning, that’ll traverse the lava- the center of the caldera, if you will. (players laughing) And I’ll cast Thunderclap which is 600 feet out from me. So, that’s kind of everybody. – Cool. – Unfortunately, even, I think, my friends. – Yup. – But… so everyone has to be make a DC 17 constitution saving throw. – Or become stunned until the end of the next turn. – Um, only deafened. – Oh! Right, lightning strike, yes, gotcha. – Oh, thunder, fantastic. – Cool, cool. Awesome. Great, so I will need everybody here to roll a DC 17 constitution saving throw. (dice rolling) – All right. (dice rolling) – 20. – Natural 20? Nice! – Mm-hmm! – It’s 18 for me. – Cool. – Then you add this? – 21 for Lilith. – So 30. – Awesome. – So, your roll is a 30? (Rekha laughing) – 13 for Sokhbarr… – If I… is that only on my… – And that’s another nat 20 for J’er’em’ih! – Oh my god. – As you do the Thunderclap, you see that J’er’em’ih looks over at you and goes (trilling), and you see that his eyes shrivel (wet squishing sound) pop out into new eyes.

(gurgling sound) Popped up the stalks, back into sockets, and he goes (panting). – So I, (players laughing) You’re welcome J’er’em’ih. (players laughing) Anytime, I can bring you back to the bog from whence you came, happy to do so. – Incredible. – That means he likes you. – Aww. – If anyone… – He doesn’t do that for everyone. (players laughing) – Incredible. – If anyone failed the Thunderclap, you take four thunder damage. – Yowzer. – If you were successful, you take two thunder damage, and you are not deafened. So, if you failed it, you are deafened. Sorry. – All right. (players laughing) – Awesome. And then, go ahead and roll your lightning for Kassara. – Okay, so. (Amy counting) – What was the AC for? – 17. – 20… – Ouch. – Yeah. (Ify laughing) And, sorry, failing that one means getting what when you rolled? – Failing…

Well, you succeeded. – Yes, okay. – So, you take two damage. – Okay, cool. And that’s it. – So this is 27 lightning damage to Kassara, if she fails. 27… so 13 if she succeeded. – Gotcha. (dice rolling) She does not succeed, (long booming) so she takes the full 37, right? – No, 27. – Oh, 27, gotcha. Cool, cool, cool. (reverberating rumbling) Hell yeah. So, that’s gonna be awesome. At the end of your turn, I’m gonna need you to make a Dexterity saving throw at the end of your turn, Efink (snaps) – It’s just the battle of the staffs.

(dice rolling) Okay, what? Sorry, dexterity? All right, 13. – Um, awesome. 13. I’m also going to need that from… let me see if 20. Yeah. I’m gonna need Sokhbarr, J’er’em’ih, and Markus to all make the same saving throw. – Sorry, what do we? I missed that. – Dexterity saving throw. – Okay. (dice rolling) I will roll for Sokhbarr first. – Ooh! – Nat 20! – Yeah! – Markus, “ha ha ha.” – What is that, nine? – You got Marked! – Very dextrous, yeah! – That is a 12 for Sokhbarr. And J’er’em’ih gets advantage on all saves. So, let’s see how that… 12, and, oh great. So, 12 plus two is 14, plus… no dex, so it’s 14 for that. – Cool. So, for anyone that made, the DC was 18. For anyone that got an 18 or higher… – Shit! – You take 15 points of damage. Anyone that got 17 or lower, takes 30 points of damage. – Yowzer. – As Kassara goes, “Oof, that’s not a bad hit.” Whoo! (loud whooshing) And wraps the entire center column in radiant white fire, that deals radiant and fire damage to all of you.

– So Markus does like an elegant flip, (whooshing) disappears, reappears and goes, “Not a scratch,” because I have evasion, so I take no damage. (Brennan laughing) – Oh, nice! – Hell yeah! Extremely cool. Awesome. That’s going to be… and then you may roll another wisdom save for the fear effect at the end of your turn. – Okay. (dice rolling) – Wa-wah. (players laughing) – Another nat one? – It’s a two. – No, it’s a two. – It’s a two! – But plus ten it’s 12. – You’re still a-scared. – And I’m going to play it still, just super reverent instead. (Brennan laughing) – Cool. Sokhbarr, it is your turn, and you and J’er’em’ih are not on the same initiative, but there’s nobody in between you and J’er’em’ih. – Okay. Does it matter if, which one of us goes first? – Sokhbarr, or technically J’er’em’ih goes first, but you guys actually act in whatever order you like best.

– Alright, cool. This feels like it might be a waste of a turn, but I have to do it ’cause it just seems fun. Am I correct in remembering that they said that the lava mog was living in the Scary Volcano? – Yes, you were. – Yeah, you did. – Can I do some kind of nature check or something to see… Can I try to call, (Amy gasps) or summon up the lava mog? – Could you please roll me a nature check with advantage? – Ooh! – See, I knew that, but I didn’t want to bait the RP so I’m just checking. – Oh my gosh! – Alright. Here we go. (dice rolling) Ooh, that is a 19 plus six, so 25. – Boglord, Master of Beasts, what does Sokhbarr do in this moment? – He’s like, “Creatures of shadow, creatures of darkness, “come to me, come to my aid!” – Oh no! – “Come, help!” (shrill screeching) (deep rumbling) (players screaming in excitement) (whooshing) – Rising from the magma, is the single, most beautiful creature Sokhbarr…

– God! – You see even J’er’em’ih looks at it and goes, (squeak) “Wow.” (players laughing) – For the first time in however long you all have known Lilith, some of you for hundreds of years, she looks deeply impressed. (players laughing) – What a man! – Sokhbarr! That was very good! – That is ridiculous. – Holy moley. – What’s his name? – You see that all the elves, Kassara, Telmeer, all go, (panting and screaming). Looking at this pure nightmare. What’d you roll, a 19 and got like a what? – I rolled a 19 and I have a plus six, so I have a 25. – 25. – You see this things comes, (rumbling sound) (Brennan screeches) (roaring) And looks at your and goes, (snorting). And a long boiling hot tentacle, which deals you… – Whoa! – seven points of fire damage… – Okay. (players laughing) – lovingly strokes your… (roaring sound) – Aww! Sizzling flesh, “Oh, I think he likes me, guys!” – What’s his name? – Your face! Sokhbarr, your face! Your face! – Oh it’s fine, it’ll heal.

They’ll do that. – What’s its name? – Uh, is this a name I’m giving it, or can I get some kind of? – With a 25, you like, snuffle at it. First of all, with a 25, this is a broodmother. – Oh! – Holy! – You’re a broodmother! – Lava mogs only need to breed once every thousand years, and they can keep fertilized eggs in a boiling chamber of lava in their own body and they don’t have to gestate it for centuries or millennia. And this one is carrying, potentially, enough active children within it that it could… – The species could come back from the brink of extinction! – Oh my goodness! – Guys! This is incredible! (Brennan laughing) – A second pregnancy announcement today! How lovely! – Aww. This is the hormones, I’m gonna cry! – This is just wonderful! – You see this (shrill roaring). I’m gonna say that summoning this thing is your action. – Sure. That seems fair. (players laughing) – Yeah. – That seems pretty fair, right? – So disgusting. – Awesome. But you can have another bonus action, you have your movement, and then J’er’em’ih has his whole turn.

– Cool. Great, sorry, I need a moment to process this, I guess. – This insane thing that just happened here. – Is this… Just so I kinda know for planning my own thing. I have Animal Friendship, which will sort of let me convince thing… or is this thing already kinda befriended to me, with the loving tentacle and its like ready to sort of do my bidding? – I think you’ve summoned it. – Cool. – If you wanted to give it… This is the kind of thing that will probably act according to instinct, unless you take time and effort to Animal Friendship it and be commanding it. – Got it, cool. And the Animal Friendship is an action, so I couldn’t do that this turn, anyway, right? – I’ll say that, if you want to make Animal Friendship the action that you took, you are welcome to do that.

In other words, you are summoning with the nature check was also you casting the Animal Friendship spell. – I see. Great. – Cool. – Okay, I’ll take that, yeah. Let’s see if we can get a little agency over this fella. So, I will cast Animal Friendship, as well, which lets me convince a beast that I mean it no harm. – Aww! Let’s see, if the beast’s intelligence is a four or higher, the spell fails. Otherwise the beast must succeed on a wisdom saving throw, or be charmed by me. – Okay, so it’s gonna make a wisdom saving throw. – Yeah. – Or be charmed. (dice rolling) It rolled a two. This thing is extremely… you hear it go (gurgling roar) and you can see it gargling lava in its throat. – Oh god. – It really likes you! – Aww. – It knows how to pronounce the name of this volcano. (players laughing) – It does sound a lot like J’er’em’ih. J’er’em’ih might be a female, honestly.

– (high pitched trilling) (players laughing) – Awesome. – Cool. So, if it’s… then I might suggest to it I guess that it… I don’t know. Do we… What’s the most good this thing can do? Is it in trying to take out the wizard? Is it in trying to… I guess we could move the anvil now, maybe, if we wanted to. – Hold this. – Gulp. – Where do we think it’s the most good? – Killing. – Yeah. How about, maybe I’ll tell it to… On its turn, whenever its turn is… It looks like its little arms can reach to maybe take out this bridge? – Mm-hmm. – ‘Cause that makes them try to like, – Oh, fun! – Try to knock, like… You wanna lift up, like knock those elves into the lava? – Oh, hell yeah. Which one does Sokhbarr point to? What section of bridge does Sokhbarr point to? – Sure. I was saying, if it sort of like, flipped this guy up.

– Hell yeah. – Does that… that won’t block our path, right? Or anything, I don’t think. – No. – Cool, I’ll sort of suggest to it that, hey, it would be a really fun thing to do. (players laughing) If you wanted to just, you know a little bit of exercise is good for, you know, a pregnant lava mog. – Excuse me! (players laughing) Okay, Sokhbarr, watch out. – Not in appearance, just you know, keeping it healthy and stuff. – Mmm. – Endorphins! That’s probably Sokhbarr’s turn, right? I can probably use- I guess he can still move, if I wanted to? Or, what… what am I working with here, I’m fucked. – You’ve taken your action, you have your movement, And then J’er’em’ih has his turn. – Great. I’m still kinda curious about this anvil. I feel like there’s something here, but I’ll just start running down the way here. – You could also mount J’er’em’ih and ride him, if you wanted to. – Hell yeah! (players laughing) – Aww! – Use your movement to mount up and ride out. – Forward, J’er’em’ih! – Oh, yeah. – Wonderful! Awesome turn. That’s going to…

That’s gonna go down. Markus, that’s you. – Alright. That wasn’t a waste of a turn, by the way. (players laughing) – That was really good. – Truly crazy. – By any means. – I cannot believe that you remembered that one random lava mog drop. It was like, total RP and I was like, I wonder if they’ll catch it? – You cannot say anything about monsters to me and not have me log it, like knockin’ around, like cool. (players laughing) – I’m asking myself where it shits from.

(players laughing) – And I’m gonna lock that away forever. – So I guess, Markus is like, “Don’t you dare, ope! “Don’t you dare try and get away from me. “I’m gonna come and take your family!” Then I come up behind the elf and I take a sneak attack. Are they facing? – Mm-hmm. – Kraz-Thun? – They are facing Kraz-Thun, you do get sneak attack. – Nice. – Are you going after Galfast, who’s the one running? Or are you… – The one holding, yeah. – The one holding, cool. You’re after Galfast, awesome. Alright. – And I’ll roll. (dice rolling) That’s gonna be 18. – 18 hits. – Okay. (dice rolling) Oh my gosh, okay. 22 plus six, 28 damage. (players oohing) – Hell yeah. Cool, you run up, just Fog of War, (blade slicing sound) slide your short sword, and you feel the most intense muscle you ever felt clamp down on the sword. (squelching) It gets about like a good three or four inches into Galfast’s back and she goes, “Roi! I ain’t no need to be a spoil sport about ‘et!” And drops, gently, Drova on the ground and whips a frying pan out of her backpack and turns to face you.

– Too bad for her, that with that I move 15 away, and as the mist of my body passes through, it’s like, Make them pay. (players laughing) Thoroughly. – Hell yeah. You guys hear from the smoke beyond you over here, in the vast caldera, you hear (screech). (whooshing) – I knew it. (players laughing) – Oh, I see what you were saying earlier. – Who the hell is this? – But that’s ridiculous! Why haven’t they been using those things all along, everyone? (Brennan laughing) – A giant eagle flies through the open top of the caldera, and drops the true King of Tyriath, here, right in front of you, Markus. – Damn! – You see that he is a scruffy ranger, he’s spent the past 80 years out sleeping in the woods, and the mud and the rain, and has a sort of crown that doesn’t seem like he wears it well on his head. He’s just like a sort of rugged, outdoorsy guy. And he’s dropped onto that platform, looks down at you, Efink, and goes, “Ugh, sweetheart! I am, jeez, they made me King.

“I’m the King of Tyriath.” (players laughing) – My god, serve them, serve them, Efink! Now’s your chance! – Do I serve them? Do I become Queen? Do I serve him? Do I become Queen? – Serve him the papers! – Don’t worry, gal. Imma rescue you. Ugh, yeah they say I gotta live in a big stone house. – Yeah, uh, yeah. Look, it was one night. It, it, it was a mistake. – I love ya. – Now I’m seeing the benefit… – Oh, you love me. – I love ya. – Oh, you love me? – Yeah. You’re the prettiest elf I ever seen. – Well, that’s true. (laughing) – Oh, I’m so conflicted right now! What did I ever see in you? – Incredible. Yes, that eagle rushes down towards there and you guys see a second (bird screeching) flies in as well, right over here.

It is going to attack our friend Markus. – Damn! – Hell yeah. – This is nuts. – Yeah. – This is a little tableau. – Fucking hell, fucking– – Love it. – That’s gonna be 11. Markus, you take 14 points of damage. And I’m gonna need you to make a Strength saving throw as this thing tries to push you into the lava. – Oh! Okay! – Advantage because of Lilith. – Yeah, yeah. Oh man. (dice rolling) So, the first one’s 12. (dice rolling) I’ll take the 12, 13. – 13’s gonna do it, that’s exactly what you needed. (players oohing) (eagle screeching) As this thing tries to (screech).

(screaming) – Awesome. Cool, that is now… that was the eagles. The lava mog is going to… (roaring sound) whip around. You gotta be careful with all these little spinies. (gurgling sound) And grabs this thing. (dice rolling) (laughing) This limb goes (screeching) and this just massive crustacean lava arachnid arm blasts this entire thing off. This guy, “Ahh!” And you just hear (explosion sound) a little blast of flame. This elf is fucking toast. – Yay! (clapping) – Fucking toast. Hell yeah. – I thought that second guy was on there, too, oh well. – Hell yeah. Awesome, that’s the lava mog’s turn. That’s now going to be, back to the top, that’s High Elves. These guys are gonna amazingly keep running. One, two, three, four, five, six. (gasps) These huge arms are whipping around in all directions. – You gotta knock back, ‘scuze me, guys – Difficult terrain. (laughing) – Incredible. These guys are gonna start rushing here. Five, ten, 15, 20, 25, 30… So, you have your readied action.

– Yes. – Go ahead and do your grasping vine. – Uh uh ah! No, no, no! – So you have to do a dex saving throw. – Dex saving throw, DC 18, right? – Hey, Trapp, will you hand me a bear-man? A magoo? – Uh, sorry, what? What am I after? – The, the new King. – Oh, sure. This guy? – Yeah. – I just wanna remember where he is. He’s right under this arm. – That High Elf successfully saves. – Ah! (Brennan counting) – And these guys are going to start rushing here. Down the causeway. – Jesus Christ. – Insane. But that’s the High Elves, so Lilith that’s gonna be you. – So, as a first, can I roll against the frightened? Or is that the end of my turn? – That’s the end of your turn. – Well, in that case I shall stay there and as part of my bonus action I shall direct the sticky web to try and pull down one of the nearest ones, as well.

So you’ll have to take another dexterity saving throw. (dice rolling) (dramatic music) – Ho ho! Well, because of some very smart tactical decisions on your purpose, he is pulled 20 feet in the direction of the web, to where there is no purchase and falls immediately to lava. – Ah! (players yelling) – So this web goes boom! “Ah!” (booming sound) There goes 350 years of art, culture, and thinking about the nature of life. – Excellent. Stupid leaf architecture. (players laughing) It’s tacky! It’s tacky, I’m so… – Oh, I agree. – So tacky! – No, it’s one of my favorite things I’ve left. – And I shall use infestation on one of the ones nearest to me. A cloud of tiny children swarm out and coat him.(skittering) – Hell yeah. – And so you make a constitution saving throw. – I’m not your father, ugh! (players laughing) – He makes a con saving throw, (dice rolling) which he succeeds. – Ah, I see. – Very well, then. (players laughing) – Ah, well.

– Is that half damage still, or no? – Um. It does not. – Okay, yes, gotcha. (reading to himself inaudibly) Gotcha, okay. Cool, cool, cool. Succeeds on that saving throw, and then are you gonna hold your position or move away? – Hmm, I’ll stay there. – Cool. Awesome. – Oh, but I take the opportunity to call out, “Efink, stay strong! “You’re better than this, you deserve better!” – I mean, do I deserve better than being the Queen on the good guys side? You know what you see where I’m at.

(Amy and Erika laughing) – You do you, you do what makes you happy, but he’s so, ugh. – He’s gross, Efink, he’s gross! – I had a hairy thing, back in the day. It was anyone with a beard and I would, you know. – But they all have beards! All men have beards in this world! – Yes, but not High Elves, though. It was a new novelty. – And at the end of your turn, you may roll again that wisdom saving throw. (dice rolling) – That’ll be 20. – You lose the frightened condition. You are no longer frightened. – Oh, nice. – Hell yeah. – Ah, she’s not so impressive after all. (adventurous music) – You see that Galfast looks at you with the frying pan in her hand and says, “Now, look ‘ere mister, I got no problem with you. “You been chasin’ us ever since Ruckland “and all I ask is that you let us pass by!” (laughing) – I kind of slowly stare at the frying pan, and the already exhausted halfling on the ground and say, “No.” (players laughing) – She says, “All right, well, ya can’t say “as I didn’t warn ya!” And uh, (dice rolling) Galfast deals you…

– That’s a big pan! – Three, five, nine, uh… 15, plus… first 24 damage and then, (dice rolling) 11, 12, uh, 17, uh, 26 damage. – Whew. – So, 50 points of damage. You see that she says, “I may have been a gardener once, “but I’ve hiked all across the world of Elna! “And I’ve learned that some things “need to be put back in the grave!” And lifts up, bang, bang, bang, clang, clang! (inaudible) – He really can handle those halflings! – She’s fighting you with cookware! What the heck, Leiland? – You try, I mean this is crazy! – Come on, Leiland, what are you doing? – The thing is fucking… gah! – They are so small. – You just cast a whole death circle earlier, and you can’t handle a frying pan? – Pay attention when I do cool things! Not when I’m being beaten by a small one! Come on! – Ain’t no shame in bein’ beaten in a fair fight, sir! (players laughing) That’s her turn.

Drova, for her turn goes, “I miss the Shire.” And that’s her turn. (players laughing) – Sorry, Ruckland. (players laughing) And then, Leiland… yeah, bleep! Leiland, that’s gonna be you. – Okay, well, ha ha. After the the sequence of hammering blows and insults echoing through the caldera… – I got a photo! – Thank you! I know that word! (players laughing) – I like, (clanking) the final hit, kinda look back. The burning anger of the small blue flames burning bright within the inside of the helmet.

I’m gonna go ahead and use a bonus action to use my Hexblade’s Curse against this fucking halfling! (Brennan laughing) And I’m going to unload with Griefmaker, Runeblade of Twilight. – Hell yeah. – I say, “You carry a mighty weapon, “but this has felled hundreds of your allies.” (blade clashing) Takes two strikes. (dice rolling) That’s going to be, uh, 27 for the first attack. – Oh that’ll do it, yeah, for sure. – All right, and so for damage on that will be, (dice rolling) Ten plus… 12, uh, 14. 19 points of damage. – Ooh. Hell yeah. – And the second one is going to be a 19 to hit? – 19 does hit, yes. (dice rolling) – And that’s going to be, 23 points of damage. – Ooh, damn! You unload with Griefmaker and go to plunge into this halfling’s heart. You see that each time you go straight for the heart, and with a dexterity of a trained fencer, this pan brings your sword across Galfast’s shoulder, (squishing sound) skewers, and blood splatters behind her.

And then once again, (metal clanging) cleaves across her ribs. She says, “Uh, you are a fine fencer, sir, “and my hat’s off to ya!” – Leiland, what are you doing? – So, Leiland… – Do you need some help? – I’m good, thanks! I’m fine! – Markus, can you see what’s going on over there? – I am the King of the Vanguri! I will slay this tiny, wretched gardener on my own! – Well, we all can’t wait, we all can’t wait! – You need to be the King of frying pans, or something! – Look, Leiland, we can trade places. You can get the giant eagles… – Fuck it all! The fucking King of Men! – Okay, all right. (Brennan laughing) – I wonder if Leiland gets scared of breakfast, too. He’s so afraid of frying pans. – Markus, are you dealing with too much over there? Do you think you can give him… – I’ve… big ol’ eagle! – Yes, Markus, say that you’re fighting the eagle, and then you know, heh heh, do the Leiland thing.

(players laughing) – Incredible. – Seems like Leiland is a little overextended right now, if you could just give him a hand. – Incredible. I’m going to need… That’s going to be, uh. It’s Kassara’s turn once again. I’m gonna need wisdom saving throws from everybody – God damn it. – and J’er’em’ih. – All right. (dice rolling) (inaudible crosstalk) – Jesus Christ. – Do you know what I rolled? A three! – Oh my god! – I am… increments of one! Differentials of freaking one. Dang it! – But in 17 turns, you’re gonna be killin’ it! (Amy laughing) – Okay, that is 17 for Sokhbarr, and advantage for him, so that’s 11… This is a wisdom? – This is wisdom, yes, that’s correct. – So that is, 11 plus… 14 for both. – 14 for both you and J’er’em’ih? Cool. – Oh, no, no, sorry. 17 for me, 14 for J’er’em’ih. – Gotcha, cool, cool, cool. Let’s go around, what did people get? – 21. – 21. – 14 plus six, so total’s 20. – 20, cool. – 13. – 13. – Sokhbarr, you had those two, and then, Lilith? – 17. – 17, gotcha.

– And 16. – 16. Cool! So, Kassara raises her staff aloft and… (adventurous music) (dice rolling) This is gonna be a lot of dice. (smattering of many dice) – Oh no. – Here’s a question… Maybe this is a good time for a question. We at one point got plus 17 temporary, did that go… – 19, plus 19. – Er, 19, sorry. Did that go away? – That… you subtract from that first. – Great, perfect. That’s what I was, yeah. – And then once that’s gone, it’s gone. – Great! I wasn’t sure if it was like, it only stayed for a round. Cool. – I guess similarly, is that aura in one specific place? There was also advantage to Strength checks there, right? – Oh, right.

– With that aura? Does that still play, or is that? – Yes. – Does the aura still exist there, or is it around Lilith? – Oh, uh, it… – Or has it dissipated by now? – It’s the… – It’s here, right? – Yeah, it’s around there, yeah. – Cool. So, everybody that failed those saves… – And what was the DC? – What was the DC? – The DC was 18. – Oh, fuck. – Yeah. So, it’s just almost everybody. – Yeah. – Everybody that failed those saves takes 48 points of radiant damage. – Jesus! – You guys each take 24 points of radiant damage.

– Okay. – Gulp! – God damn. – And once you lose your temporary hit points… – They’re gone. – You lose the advantage on Strength checks? – Oh no, you still have that. – Cool. – Still have that. You see that Kassara just raises this thing aloft, and just, like spirits erupt from the lava. This pure light of all the people that have been slaughtered and killed here, and all the sacrifices of blood are released and sent back to – Ugh! – the White Shores. (scary suctioning sound) You can almost feel like, “Oh, is my soul going? “No, no, no, no, no!” – Phew.

– Yowzer! – And a tremendous amount of radiant damage happens to everybody. That is Kassara’s turn. That’s going to be Maggie. – Okay, here’s a question. (players laughing) How powerful is my hit… can I break a bunch of rocks, and stuff? Is there a way I can knock them all into lava, with like– – Your hammer specifically auto-crits and does max damage against objects. – Okay. – So, if you want to smash some stuff, you can totally smash some stuff. – Okay, and is it possible for me to smash this? Is it going to destroy this thing, or does it like knock them? – Unfortunately, the structure of this, as you can see, is there’s a lot of these under here.

– Yes. – So this is much… If you crushed this down here, this would still be fine. – I see. – See? But this shit is all very rickety. And if you were strategic about it, right, you could take some stuff out. Like, you could collapse a section of that, probably. – Yeah. Okay. And, can I… oh, is this, is this a chain? Okay, great. Good. – Could you take that chain – I know, I know! – and whip it around? – I was like, what can I do with my limited abilities.

Is that possible? Can I lasso all these guys? – If you want to do some kind of crazy chain thing and lasso a bunch of people, I will let you roll for it. The roll might be very difficult. – That’s an interesting heads up. (Brennan laughing) Hmm. – Do it, do it, do it, do it! It’s too cool, it’s too cool! – I would like to lasso these men. – Can you get far enough to get to the chain? – Oh, let me see. So, I can move 40? (Rekha counting) But then… – 40, very close. – You can take another dash to close ranks with them, if you want. – Uh huh. – I would also say, if you wanted to, you could… Where did you start? You started right in front of… – Yeah, I think there. – Think there? There’s like a chain right next to you there, on that rock, if you wanted to grab… I don’t know if you can grab that chain, or not.

– Do it, do it, do it! – If you want to do some cool shit, you can do some cool shit. – I’ll do it! – Hell yeah! – I’ll do it! – Cool. Awesome! So you, run up, you grab this chain there. This is an insane attack. Look at that long-ass chain. So here’s what we’re gonna do. You are like not proficient in this, right? – No. – But… – In fact… – In fact, you’re immediately tangled. (players laughing) Oh, jeez! – It’s like Christmas lights! – So, I’m gonna let you make… (dramatic music) this is effectively, I’m gonna ask you to make an athletics check. Because you are raging, you actually get advantage on this roll, okay? However… – It’s also a strength check, right? – This is a strength check, so you have advantage, even if you weren’t raging, you’d still have advantage.

This is gonna be an athletics check. You’re gonna need a 25 to get even one guy. If you get a… If you get a 30, which I think you… Which would require you to roll a nat 20. – Yes. – Then, you can get more than one guy and we’ll roll for how many you get. So, go ahead, you roll twice. (dice rolling) You’re looking for a 15 or higher. – 15! – 15? So you get at least one! Now, if this is a nat 20, you can get as many as you want. (players laughing) – Oh my gosh. – I’m sweating. (dice rolling) five. – Five, okay. Cool. So, you whip the chain around this guy as your attack. You have completely restrained him with your chain. (chains clinking sound) Hell yeah! As part of the same attack, you whip him up, you’re gonna make an opposed strength roll with him. You once again get advantage on this. I’m gonna tell you what you need to beat. (dice rolling) You need to beat a 21. – Okay. – So you add the five there. – Okay, cool. (dice rolling) – And you get to roll twice.

– 11 plus five, okay. (dice rolling) (dramatic music) Two plus five! – Two plus five. Cool, so he’s fully restrained, but you don’t yank him into the lava, yet. – Alright. – And you see Telmeer rush down here to the– – Telmeer, get outta here! – Thank you! – You see that he looks at you and says, “Daughter of Darkness, “I want you to know that I’m not upset or angry. “I instead have a calm sense of duty “that I must remove your wickedness from our land. “I never get bent out of shape about pretty much anything. “Like a leaf on the autumn wind…” – Yeah, or like a fucking prick, Dad. – Wow! – I accept that without reaction. (laughing) – I want to make this guy laugh.

That’s like my goal now, just make him laugh. – When people call you Daughter of Darkness it’s just like, I’m Maggie, I’m my own person! (players laughing) – You have your own hopes and dreams, darling. – Yes! It’s not my relation to men, its me! – Efink, that’s gonna be you. – Okay, I am going to cast Divine Intervention. I am absolutely conflicted. I have my father, with…

Has a complicated relationship. My husband, who I’ve hated forever, but now has status? And, I’m terrified of… Of Lady Wings… – Beige. – Yeah, Beige Kassara. – Beige mommy. – Meanwhile, my friends are under attack, so I’m going to step back a little and let my deity kind of intervene and maybe help what I’m gonna do. So, I have to percentile dice. (oohing) And if I roll… – Before you roll, you’re rolling, you need a 14 or under. – 14 or under. – Now, I’m gonna go ahead, because this is Divine Intervention, it’s a slim possibility; it’s like, you know, 14% possibility. We’re gonna bring out the Box of Doom. (dramatic booming) (players chuckle excitedly) For extremely significant rolls, we bring out the Box of Doom. This is where the rolls that really make or break things happen. There’s a very slim chance that this will happen, but if it happens, it will completely change the tide of this battle.

(Amy laughing) – Okay. – So, let’s go ahead. You can bring the box over there. – What does it do? – The Box of Doom? Oh, no, it actually has the deity intervene. Like, the deity– – In some way, shape, or form that DM decides. – Yes. – And here we go. Let’s see. So you have your percentile dice… – 14 or fewer. – 14 or fewer is what you’re looking for. – On the dice. Okay, come on, baby. Come on, Bone Daddy! (dice rolling) – That’s it for this chapter of Dimension 20. But wait, what harkens on the wind? (cawing) Speak to me bird. More full episodes? Of Dropout.tv’s own Dimension 20? Available with the free trial that you can sign up for today? Hopefully, our viewers are brave enough to answer the call.

(cawing) There he goes! What is happening… truly, what is happening? (players laughing) Truly, actually, what is happening? So, I’m gonna get out the Box of Doom again. .

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