Spinning ai Predatori Alpini / Spinning Trota Lago

Here I am at an altitude of 2500 meters And today I decided … To fish with lures I have already gone to 2 alpine lakes this year I didn’t publish the videos because … I only caught small fish And I didn’t even enjoy it So today I came with lures to try to take some big trout This is a lake where there are big alpine trouts I had caught so many last year Let’s see As you can see, in this lake … There are thousands of these tiny fish And they are the meal of the beautiful alpine trouts and rainbow trouts of this lake For this reason I fish with lures You can see the big trouts coming and looking for these fish Look at that voracity They eat the clip The clip I start fishing with a Rapala A sinking 8-gram minnow The depth of the lake here is almost 8 meters In the center of the lake even more Look, look, look !! He went with his mouth open Little one Oh, the big one followed the minnow That will have been half a kilo It was there Here it is !! Here it is !! Look how big! That’s a big one !! That’s a big one !! Look if the camera is on The camera is on ?? Oh my god, what a big one !! Dad: “Wonderful !!” What a beautiful alpine trout This will be half a kilo Wonderful Just beautiful.

Yes, I release you now What a caudal fin !! Beautiful, it’s been a while since I had caught such a beautiful fish in the mountains From the last year You saw it attack !! You saw the big one attack !! The big one !! This will be 6 hectograms Dad: “Think of that bastard who kills him” How can you kill a fish like that … What teeth !! It is almost 40 cm. Spinning !! Rapala !! No, I doesn’t frame it under water, just a normal release I’m at the end of the day Today was a positive day thanks to the two beautiful alpine trouts I caught Two of the most beautiful fish I have caught this year Now the afternoon has arrived, the water is warming up and the trouts are no longer active So I’m going home Before leaving I wanted to show you something I try to throw a piece of worm into the water and put the camera under water to see Let”s see

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