The Evidence For Evolution Made Easy

The evidence for evolution made effortless the science of evolution is below assault by way of creationists the vast majority of them do not even realize what evolution is the way it works and what the proof for it is on this video i’m hoping to demonstrate in easy terms how we all know evolution is right there are several lines of evidence that independently verify evolution that is what makes scientists so specific any individual of those factors might have pointed to some thing else however they all converge on the same conclusion that each one species emerged through fashioned descent with amendment by means of usual selection in addition there aren’t any credible verified details about nature that contradict evolution in my view each independent line of evidence I shall speak about very strongly helps evolution however collectively whilst you put all of the pieces of the puzzle together it becomes absurd to suppose that evolution didn’t happen evolution deniers have no longer offered any credible alternative thought that better explains all this proof or truly any of it earlier than we get to the evidence I have to be clear about what evolution is define some terms and dispel some misconceptions i’m no longer going to be talking about massive Bang cosmology the age of the earth or the beginning of existence called abiogenesis those are separate issues with separate evidence evolution is the method during which all crops and animals have arisen from a single ancestor that existed previously over the past three.5 billion years or so all current and all extinct species in the world have you ever early in a nested hierarchy of groups and subgroups commonly referred to as the Tree of life a species is great outlined as a populace of organism with shared traits the can interbreed but cannot effectually breed with other populations for the period of the organic historical past of the earth new species have emerged from existing species the alternate from one species to a further could be very gradual no animal ever gives birth to an extra species genes are molecular items of DNA through which organisms move down their features to their offspring changes within the genes of a species induced via mutation sexual recombination and genetic glide are passed all the way down to their offspring over many generations these small changes step by step add as much as tremendous adequate alterations that the descendant organism is unique adequate from its distant ancestor to be called a new species like a boy fitting a man there is no single second in time we can point to when the alternate happened it is vitally gradual evolution does no longer predict that a canine will provide beginning to a cat or a half of dog half cat it does now not work like that.Common determination is the important thing riding drive of evolution it’s a traditional process during which the invaluable alterations tend to increase in a species and the damaging changes are likely to shrink this happens given that these animals quality form of to the atmosphere have a tendency to outlive and procreate and as a consequence move down their genes just a little bit more than these animals with out the satisfactory traits every successive new release then tends to include extra of the invaluable genes and fewer of the much less beneficial genes over many generations this produces new types of the ancestor animals which have transformed aspects new facets and even diminished or removed points as organizations of a species migrate to different environments or the environment alterations round them their descendants are likely to adapt differently for that reason splitting a species into two or more subspecies the ancestor species may later end up extinct or may just continue to exist and may break up off other new species mostly one crew will trade faster than a different team since the Selective stress is better this is the reason we find creatures in these days which might be extra like their ancestors than their associated species corresponding to people and chimps we share a common ancestor with chimps that used to be neither chimp nor human however that ancestor appeared more like a chimp than a human as humans have modified extra all living species are concerning each and every different like far away cousins the more latest the original ancestor the nearer they are related that is precisely what the evidence suggests as i will explain fossils tangible and apparent proof for evolution is the fossil record it is primary to grasp that the method of fossilization is rare and for that reason the record may be very incomplete and it’s going to constantly have gaps despite this reality there are excellent many species for which we have now huge fossil evidence of their evolutionary exchange the geologic column is what scientists call the layering of sedimentary rocks found in every single place the earth even though it does not exist in a single steady column that we can see we do to find enormous segments of those layers exposed at the surface as a result of erosion and different geologic effects because these layer segments overlap each different scientists have been ready to compare up the special segments to investigate the total sequence of layers a couple of overlapping dating methods were used so far these layers into geologic timescales although you doubt the accuracy of these dating methods as creationists who do not realise the science at the back of it do it does now not change the truth that fossils are at all times located in these layers in the order envisioned by using evolution in fact if we did in finding any fossils out of sequence reminiscent of a rabbit within the Precambrian layers which is lengthy before the emergence of any mammal that might falsify evolution and we don’t find that at all lynnie flank describes the fossil sequence like this quote the fossil file grades certainly and unmistakably from simple early lifestyles types which show up early within the geological column to bigger and extra anatomically complicated varieties which show up later the sequence of the appearance of quite a lot of fossil businesses first in vertebrates then simple vertebrates then jawed fishes then amphibians then reptiles and finally birds and mammals is precisely what we’d expect from evolutionary descent with change with the organisms appearing greater within the geological column being the modified descendants of the these organisms which show up cut down in the column unquote in these layers now we have determined many fossils of extinct species that exhibit the unmistakable indicators of gradual changes from one form of animal to an extra these are known as transitional types one nice instance is the evolution of whales whales are mammals that live full-time within the ocean we know from the fossil document that they evolved from four-legged land animals about 50 million years ago ambulocetus because of this jogging whale is among the transitional species between land animals and whales it had four legs and it was certainly a water dweller as its back legs have been higher adapted for swimming than for strolling on land and it mostly swam by undulating its back vertically as otters and whales do scientists keep in mind ambulocetus to be an early whale for the reason that it shares underwater adaptations with them it had an adaptation in the nose that enabled it to swallow underwater and its ear bones had a constitution like those of whales enabling it to listen to good underwater the identical means that whales do via determining up vibrations by way of its jaw moreover its enamel are similar to these of early whales its fossils were observed in the geologic column earlier than trendy whales and after extra primitive tetrapod mammals just as evolution predicts what’s extra is now we have learned different transitional types appearing after ambulocetus that show the gradual migration of the nostrils from the entrance of the nose to the back of the pinnacle to turn out to be the blowhole which made it possible for them to breathe with out lifting their head out of the water in some whales in these days this blowhole is still split into two adjacent holes and in others it is a single opening regardless of what creationists say we’ve countless other fossil transitional forms like ambulocetus these species share some characteristics with their ancestors and a few were their descendants and they’re at all times determined within the geologic column in the anticipated order listed below are only a few showing a transition from fish to tetrapods now we have Tiktaalik each theo Stiga and ventus daga from dinosaurs to birds now we have Archaeopteryx and Sanur nests from synapsids that have been tremendous terrestrial vertebrates to mammals we’ve got Dimetrodon and dr throg nathas and from primitive Apes to humans we’ve our two Pittacus Australopithecus and Homo erectus phylogenetics as I already acknowledged the entire plant and animal kingdom is organized in a problematic hierarchical tree centered on comparisons of bodily features the be taught of this tree is called phylogenetics and it is tremendous proof for evolution given that the similarities of animals in each and every team are an immediate effect of their fashioned descent for instance all mammals supply start to reside younger produce milk to nurse their younger and have hair or fur covering their our bodies in view that these traits all came from their common ancestor that branched off from other tetrapods many thousands of years in the past and developed those features once these forms of fundamental alterations improve they have a tendency to remain unchanged in the entire descendants for hundreds of thousands of years even as they branch out into subgroups and species and drastically we do not see a mixing of these qualities with animals outside the major group there are no reptiles with fur or birds that provide birth to reside young in view that reptiles and birds are not mammals and did not descend from the early mammal species that used to be the ancestor of all mammals it can be now not just the similarities inside the organizations that’s most important however the arrangements of the variations creationists declare that these fashioned traits are readily as a result of a customary fashion designer however that doesn’t explain why the original characteristics are only shared with participants of the staff as a substitute than all jumbled together with other groups there is no cause for an sensible clothier to create creatures and groups that most effective look like they inherited their traits from a usual ancestor a common clothier would simply add characteristics to any animal because it pleases and there would be all method of mixing of those features however we do not see this actually a Crocodoc or something adore it that shares characteristics from two diverged present agencies would absolutely be proof towards evolution now not for it interestingly would show up to be exceptions to this rule also become evidence for evolution bats for instance are mammals that fly however they’ve no feathers and their wings are very special from the wings of birds their wings are without a doubt a webbing that extends from their elongated and articulated hand and finger bones down the part of their physique and it attaches to their back legs they reap elevate with the aid of flapping this webbing with a hand waving gesture in distinction birds get raise by flapping their as a substitute stiff feathered wings on the shoulder and use their tail for balance and guidance these differences are due to the fact that that bat wings evolved individually and independently from bird wings that is known as convergent evolution evolution discovered an extra solution to fly if you’re an clever designer who wanted to make a flying mammal why not simply give them chicken wings or insect wings why reinvent the wing now that we have now visible how phylogenetics reveals evolution we will additionally see how it matches in with the other portions of the puzzle the phylogenetic tree and fossil proof independently confirm each and every different as we will hint the original characteristics of animal groups back to a fashioned extinct ancestor within the fossil record and the emergence of each of the brand new agencies occur at extraordinary occasions in the geologic column and also the predictions we are able to make about normal ancestry from the phylogenetic tree have now been spectacularly confirmed by way of DNA evidence the mechanism for heredity in ways even Darwin himself could not have imagined as I shall show in the next phase DNA DNA is the intricate molecule that passes down bodily features to offspring now that science has published the mysteries of this elaborate mechanism and the entire genomes of people and plenty of plants and animals have been sequenced many discoveries were made that furnish conclusive evidence for evolution those species that are closely associated based on physical features additionally show to be intently associated by matching up their DNA people and chimps for example share over 98% same DNA the more intently associated any two species are the more customary DNA we discover as we’d anticipate however in addition there are several elements of DNA that may most effective be explained by way of fashioned descent the first of these are referred to as pseudo genes these are sequences of DNA that aren’t used but are left over from our ancestors that did use them for illustration most animal species can synthesize nutrition C and a relevant nutrient but people and different larger primates are not able to make diet C so we need to in our food plan however our genes incorporate most of the genetic pathway to make it the identical sequence that’s utilized by other animals but a gene at the end of the sequence is became off by means of a single mutation there’s no motive for that gene sequence to be present but no longer used except it was once inherited why would an sensible dressmaker add the entire sequence and deactivate it and the equal mutation that deactivates it’s determined in other primates showing that all of us inherited the mutation from a common ancestor people share some pseudo genes with chimps some with Apes more with primates and many others which is able to only be explained via normal inheritance yet another recent DNA discovery could also be the closest factor to a smoking gun for evolution we can ever see people have 23 pairs of chromosomes these are bundles of DNA genes our closest household the other great apes that is chimps bonobos orangutans and gorillas all have 24 pairs if we share a common ancestor both the Apes won one or we lost one losing a whole chromosome would be fatal however fusing two chromosomes into one would not be as all the genetic expertise can be preserved the evidence evidently shows that this is exactly what occurred human chromosome number two used to be fused from two ape chromosomes how do we know this most commonly chromosomes have markers in the core called centromeres and markers on the ends known as telomeres a fused chromosome will have further telomeres within the middle where they do not belong and two centromeres and that is exactly what we discover in human chromosome quantity two and the special genetic sequences of this chromosome fit up practically exactly to 2 separate existing chromosomes in chimps an unmistakable in decay of our original descent at some factor after the human line break up from the other ape traces these two chromosomes were fused into one and passed down to the descendants ever for the reason that see a great video with Ken Miller on this an additional discovery in DNA also naturally points to fashioned descent endogenous retroviruses ERV s for brief our virus DNA sequences inserted into an animal’s DNA when this occurs in a germline mobile which is a sperm or egg cellphone the retroviral DNA will probably be inherited by means of the descendants of the host animal and always within the distinct equal location many exceptional species have the same ERV s inserted into the specified same region in the genome despite the fact that the area of the preliminary illness is random once once more proving common inheritance the closer the relative the extra ERV s they share in customary and the nesting sample of those suits the phylogenetic tree as estimated there’s no means for this to occur without fashioned descent and also we’ve never located the same ERV insertion in species that cut up before the infection happened for instance all apes together with people share some ear v’s in customary that don’t exist in another mammals so should you discover a dog with an ape ERV you could falsify evolution ERV s act as phylogenetic markers and are clear indicators of common descent of specific species due to the fact we have very specified data for a lot of different species which you can seem for non-coding DNA including ER vs and pseudo genes in special species and plot the similarities and variations and we find that the similarities lie on a attractive hierarchical tree which can simplest be described as a family tree most vastly is that you can do that for any gene within the identical animals and even small mutations inside the genes and people similarities and differences always fall on the equal household tree that absolutely falsifies a single production occasion the only explanation is original inheritance Richard Dawkins calls this the one most conclusive proof of evolution actually he says that although we had no fossils this fact on my own would show evolution is true geographic distribution the geographic distribution of animal species across our planet fits what evolution predicts as animal populations unfold out into new environments and in particular when a few of them come to be remoted by Geographic formations akin to mountains rivers or oceans those isolated populations are likely to adapt in a different way than their ancestors and new species emerge Charles Darwin famously studied the finches and different animals that populate the Galapagos Islands and seen that they undergo many similarities to these discovered on the closest mainland in South the usa thousands of miles away but additionally had large variations and in addition diversified from island to island this indicated to him that the finches on the islands have been the descendants of birds that had lengthy in the past migrated from the mainland and there they varied into new species this is one of the key discoveries that ended in his idea of traditional selection it indicates how the isolation of the islands and the differences of the environments allows for traditional decision to create new species and we see evidence of this in every single place the globe the place animal species separated through geography are associated but different from different species in neighboring areas for those who consider in noah’s flood or although you do not however feel in a one time construction within the last say ten thousand years either way you need to give an explanation for how all of the animals unfold out from a relevant factor but by some means knew to migrate in businesses with the aid of phyla family and species for instance Australia and New Zealand are populated with many species of marsupial mammals which might be people who have pouches such as kangaroos wallabies and koalas and there are very few endemic non marsupial mammals called placental mammals determined there and few marsupials found anywhere else the logical clarification is that they advanced in that area separately after branching off from their fashioned ancestor with different mammals or might be the marsupial just new to march off Noah’s Ark proper all the way down to Australia leaving the placental mammals in the back of another style of evolutionary geographic distribution that evidently suggests how evolution works is a phenomenon called ring species there are many of those located throughout the world and one great illustration is the ensatina salamander of California ring species arise when a species becomes geographically distributed in a circular pattern over a large area frequently round a bodily barrier on this case the huge principal California basin instantly adjoining or neighboring populations of the species living around this ring range moderately but can interbreed but on the extremes of the distribution the opposite ends of the sample that hyperlink to kind a circle ordinary variant has produced so much change between the populations that they operate as though they had been two separate non interbreeding species while that is on a small scale compared to the grand scale of all of evolution ring species show in the spatial dimension some thing that always occurs within the time dimension gradual trade from a long-established ancestor evolutionary baggage man still bears and his bodily frame the indelible stamp of his lowly foundation Charles Darwin when looking in any respect existence that exists at present we can see many elements which might be certainly the outcomes of our evolutionary earlier one form of this evolutionary baggage is known as vestigial buildings this digial constructions are elements of animals together with people which were inherited from their ancestors but no longer serve the rationale for which they first developed examples include pelvic bones and whales wings on ostriches do claws on puppies and the human appendix become aware of that some of these buildings do serve a reason and creationists like to claim that in the event that they serve a purpose they have got to no longer be vestigial but that’s not the case evolution almost always works by means of repurposing constructions that are now not wanted for his or her essential motive the main factor to realize is whether or not they are necessary no longer whether they are valuable the wings on an ostrich for example are used for balanced display and cooling but they’re anatomically identical to wings used for flying in other birds and not used for flight they are certainly not integral for his or her survival there would be no cause for a clothier to offer them wings that they don’t use for flight different animals within the equal environment get alongside nice without wing like cooling constructions the evolutionary clarification is that they’re left over from ancestors who did fly steadily the ancestors of modern ostriches tailored to dwelling full-time on the ground and at some factor misplaced the capacity to fly but maintain their wings and co-opted them for different functions similarly the human appendix may be used to some extent by means of our digestive and immune methods and sure was required with the aid of our ancestors who relied closely on a food regimen of leaves however we most likely can live flawlessly first-rate with out it at present in fact about 250,000 folks per 12 months must have their appendix removed surgically when it turns into inflamed without surgical procedure lots of them would die this shows that no longer best is the appendix now not crucial however we might be without it vestigial structures constantly show to be left over from an ancestor that did use them for the important cause for which they advanced creationism supplies no legitimate reason for these constructions to exist we also find many vestigial constructions that to increase in embryos however disappear or exchange or one-of-a-kind structure later in progress for instance human embryos to strengthen tails and dolphin embryos start to improve legs we know these are remnants of their evolutionary ancestry due to the fact that they match up to the early development of those identical elements in related species that still develop and use them in very infrequent cases we find animals that are born with ancestral facets no longer more often than not reward within the species these are known as atavisms they arise when an current gene that’s normally deactivated in a species gets reactivated via a mutation enabling the ancestral feature to partially and even totally strengthen observed examples comprise dolphins born with legs and even some humans born with tails some of which even have articulated vertebrae and the muscle tissue to maneuver them only evolution can explain this also there aren’t any atavisms observed that evolution would not predict we discover no nipples on birds or horns on Apes or something of the sort that does not fit the evolutionary model another type of evolutionary baggage is what i’d name bad design evolution works probably through building on and editing the buildings it already has to be had without the benefit of foresight or the capability to return to the drafting board and from scratch and we see signs of this all through nature a quality instance is the recurrent laryngeal nerve this can be a nerve and all mammals that connects the brain to the larynx or voice box considering that of the way it advanced it exits the brain passes by means of the larynx and loops round a most important artery close the center and then back to the larynx there’s no practical purpose that it loops around the artery best an evolutionary one it evolved in the fish-like ancestors of latest tetrapods travelling from the mind past the heart to the gills because it does in state-of-the-art fish over the course of evolution because the neck elevated and the center grew to be cut down within the body the laryngeal nerve was once caught on the incorrect facet of the guts growing an needless detour in humans it is a small detour of just a few inches in giraffes the round-shuttle down the long neck and back up measures about 15 feet no sensible dressmaker would try this if you’re a male over the age of 50 you could have already experienced suffering or pain prompted by means of yet another instance of dangerous design the prostate gland is a reproductive gland in male mammals that surrounds the urethra there is no useful motive for it to be wrapped around the erythro but it is there on account that it evolved from tissues inside the urethra unluckily this gland is inclined to infection and swelling later in existence inflicting complex and painful urination and in some cases requiring surgery no sensible dressmaker would wrap a gland that swells round a collapsible tube if any of this evolutionary baggage quite was the work of a fashion designer many of his designs are illogical inefficient vain redundant and even dangerous in different phrases not very smart but they make ideal sense in light of the best way evolution works evolution without a doubt does perform design in a sense however it’s a backside-up stepwise growth style of design as an alternative than a high-down purposeful and pre-deliberate design and whilst you appear closely at the natural world this is very apparent direct commentary creationists commonly say that evolution cannot be proven considering it has never been noticeable to arise this is not a very reasonable requirement when you consider that evolution quite often takes enormous quantities or countless numbers of generations to provide vastly distinct new species when proven examples of speciation that we are able to become aware of within our lifetimes creationists claim that that’s just adaptation now not speciation and that adaptation has limits nevertheless none of them have ever been competent to demonstrate and even recommend a organic mechanism which stops small alterations from accumulating into tremendous alterations a ride of 1,000 miles perpetually starts with a single step the identical is true for evolution mutation and traditional selection modifies the descendants of animals very step by step new release after generation into new animals accumulating small precious changes into large alterations regardless of the lengthy timescales most of the time concerned there are a lot of cases of evolutionary change we will directly observe inside an affordable period of time one first-rate illustration of the is the lizard’s of Padma kuru island within the Nineteen Seventies 5 pairs of a species of lizard referred to as the Italian wall lizard had been presented to the croatian island Padma kuru from a neighboring island named pod potential about 37 years later scientists again and discovered that the descendants of these lizards had developed top notch bodily alterations from their ancestral species they’d a better normal measurement and in exact a greater head which gave them multiplied chew strength this used to be an adaptation to one other food supply as the new island had far more vegetation on the reasonably Barren Island pod potential they had subsisted more commonly on insects when you consider that vegetation are rough and fibrous high chunk forces enable the lizards to chop off smaller portions from the plants which makes digestion less complicated examination of the lizard’s digestive tracts published anything much more surprising consuming more plants prompted the progress of latest constructions called sequel valves a relatively infrequent adaptation which slows the passage of food through creating fermentation chambers within the gut where microbes can smash down the complicated to digest portions of plants via keeping apart a tiny populace of lizards in a new atmosphere researchers had been capable to illustrate evolution in action in only a few a long time with dramatic outcome including the emergence of a whole new anatomical structure another well-known be trained is the long run evolution test led by means of dr. Richard Lenski utilising ecoli bacteria since micro organism reproduce very rapidly they provide an accelerated strategy to detect evolution considering the fact that 1988 and carrying on with to at the present time Lenski has been monitoring genetic changes in 12 at the beginning same populations of E coli as of 2014 each and every of the 12 isolated populations have reproduced for fifty eight thousand generations the researchers have found a large array of genetic alterations some evolutionary diversifications have came about in all 12 populations even as others have most effective seemed in one or a few populations one exceptionally putting adaptation was the evolution of a strain of e.Coli that was competent to use citric acid as a carbon source in an oxygen-rich atmosphere a wholly new trait this evidently demonstrates how evolution produces new species of course the descendants of the bacteria are still micro organism as creationists wish to factor out however they’re a brand new type of bacteria and that is how evolution consistently works mammals are a precise type of tetrapod primates are a designated kind of mammal apes are a unique form of primate and humans are a targeted sort of ape animals under no circumstances entirely stop being what their ancestors had been they just exchange into new types of that animal it most likely takes tremendous spans of time before the diversities outnumber the similarities and the new animals are considered a brand new species an extra way we will immediately notice evolution is that we are able to in many instances see the one-of-a-kind stages of progress of constructions within existing creatures the attention is a first-class illustration of this even complex structures like the i have evolutionary pathways that we now appreciate and contain many gradual steps due to the fact that eyes are so priceless they have certainly evolved many times and separate ancestral strains of animals one more excellent instance of convergent evolution and we will clearly see the extraordinary levels of this evolution in residing animals at present in its most elementary type an eye fixed may also be only some mild-sensitive that can observe light or dark such because the to mobilephone eye of the marine ragworm embryo your next step would be establishing a cup-shaped subject of light-sensitive cells which would add the priceless potential to verify the course light used to be coming from and we find these in some flat worms in these days the pinhole digital camera I developed because the cup-shaped pit deepened into a chamber by way of the discount of the scale of the outlet the organism bought actual imaging permitting for fine directional sensing and even some formed sensing eyes of this nature are currently observed within the Nautilus your next step happened as a transparent membrane grew to shut over the attention opening which served to maintain sand and water out of the eye inside and also acted as a lens that focal point the light and supplied a clearer photograph in these days we see these rudimentary lenses in the stem shaped eyes of the conch from there it handiest takes some small refinements comparable to lens shaping and muscle groups to higher manage focus to get to the tremendously capable eyes we people have and share with most other vertebrates now not best does this dramatically show the problematic structures can evolve by way of gradual steps it is main to detect that there is no logical purpose for an shrewd dressmaker to offer one of a kind animals various sight capability when he definitely could have given them the entire eyes of a hawk only evolution explains the gigantic variety of eye forms that we discover in nature and these eye varieties evidently exhibit the gradual steps concerned in the evolution of the attention in conclusion as you can find with the aid of now to disprove evolution you could ought to provide an explanation for away plenty of proof many creationists effectively deny that this evidence exists and they imply that every one scientists are worried in a conspiracy that of course is absurd it can be been over one hundred fifty years considering Darwin published his groundbreaking work and countless numbers of 1000’s of scientists had been busy finding out the proof ever since sure creationists have made some counter arguments to those traces of evidence that i’ve offered but the scientific group that reports the evidence and is familiar with it high-quality has again and again located these counter arguments to be without advantage some creationists even go as far as to say that evolution is just not true science due to the fact it’s not straight observable or testable and they falsely distinguish it as a historic science and say it requires faith because good you weren’t there to peer it but nothing would be extra from the truth i’ve already shown how evolution is located immediately but additionally the evidence left at the back of by using evolution in dwelling creatures in fossils and in DNA furnish direct and conclusive evidence of the evolution that befell previously and likewise evolution is testable but seeing that evolution happens very slowly and did occur quite often in the past the assessments we are able to perform are exceptional than those kinds of assessments that we’d perform on an immediate phenomenon reminiscent of gravity or a chemical response evolution is validated simply by using watching for more evidence DNA continues to be being sequenced and analyzed fossils are nonetheless being found and new dwelling species are nonetheless being learned time and time once more these new discoveries match the evolutionary model and none contradicted in addition there had been many circumstances where portions of proof that had no longer yet been determined were anticipated to exist a high-quality instance is the transitional type from fish to land animals situated on the proof already gathered and an understanding of evolution scientists expected where geographic area and wherein layers of strata the sort of transitional fossil might be discovered and after looking in these areas the discovery of Tiktaalik fulfilled that prediction also all scientific claims are invariably open to falsification and scientists surely work hard at proving each other flawed and almost always do but whilst one of the most important points of how evolution works are nonetheless being discovered and debated no person has ever come nearly falsifying the actual fact of evolution or learned any evidence that calls it into question or offered a greater explanation for the evidence now we have with all these proven lines of proof and direct statement and testability and predictive capacity and falsifiability evolution meets the entire standards of an actual science and creationism by the way meets none of them actually evolution is among the most good evidence conclusions in all of science there is so much evidence that paring it down to this temporary summation used to be a venture for every example given there are many more research it more your self and you are going to see however be definite to decide upon excellent scientific sources or articles that reference them there is plenty of misinformation out there beware of any web page or publication whose major agenda is something rather then promotion and education of good science I inspire you to proceed to research and be taught about evolution to your possess and hope that you in finding it as intriguing and enlightening as I do

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