Using the Earth as Inspiration: Learning Geology at Valles Caldera

There is simply just so much a person can understand, so when you get a number of one-of-a-kind groups collectively, that is the place you really start to gain knowledge of new things. And the scientists that have been around us from the State of Mexico, and across the entire United States of America as good, has been instructing these kids on how do their work. They were opening their eyes into how much geology is around them and how much they rely on it for their every day lives. These kids were hungry for training. They had been in the most extraordinary study room of them all—the one with no walls. During my childhood, I had no idea that this location even existed. I was living nearby but never knew much about their history. I really like the scenery out here, and I enjoyed looking at the different trees and flowers and rocks, especially the rocks. I love rocks and geology! This program was my firsthand encounter with the natural world. And that you can get that same knowledge at Valles Caldera or in the center of a big city. Anywhere can be the place where you see human interaction with traditional scientific techniques and principles applied in the real World.

There are a series of huge valleys inside the Valles Caldera that outline this enormous hole In the center, the place where There a huge super-eruption about 1.25 million years ago. We learned about the geological past of Valles Caldera and what volcanic potential lied within the Jemez Mountains. We obtained rock samples from an ash fall, and we measured the samples of what we acquired. Obsidian, graphite, rhyolite, and then pumice, it is a distinctive place given that it represents an extraordinarily special volcanic hazard for the entirety of the Southwest.

There are thousands of young volcanoes, however there are very few super-volcanoes like Valles Caldera, Yellowstone, and others that offer you a window into what’s been going on for hundreds of millions of years that made this beautiful area into what it is today. And it’s understanding the earlier epochs of time that permits us to gain a window into where the area is heading sooner or later.

We can uncover geologic mysteries this way, and if we continue to work together, training one iteration after the other we will witness how much of ourselves are in these youngsters. You do not recognize until later in your life how fundamental and informative these experiences are.

This type of education, the type that sticks with you And stimulates growth, communication and understanding. It truly motivates us to want to do the types of jobs that connect people to these wonderful landscapes and gets others to preserve and defend the land.



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